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This week, the Risky Regencies are giving away two copies of the new 10th Anniversary release of the BBC/A&E Pride and Prejudice, which stars Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. This limited edition includes both the DVDs of the award-winning miniseries and the illustrated companion book. To learn more about this very special edition, visit the A&E Online Store here.

To enter, all you have to do is put a comment on any of our Risky Regencies posts from this week. Full rules are here.

And now–

Welcome to Friday’s Edition of Who Wants To Be A Regency Heroine!

One of the best things about Jane Austen‘s characters is that they behave like real people do–they’re insecure, and stubborn, and willful, and shy, and flirtatious, and easily persuaded, and controlling.

And that’s just the heroines.

So today I’d like to ask a two-part question:

Which Jane Austen heroine are you most like in real life?


Which Jane Austen heroine would you most like to be?

For me, the answer is simple: I am most like Anne Elliot of Persuason, and I would most like to be Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice. I’m easily persuaded, shy, able to deal with a crisis quietly and efficiently and, let’s face it, I’m not so young. I’d like to be witty, smart-mouthed, stubborn, fierce in defending my beliefs, and 18 again.

But perhaps you’d like Emma‘s assuredness? Maybe, you lucky thing, you already have that? Maybe you’ve got Marianne Dashwood‘s impulsiveness? Maybe you wish you had more of her sister Elinor‘s reserve? Or vice versa?

Bonus points if you want to mention which Jane Austen portrayal you’d like to look like: Keira, Gwyneth, Jennifer, Amanda (Root, Persuasion), Greer, Emma (Thompson, Sense & Sensibility), Kate (Winslet, Sense & Sensibility). Or some other portrayal my Friday morning brain is not recalling (I’d choose Kate Winslet, btw, but honestly I’d be happy to look like any of them.)

Good luck, and come back on Sunday evening to see who’s won these fabulous prizes!


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15 years ago

I’m more like Elinor (sigh) while I’d like to be more like Lizzy or even Emma. After Lizzy, Emma’s the one I like most of all JA’s heroines. Alas, I’m not at all like them in real life.

As to which Jane Austen portrayal I’d like to look like: frankly, they were all beautiful and charming, and I really can’t choose. But since Ehle as Lizzy’s my very fave, I’d choose her if I really had to.

Jennifer Y.
15 years ago

I am probably like Elinor or Anne Elliot…I wish I were more like Emma or Elizabeth…and I wish I looked more like Keira (or any of them).

15 years ago

Man, that’s a difficult question, I’m some of each of them … I can be reserved, shy, innwardly thinking and I can be visibly passionate, bold, an extrovert.

However, I suppose I am most like Lizzie (with plus age- and to be honest it took those yrs to get there!)

I’m a people person and get energized being in a group, but I also don’t have to take over.

I feel strongly convicted about things and if something upsets me or butts up against those convictions, I express it- although, admittedly it takes me awhile to get there! But when I do, damn sure the other person knows how I feel!

I have told my bf off when he needs it 😀 (like Lizzie did when D’arcy initially proposed) and he stands up to me in much the same way D’arcy did with her.

With all that I’m not a bulldozer (like Emma seemed to be). I don’t like to interfere in other people’s lives.

My friends mean a lot to me, I have a few Jane & Charlotte’s in my life whom I feel very protective of and who make me smile- as well as whom I share my inner thoughts with.

So yeah, I think I am most like Lizzie.

Whom would I like to look like? Kate Winslet- I think she’s beautiful!

But you know who commands the more respect from me? The Elinor’s and Anne’s. It touches me deeply when they find love!

15 years ago

I would have to say I’m most like Jane Bennet. Quiet and reserved in person. I’d most like to be Elizabeth Bennet. She’s confident and has a sense of humor, and she gets Mr. Darcy. I’d like to look like Keira Knightley. I think Keira is gorgeous, except for her sometimes weird smile. *g*

Kalen Hughes
15 years ago

I think I’m somewhere in-between Eleanor Dashwood and Lizzy Bennett. I’m not quite as reserved and responsible as Eleanor, and I’m not quite as resolute as Lizzy (though I do share her abiding sin of making snap judgments and sticking to them; I like to think of it as trusting my gut).

The one I’d most like to look like is Kate Beckinsale. I mean come on, did you see UNDERWORLD?

15 years ago

I am more like Elinor Dashwood but would love to be like Emma and look like Gwyneth.

15 years ago

I love Emma’s character in every way!

Bonnie Ferguson
15 years ago

I’m most like Elinor and Lizzie would be the Jane Austen heroine I’d most want to be. As to which Jane Austen portrayal I’d most like to look like, it’s a tough choice but I’ll say Kate Winslet.

Jaye Wells
15 years ago

I think I am most like Emma. Outwardly confident, but turn a blind eye to my faults. Easily hurt but not willing to show it. Also, I think I know what is best for everyone.

