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This is sort of a continuation on my post about Mary Lamb and mental health care in Regency England. I snooped around online and found some great websites, for anyone who might like to know more. (this just gives a little more history on Bedlam, a link to their modern museum, a few pics) (some cool maps) (The Imperial War Museum website–their building incorporates what is left of the original Bedlam, which I thought was fascinating, though I’ve never visited this museum) (I searched all over the web for a good pic of those statues, and only found one here, of all places, at the Bedlam Asset Management website. It’s a cartoony pic, but you can see sort of what they looked like. Not sure I would let this company manage my assets, though…) (more Bedlam history)

Some Mary Lamb stuff: (Tales from Shakespeare) (a pic of Mary as an old woman)

And, just because I feel like it,

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  1. I’ve also been reading stuff by and about the Lambs, Amanda. I love their non-ton urban milieu and their brainy friends. The most recherche item to come my way, thanks to My Husband the Wild and Fearless Researcher, is a play called The Coast of Illyria, by Dorothy Parker (yes, the might-as-well-live lady). Wonderful scene with the Coleridge and de Quincy making like drunk intellectuals at the Algonquin. The title of course, is from Tales From Shakespeare — in Twelfth Night, a brother and sister are shipwrecked off the coast of Illyria. Heartbreaking.

  2. Is that a sarcastic “thanks a lot,” Megan? 🙂

    Pam, I also got the sense that the Lambs’ life was very “Algonquin-y”, with their poetic friends hanging around at all hours of the night, smoking and drinking and debating all sorts of fascinating topics (as well as having meltdowns)! I wish I could have been there…

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