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Happy Birthday, Jane!

Today is Jane Austen’s 213th birthday! It’s also the birthday of Ford Madox Ford, Noel Coward, Beethoven, and my mother. And, since I still need to go shopping for her present before her party tonight (my mom, not Jane Austen), I’m going to borrow from the Jane Austen Centre’s newsletter for today’s post. This month’s quiz concerns parties from Austen novels. Test your knowledge (I missed 2!), and the answers are at the end. But no peeking! Let us know how you did, and which Austen party you would most enjoy attending. I think I would be partial to the Netherfield ball.

1) At the Phillips’ card party what sort of card game does Mr. Collins play?
a) Whist
b) Speculation
c) Loo

2) On what date is the Netherfield ball held?
a) 1st of November
b) 15th of November
c) 26th of November

3) When Fanny is invited to her first dinner at the parsonage with the Grants, what is the main course?
a) Mutton
b) Venison
c) Turkey

4) Fanny receives what from Miss Crawford to wear to the ball at Mansfield?
a) A chain
b) A necklace
c) A cross

5) The party at the Westons’ when Mr. Elton proposes is what sort of party?
a) A ball
b) A birthday party
c) A Christmas party

6) Mrs. Elton is shocked at the lack of what at Highbury card parties?
a) Ice
b) Wine
c) Music

7) Anne talks with Captain Wentworth and thinks he might still love her at what event?
a) A play
b) A concert
c) An opera

8) The Elliotts have what kind of party in Bath?
a) An evening party
b) A dinner party
c) An engagement party

9) Mary Musgrove complains about their going out to dinner at the Pooles’ for what reason?
a) The food was not elegant enough
b) The children were present
c) She was squashed in the carriage

10) In Northanger Abbey, where does Catherine meet Henry Tilney?
a) A play at the theatre
b) A ball in the Lower Rooms
c) A concert in the concert hall


1) a
2) c
3) c
4) b
5) c
6) a
7) b
8) a
9) c
10) b

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Diane Perkins
15 years ago

Three wrong for me!

Megan Frampton
15 years ago

I never get any of these kinds of things right–showing I am not a careful reader.

I can probably tell you what I forgot to do because I got swept up in the story, though–starts with “laun” and ends with “dry.” Sigh.

15 years ago

Alas, I only did the first two or so. I have all the books, but I’ve only read P&P and Northanger Abbey. Obviously love P&P, but I also loved NA, just don’t know it very well since I read it once. I’ve seen two versions of Emma and one of Sense and Sensibility, but I also don’t remember them very well. LOL But I’ll get there! 🙂


Diane Perkins
15 years ago

That’s okay, Lois. We’d rather you read OUR books anyway! (I admit to lots of guessing)

Elena Greene
15 years ago

5 out of 10 for me. Pretty embarrassing but in the past few years I’ve been too busy to reread let alone keep up with my TBR pile. Some of these details just don’t stick unless they were somehow important, like the stress Miss Crawford’s gift put on Fanny in MP.

As far as which party I’d like to attend, I’d rather just read about the ones with all the tension and cat-games going on. I think I’d probably have fun at either a concert and a ball. I love music and I’m a forgiving audience. I also enjoy dancing, even though I’m not very good at it, as anyone who’s seen me at the Beau Monde events can attest! 🙂

Jennifer Y.
15 years ago

Jane and I have the same birthday…different years of course. LOL

Cara King
15 years ago

I got three or four wrong… But after all, why *would* one remember what date the Netherfield ball was? 🙂

BTW, if one enjoys these quizzes, you can get them regularly at the Jane Austen Centre site, which creates them:


Plus, you can sign up for the free Jane Austen Centre email newsletter:


As for parties, I’d enjoy attending Upper Rooms with Catherine Morland and the Tilneys!


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