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More Great Reviews for Janet!

Huzzah for Janet! DEDICATION just earned two more amazing reviews.

Four hearts from The Romance Reader:
“New author Janet Mullany delivers a solid first effort with a Regency that steps outside the normal boundaries, and to great effect. Dedication is a delightful, warm-hearted romance featuring a hero and heroine who are past the first blush of youth, and determined to regain their lost love. This one works.” Read the entire review

AND a commendation from Mrs. Giggles (a score of 90!)

“It’s sexy, it’s romantic, it has some tumultous emotional conflicts, and it has characters that are rough around the edges but remain real enough for me to root for. If you love stories that are not of the usual formulaic variety (spies, bluestockings, Daddy died and we’re all poor, et cetera), try to look past the generic cover of this book. When is this author’s next book coming out?” Read the entire review


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Janet Mullany
17 years ago

Oh, what can I say. Thanks for posting these, Elena. I’m just an old review ho, I guess.

About Mrs. Giggles–she hates regencies. I sent her the book as a gamble, because I was pretty sure it was atypical enough for her to like, but I didn’t know if she could steel herself to open it. I love the fact that she compared me to two of my favorite writers, Pam Rosenthal and Judith Ivory. Wow.


Megan Frampton
17 years ago


Yeah, you really scored a coup there! Again, yay for you, that is so awesome. Very smart of you to send her the book, too.

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