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Cara King
17 years ago

Thanks for passing on those links to the clips, Elena! I even got my ancient computer to play them! (My computer is all of six years old, which I am earnestly assured means it is positively antedeluvian!)

In the BBC/A&E P&P (lots of letters there! I mean the Firth/Ehle P&P), Miss Bingley was in boldly colored silks and such to show her sophistication…I suppose that wouldn’t work for something set in the 1790’s, but here I see that Miss B, though all in white, is slinky and has a sexy walk. But Bingley’s hair….!
Do I see it aright??? 🙂

One thing I really like from the clips is how crowded the dancers are! Having done enough Regency dance in my time, I have always suspected that dancers must often have been crowded!

Cara King, http://www.caraking.com
MY LADY GAMESTER, Signet Regency 11/05

Laurie Bishop
17 years ago

Elena–I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for those links! I have been dying of curiosity about this movie but the last I looked, I found little about it.

I just love a new version. I admit I am a little picky when it comes to P&P and being true to the book, but I really do like some enhancements as was done in the Firth/Ehle version which gave us the viewpoint of Darcy in some strategic places and showed him as less stiff and more human.

I just hope that Elizabeth does not act too “young” in this version. The clips seemed to suggest to me that she might.

The Meryton assembly scene appears to be larger than I would have imagined. That’s okay, though, I’ll really enjoy watching the dancing!


Elena Greene
17 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the clips. I am really looking forward to this. I agree with Cara’s earlier statement, too, about Rosamund Pike, the actress playing Jane. So perfect. I loved the Firth/Ehle version for the most part, but in that one Jane didn’t look near as pretty as Lizzie.


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