Great review of LADY MIDNIGHT!

Amanda McCabe just got another great review for her historical LADY MIDNIGHT — this time at “The Romance Reader” website. Congratulations, Amanda!

The review can be found here:

The reviewer refers to her “luscious prose,” and argues that LADY MIDNIGHT belongs more to the tradition of Charlotte Bronte than Jane Austen. (Do you agree, Amanda?)


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2 Responses to Great review of LADY MIDNIGHT!

  1. Well, there’s the fact the heroine is a governess (or a pretend governess anyway!), but unlike Jane she is beautiful and sad. And the hero’s first wife is really dead. 🙂 But I could see their point–it’s more Gothic-y and dramatic than drawing room-comedy-ish, set on a lonely moor with a few vague ghostly things going on, which I suppose makes it more Bronte than Austen. And, hey, I won’t take exception to being compared to a Bronte novel! :)) (There, that’s two smileys in one post. I’m getting carried away)

  2. Elena Greene says:

    Congratulations, Amanda, and no need to apologize for too many smilies. In my opinion, a good review warrants buckets full of them!


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