Risky Saturday

This week, I (Amanda) am out of town. It was an unexpected trip, so I didn’t have time to prepare a proper post. But I was thinking how much I enjoy having Risky Regencies as a place to visit every day, where there are always people who share a love of history, books, and hunky movie stars! So, I decided to share my appreciation of you, our Risky Readers, by having a little giveaway.
A couple of weeks ago, I was at our local Friends of the Library booksale and found a copy of a book I blogged about last month, Antonia Fraser’s Love Letters: An Illustrated Anthology (as well as about 60 other books to pile around my living room, but we won’t talk about that…) This is a gorgeous book, full of beautiful paintings and impassioned words! I already have a copy, so am giving away this new one.
Remember, this is an ex-library copy, so it has some stamps and a plastic cover, but it’s in great shape! If you’d like me to send YOU this book, just leave a comment about what you like about Risky Regencies, why you enjoy visiting, maybe some topics you’d like to see us cover in the future or Regency factoids you’d lke to know. On Sunday afternoon, when I get home, I’ll pick a comment at random to be the winner.
Thanks for reading! And stay Risky!

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