And the winners are…

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is I, Bertram St. James, here to thank you all for attending our party and dazzling us all with your wit and beauty! The patronesses and I can only hope you enjoyed yourselves at least half as much as we did.

And now it is my honour to announce the winners of the Treasure Hunt and daily prizes.

(The exquisite arrangement of my cravat deserves an award of its own, don’t you think? But as one of the hosts I am, sadly, ineligible for a prize. Sometimes beauty must be its own reward.)

Monday’s winner, to receive a copy of DEDICATION, by Janet Mullany:
Amanda (not McCabe!)

Tuesday’s winner, to receive a copy of MY LADY GAMESTER, by Cara King:
Moonlight Maiden

Wednesday’s winner, to receive a copy of LADY DEARING’S MASQUERADE, by Elena Greene:

Thursday’s winner, to receive a copy of THE STAR OF INDIA, by Amanda McCabe:
Amanda (not McCabe!)

Friday’s winner, to receive a copy of A SINGULAR LADY, by Megan Frampton:
Pam P (aka Lady Pamela)

Saturday’s winner, to receive a copy of LORD RYBURN’S APPRENTICE, by Laurie Bishop:

And the winner of the Grand Prize (autographed copies of books by all the Risky Regencies and more):


In addition, I myself would like to give a Surprise Award (don’t you love surprises?) which will consist of one of the patronesses’ backlist titles. So with no further ado, I hereby announce that the “Most Exceedingly Congenial Guest Award” goes to:


Kim W (aka Lady Kimberly)

Winners, please do us the kindness of sending an email to Please provide your name and mailing address so the patronesses can send you your prizes.

We thank you all for coming, and hope you will visit us often!

Bertie and the Risky Regencies

Janet Mullany

Cara King

Elena Greene

Amanda McCabe

Megan Frampton

Laurie Bishop

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16 years ago

Oh, thank you! And congrats to all the other winners!

P.S. I’ve started writing a novella with the characters I wrote about in the “risky” post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pam P.
16 years ago

Why thank you, Lady Megan, it will be a pleasure to meet Edwin and Titania. I had such fun at your party, especially meeting Bertie.

Congratulations to all those receiving these wonderful party favors.

Alyssa, I wish you success with your novella.

Lady Pamela

16 years ago

Thank you to Bertram St. James and to all the authors here for the fun party and the witty conversion. I had a great time reading all the posts. Congratulations to all the winners!

16 years ago

Congtrats to all the winners!

Waahhh…I wanted that grand prize. 🙂

16 years ago

Wow!! Can’t believe I actually won..:-) Congratulations to the ‘other’ winners 🙂 🙂

Oh, well…I must confess – I am a non-romance reader (sheesh…)… Cara, your book is going to be my first romance-read ever!

(I hope to feature in your next conversion story…:-))

Cara King
16 years ago

Oh good, MM, I love to convert non-romance readers! When I wrote my novel, I tried to make everything entertaining both for romance readers and also for those who’d never read a romance…just as I tried to make the history interesting for those who know a lot about the period, but also totally clear for those who know nothing about the period!

Happily, the reports I’ve had back from new readers imply I succeeded. For example, one of Todd’s grad students (I forget if he’s in physics or electrical engineering — Todd has both kinds of grad students) read the book, and complained that he got to bed to late because every time he got to the end of a chapter, he didn’t want to put the book down because he wanted to find out what happened next. I must say that made me very happy. 🙂

Okay, sorry, enough bragging from me! Thanks to everyone who partied with us last week — it was great fun!!!!


Elena Greene
16 years ago

Yes, thanks for playing–you were all wonderful. So hard to pick the winners!

And Moonlight Maiden, Cara’s book is great. Besides the things she mentioned, she handled the gambling beautifully. You don’t have to understand the rules, etc…, to get sucked into the drama of the gambling scenes.

I have to say I am so delighted about this book, since I judged another story of Cara’s in a contest and just knew she would sell sooner or later.

Elena, who loves it when she’s right 🙂

Cara King
16 years ago

Thanks, Elena!

Cara, who loves it when Elena’s right!

16 years ago

Thank you all! And congrats to everyone else who won prizes.
Sorry to have been AWOL for so long. I had surgery on my ankle on January 16th and am just now getting back home and online. Now I have some fun reading to look forward to!

Pam P.
16 years ago

Megan, I finished A Singular Lady and highly enjoyed it. Just happened across interim results for the yearly best books voting at All About Romances and see it listed.

Pam P.

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