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A Reputable Rake Exposed

This weekend I attended Washington Romance Writers Spring Retreat in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, one of the highlights of my year. On Sunday of the Retreat we always have someone speak seriously on the Romance industry. That speech comes right before Nora Roberts’ speech, which is never serious! This year our guest speaker was Michelle Buonfiglio, Romance Columnist for Romance B(u)y the Book (www.WNBC.com/Romance) and her companion site Romance: by the Blog (http://romancebytheblog.blogspot.com/) I knew nothing of these sites! Michelle reviews Romance novels in her column and is a wonderful advocate for the genre. I urge everyone to read the column and visit the blog.

Michelle announced to the group that my cover of A REPUTABLE RAKE (on display along with our other authors’ bookcovers) featured cover model Nathan Kamp.
Here is the cover:

(I think my Rake is sooo handsome and I love that hint of devilment in his expression)

Here is a photo of Nathan Kamp:

What do you think? Is this the same guy?

If you would like your very own Rake, A REPUTABLE RAKE by Diane Gaston should be available in your bookstores TODAY.

By the way, Romance B(u)y the Book will feature an interview with Nathan Kamp on May 9 and May 16.

Speaking of cover models, I’ve teamed up with Richard Cerqueira for a promotion at the Romantic Times Booklovers convention in Daytona Beach May 16 to May 21. For attendees, I will be raffling two cover flats of THE WAGERING WIDOW, signed by me and Richard Cerqueira. I’ll also be giving away Richard’s bookmarks.

Here is a picture of Richard on my February release, THE WAGERING WIDOW:

Well, that’s Richard’s hand, but a very strong and sexy hand.

Here is a better photo from the book spine:

And another—not in Regency garb.

Richard is perfect in Regency clothes ( and out of them, too! ) I hope all of him appears on the FRONT of one of my books sometime. Properly dressed in buckskins and hessians, of course.

Aren’t I lucky in my Regency heroes?

And just so you do not think I am unfaithful to GB


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Megan Frampton
16 years ago

wow. diane, those pictures are AMAZING!

wOW. Speech. Less.


Cara King
16 years ago

Diane, I definitely think your Rake looks like Nathan Kamp! Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but I think it’s very clear here.

You do have great covers, by the way!!!


Michelle Buonfiglio
16 years ago

Hi, Diane! I had such a great time at WRW, and really appreciate your saying nice stuff about the sites and my blog. And, especially about NK.

I didn;t realize he was on your cover, but I really don’t look at the covers. No, really. Not until I noticed him a couple months ago, anyway. He does have a lot of different looks, doesn’t he?

It was great meeting you, and I know I speak for the masses when I say: GB will forgive you for straying occasionally. He’s a very giving man.

Diane Perkins
16 years ago

How cool is this, Riskies! Michelle Buonfiglio posted to our blog!! Hi, Michelle!!! (Diane waving madly)
I had one email from a cover model fan site that thought it wasn’t Nathan….
So what’s our score — two to one in favor of Nathan.


16 years ago

That was such a delightful way for me to end my day! LOVED ‘Reputable Rake’…you guys are going to eat this one up! Delicious darlings on your covers and thanks for the GB peek!

Diane Perkins
16 years ago

Thanks, Santa!!!
Here’s a big ((((cyberhug)))) for being so nice!

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