Frivolity,  Regency

If they’d been written as regencies…

Rakish Lord Pooh destroys hearts and reputations with his honeyed words of seduction…

Returning from the Peninsula, Captain Ahab sees the statuesque woman dressed in white across a crowded ballroom. She must be his…at any cost.

She shocks the ton…driven by wild passion, Lady Constance Chatterley allows a male servant to remove her gloves.

Lady O goes beyond the green baize door and gets quite an education!

To the envy of his fellow collectors of antiquities, Viscount Spade adds another priceless figurine to his collection.

Seated in the famous bow window of the Cannery Row Club, the languid dandies of the ton wager on the outcome of a match between a seamstress and the local doctor.

Is his heart touched at last? Romance is in the air when the enigmatic recluse the Duke of Badger holds a houseparty at Wildwoods Manor in this sparkling Christmas regency–but then two mysterious strangers arrive.

Yes, yes, I will, yes…Lord and Lady Bloom ignite Dublin society.

Clad in her one of trademark diaphanous white gowns, Miss Darling must choose between a host of young suitors led by the boyishly handsome Lord Pan or a fascinating pirate with a dark past for whom time is running out…

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Cara King
17 years ago

LOL, Janet!!!! Love them all!!!

A brooding, self-loathing young puppet meets a fair lady in blue who gives him hope and heals his wounded heart…

Rakish Lord Hamlet refuses to take over the management of his inheritance, Denmark, until a whimsical young lady cures him of his strange attachment to poetry….


Megan Frampton
17 years ago


You SLAY me.

A dissolute young Cit named Gatsby lives in a seashore town, plucks a Daisy who runs over his heart.

Impetuous Lady Juliet–a Whig–refuses to marry the man her family’s chosen for her, instead falling in love with Romeo, the Tory across the tracks.

17 years ago

Oh, this is a really cool idea. . . but don’t hit me now with my idea. . . Somehow, anyhow, Star Trek. Their main thing would be working in the Navy against Napoleon, with adventures in between with the balls, the ton, etc. Now, I know particularly with the name of Picard, you’d assume he would be on the the French side. No, no, no. . . he does have a British accent, after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cara King
17 years ago

LOL, Lois!

“It surprises me, Sir Jean-Luc, that your loyalties have yet to be questioned. Are you, or are you not, a damned Frog?”

“That question, sir, is beneath me.”

“You’ll answer my question now, Picard, or you’ll answer my sword in my morning!”

“Very well. Make it so.”

Cara ๐Ÿ™‚

Cara King
17 years ago

France…the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the regiment Enterprise.
Its more-than-five-year mission:
To explore strange new rifles;
to seek out new looting, and new camp followers;
to boldly go where no Briton has gone before!

“Scotty, the French–are gaining fast. Blow–up–the bridge.”

“But Keptin, I’m an engineer, not an explosives expert.”

“Scotty–I thought–they were the–same thing.”

“Ah. True, Keptin. Bombs away!”

Janet Mullany
17 years ago

Yes! Star Trek…and don’t forget, to boldly split infinitives no man has split before (courtesy of Douglas Adams).

Pam Rosenthal
17 years ago

Nervously, the elegant Lady June fingered her legendary single strand of pearls. The grand salon was perfection, dinner fit for royalty, and yet again she was plagued with worry about the wild young Baron Beaver.

17 years ago

“Lord Hawkeye, we have incoming wounded from Waterloo!”

“Deuced nuisance–I haven’t finished my martini.”

“You have time–helicopters haven’t been invented yet, so they have to walk.”

“That’s lucky.”

“By the way, martinis haven’t been invented either.”

“I meant brandy. Nurse! Prepare this patient for immediate amputation.”

“But it’s a head wound, my lord!”

“Too bad–that’s the only surgery we know how to do here, Nurse.”

“I’m not a Nurse–Florence Nightingale won’t be born for another five years.”

“Well, when she gets here, ask her when they’ll invent the surgical mask; this place stinks. Next!”

“This patient has shrapnel wounds.”

“Hmm. Has shrapnel been invented yet?”

“Yes, in 1803.”

“All right then. Prepare for immediate amputation! And bring me another brandy!”


Elena Greene
17 years ago


So what about…

The brave, dashing young seaman, his arrogant and ruggedly handsome captain,

The pompous Cit and his frivolous social-climbing wife,

The voluptuous opera-dancer, the strong, silent scholar and the feisty ingรฉnue,

Seeking their heartsโ€™ desire here on Regency Island.

17 years ago

LOLOLOLOL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those were sooo cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ But see, that’s why you guys are the writers and I’m just the reader. . . I could never come up with that! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, maybe after a year thinking about it, but it would be a very long time. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


Amanda McCabe
17 years ago

ROFLMAO!!! These are hilarious, especially after the week I’ve had. Now, what would Harry Potter be like in the Regency era????

17 years ago

Lady Trelawney fluttered her fan as she surveyed the growing crowd. Leaning across to Mrs. McGonagall, she sighed. “I should have performed a more vigorous anti-boredom spell. I can’t imagine what the Patronesses of Hogwarts were thinking in letting some of these people in!”

“Oh, it’s not so bad,” Mrs. McGonagall demurred. “For instance, there’s young Lord Harry. A most promising young man! And with such an interesting scar!”

“A relic of his childhood encounter with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and a mark of his Ultimate Doom.”

“I have always wondered–was the Dark Lord one of the Lincolnshire Voldemorts?”

“Oh, no–the merest upstart. I have the gravest doubts about the validity of his title.” Lady Trelawney snapped her fan shut in annoyance. “But consider Mr. Weasley, there. An old family, true–but he’s a younger son, without a penny to his name. He could as well carry a placard saying `Fortune Hunter.’ “

“Perhaps that is why he is so attentive to young Miss Grainger,” Mrs. McGonagall suggested. “Her parents, as you know, are wealthy Muggles.”

“It’s as well that they are,” Trelawney pronounced grimly. “Otherwise a bluestocking like that could never attract a man.”

“Ah, there go the brooms! I suppose the Quidditch match is about to begin.”


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