Megan’s Cover

Here’s my cover (I figured it out! Thanks, Elena!). Like Cara, I was asked to submit three possible scenes from my book. This scene? Doesn’t happen. The only thing I was adamant about, however, was that the heroine NOT have any curls and have black hair. I also said the hero looked a bit like Hugh Jackman, with extra-broad shoulders. The artist got all those details right, and they look like my characters. I really like this cover, actually, even though there’s no strolling about with flowers scene in the book. To me, it looks like the morning after (ahem). The night before scene is the last one in the book. YES! There’s sex! Oh, how Utterly Risky of me! Anyway, now that I know how to upload pictures, I’m going to be a terror. Ha, ha, the monster has been unleashed! Okay. I think I should cut back on the coffee. More later.

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