12 Responses to Nice reviews on rakehell.com for Janet and Elena

  1. Ladies:

    Great reviews! I can’t wait to read them (Amazon is sending a big package, but they’re waiting for some other stuff I ordered, too–like Cara’s book). And Janet, I read the excerpt on your site, your book seems anything BUT a traditional Regency.

  2. A bondage scene??? I MUST read this book. πŸ™‚ Am headed out to Barnes and Noble in the morning…

  3. Elena Greene says:

    Bondage? Not that’s something I haven’t seen in a Regency before! Anyway, it’s at the top of my TBR stack.

    Re the statement of how traditional it is, I’m wondering if perhaps the reviewer was thinking about your writing style in some way rather than the plot elements?

  4. Cara King says:

    Well, when the reviewer says “trad format of the old days” it can mean a lot of things. πŸ™‚ Did anyone read the same old traditionals I did? Books by Edith Layton and Catherine Coulter, full of all kinds of sex? πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on the reviews, you two!

    BTW, Megan — you didn’t mean you can’t read the September Regencies until my November Regency is released, do you? πŸ™‚


  5. Yup, Cara, I do mean I have to wait. But that’s okay–I’ve got a mooseload of books to read (maybe 200? Maybe more?), and a first draft to revise.
    And, yeah, I read those trad Regencies too–who can forget The Notorious Rake, with its very first scene?

  6. Oh, what terrific reviews! Cybil Solyn is such a good, thoughtful reviewer, imo. Congratulations!


  7. Cara–yep, I read those books. And Joan Wolf, too.

  8. Ahem (modest cough) actually two bondage scenes, Amanda.


  9. Todd says:

    So Megan–a mooseload of books to read? I didn’t realize that “by Moose” was one of the shipping options from Amazon…or maybe that’s what they mean by “Regular Ground.”


  10. I think my latest order is coming via porpoise. πŸ™‚

    These are great reviews! Rakehell is such a terrific site.

  11. Congrats to the both of you, and condolences to Janet on insufficient notice taken of your delightfully evil nature.

  12. Todd:

    I actually think a “mooseload” is somewhere between a peck and a hectare.

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