A rake’s health regimen?

My brother recently informed me of a study that seemed to explain something I’d wondered about.

But first, let me tell you my husband’s reaction when I first showed him the cover for Saving Lord Verwood, and commented on the fact that the gentleman on the cover actually looked a lot like I’d described him. And my husband’s reaction was something like, “Wha, there’s a man on the cover?” His next, more coherent observation was “Nice cleavage.” Then I realized that Verwood wasn’t looking at the ducks.

And I have doubts that the hero of Rules of Love (below) is actually reading the book the heroine is showing him. From the heroine’s amused expression, she’s got his number, too.

So what’s up with these handsome ne’er-do-wells ogling their heroines’ “necks” (the discreet term used during the Regency to describe everything above the décolletage)?

According to the article my brother showed me, the art departments aren’t just trying to portray gentlemen smitten with their ladies’ “charms”. They are showing that these heroes are health-conscious, well ahead of their time.

To quote:

“A new German study of 200 men over a five-year period revealed that staring at a woman’s bosom is good for a man’s health. Dr. Karen Weatherby, who carried out the study wrote in the Journal: “Just 10 minutes staring at the charms of a well endowed female each day is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobic workout. There is no question, gazing at a woman’s breasts makes men healthier! It cuts the risk of heart attack and by doing so the average man can live up to five years longer.”

Alas for modern would-be rakes, this has been outed at Sorry guys! We have your number.

Elena 🙂
LADY DEARING’S MASQUERADE, RT Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee

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Diane Perkins
16 years ago

Whoa boy, I can hear all our heroes now.
“Rafe, are you staring at that woman’s….neck?” his wife demands, nostrils flaring in rage.
Our hero replies, “No, dear, I was merely doing my aerobics.”

16 years ago

It is absolutely not true that staring at a woman’s breasts is good exercise for men. Not at all.

No, good exercise is something quite different: trying to turn your eyes to look down a woman’s cleavage while your face is pointed in a different direction, while not tripping over your own feet, or bumping into a lamppost, or being caught out. It takes the grace of a dancer, the nerves of a bullfighter, the patience of a cricketer, the endurance of a marathoner, and the concentration of a world-class golfer. Staring is no challenge at all. It’s no wonder that guys who are crass enough to stare openly tend to be in such lousy shape.

And dodging the things hurled by your wife after you post comments like this is excellent exercise as well.


16 years ago

While the covers are done by artists today, I guarantee you they are of scenes that probably happened back then. And what does that show? That men haven’t changed a gosh darn bit before the Regency era or after!! LOL


Diane Perkins
16 years ago

You sound so experienced at all this staring at…necks. You must be in terrific shape!

16 years ago

It is a wonder that, given the availability of “neck-viewing” during this period that some version of wrap-around sunglasses aren’t traced to the Regency period.

16 years ago

I cannot wait to share this tidbit with my own DH. I have to say he is an ardent fan of ‘necks’. It explains the popularity of ‘Vegas’ in our house!*G*

Hmmm, Elena, I always thought he was looking at those ducks! Such a naughty rake…just the way I like them!

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