Not sure which one I’d most like to be like. But I definitleyw ish I looked like Gwyneth.

15 years ago

I am similar to Anne Elliot but it would be nice to be more like Elizabeth Bennet.For the portrayal Emma Thompson has the best acting for the character and to look like her would be great.

15 years ago

I am definitely like Elinor Dashwood but would not mind being a Elizabeth Bennett type at all. I think that Keira Knightley does a great job and would love her looks.

15 years ago

I believe that I would like to be like Catherine Morland but I am not like that at all, instead I am a Anne Elliot type. But I enjoyed seeing the portrayal by Emma Thompson and love her looks.

15 years ago

I am very much like Elinor Dashwood and could use more of Elizabeth Bennet for balance. I love the Greer Garson depiction as the acting was super and her looks are mysterious and perfect for the role.

15 years ago

My character is an Anne Elliot type but to be closer to Elizabeth Bennet would be a nice change. The acting done by Keira Knightley is the best ever and I love Emma Thompson’s looks a great deal.

15 years ago

I guess I tend to be most like Emma, not the good assuredness part but the blurting out things that probably should be left unsaid part. I’ve always wanted to be more like a Jane, quiet and reserved, but I think it’s a physical impossibility for me.

Keira Soleore
15 years ago

I am a combination of Marianne Dashwood & Emma. Oh, Lord! But I would love to be Lizzy—While I adore Knightley, Ehle’s sweetness and kindness would be a nice addition, too.

Keira Soleore
15 years ago

Oh, and I’d love to look like Ehle.

Jill Monroe
15 years ago

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Jill Monroe
15 years ago

I’m a bit more like Emma, wanting to pair people off and happy to fling myself headlong into an adventure.

I would love to be more like Elizabeth!

15 years ago

I think I’m probably a little like Lizzy – headstrong and prone to leaping to opinions. Wow, I sound horrible, so I’ll say that I can also suffer in impassioned silence like Emma.

I guess, since I’m a short Italian with dark hair, I’d like to be the opposite: Gwyneth P.

Amanda McCabe
15 years ago

LOL, Megan! Love this post, and all the answers. They make me want to meet everyone–we could have a “come as your favorite Austen heroine” party. 🙂

One of those Jane Austen Centre quizzes told me I’m most like Marianne Dashwood, which is sometimes sadly true. I do stupidly impulsive things, and pitch drama-queen tantrums in my own house, but I’m also shy like Anne. And I want to look like Paltrow (or Knightley) and have Emma’s confidence!

Jill Bassett
15 years ago

I think I’m like Marianne in some ways, especially since I can get all dreamy and impractical at times. But, I don’t mind being that way! (I’m dreaming about Alan Rickman at the moment).

I loved Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensiblity. So, I wouldn’t mind looking like her, or Jennifer Ehle (who’d mind? ;-)).

Jane George
15 years ago

Have to admit to being an odd combo of Marianne Dashwood and Anne Elliott.

As for looks, can I look like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element? See, it’s that Marianne streak…

15 years ago

Most like Marianne Dashwood. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Gwenyth Paltrow would be my choice to look like.

15 years ago

Although I have no need of the prize, I can’t resist the question. I suppose I would most like to be “Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition.” Unfortunately, I think I’ve passed the Austen Heroine stage and have proceeded directly to Lady Catherine DeBourgh.

15 years ago

I would like to be more like Emma…so I’m not so reserved!!

As for looks, I’ll pick Keira!

15 years ago

To my sorrow, I think I’m more like Elinor, when I’d like to be like Lizzy.

The difference for me is this: if Lizzy hadn’t won Darcy, she would have shrugged her shoulders and gotten on with life. I think Elinor would have mourned the loss of Edward for the rest of her days.

15 years ago

Hmm. As I’ve never had any real desire to be an Austen heroine, I can’t actually answer the question as asked. (I’m sure my wife is relieved!) But if I’m choosing which heroine I would like to, er, have, my heart still belongs to Jennifer Ehle’s Elizabeth. (Well, after Scully, anyway.)

As for which one I’m most like…if Elinor and Elizabeth were to have a child–which would require genetic engineering unavailable during the Regency, but never mind–and that child married Fanny Price, then their kid would be me.

Is that clear enough?


Pam Rosenthal
15 years ago

Being well past the age of any Austen heroine, my extremely fanciful fantasy Austen self-image is of Fiona Shaw’s luminous Mrs. Croft, happily insisting upon women’s estate as “reasonable creatures” in the Persuasion movie of about a decade ago.

My heads-on favorite movie Austen heroine, though, is Kate Beckinsale’s Emma. As flawed, self-deluding, and ultimately strong and smart as Emma needs to be.