Cara’s Trip, and Movie Club Selection!

A variety of things to talk about today…

First off: Tomorrow, I’m off to London and Nice!

Todd has a conference in Nice, and neither of us has ever been to the Riviera. (Ooh! It sounds so chic! So sophisticated! So terrifying!)

We’ll be there for a bit over a week, and I will hopefully be able to putter about alone even though I know no French at all. (Todd knows some, but he’ll be falling asleep in physics talks.)

And hopefully the chic, sophisticated people will not sneer at me. (Or if they do, they’ll do it in French, so I have no idea what they’re sneering about!)

On the way back from Nice, we’re going to spend a few days in London. Todd will do a little more work there, and then we will see things.

We haven’t yet decided what, though. We’ve never seen Syon House, so we might do that.

We have seen the Wallace Collection several times, but not recently, so that sounds good.

Afternoon tea is always a great temptation…

And then there’s a play on in London right now called “Kean,” which is supposed to be kind of sort of maybe about Edmund Kean, which sounds interesting…

(And, while I’m on the subject of plays, I will admit that we have tickets to see Spamalot… Which has a Regency link, in a way: it stars Simon Russell Beale, who played Charles in the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds film of Persuasion!)

And usually when we go to London, we end up walking around St. James’s, and seeing Trafalgar Square, and spending time in the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery… And did I mention tea? 🙂

Let’s see — I haven’t been inside St. Paul’s Cathedral recently, so that’s always a possibility…

Nor have I been to Greenwich in a while. (Lots of great Regency research there, of course!)

I must confess, we tend to buy far more books than we should. This time, I will really honestly try to be restrained, and spend far less time on Charing Cross Road.

Anyway, I will be gone during my next two Tuesday blogs, so I’ll try to leave something entertaining for you all to read!

By the way, in case you hadn’t heard…

Pride and Prejudice‘s Jennifer Ehle won a Tony Award Sunday night, for Tom Stoppard’s Coast of Utopia!

Yay, Lizzy Bennet!

Speaking of Jane Austen movies (aren’t I always?) — the first film of the Jane Austen Movie Club has been decided!

On Tuesday, July 3, our Jane Austen Movie Club will discuss the adaptation of Persuasion starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds (and Simon Russell Beale!) from 1995. (Future choices of the club will be made through discussion here, but there wasn’t enough time this time!) So be sure to stop in on July 3 and discuss it!

(For more info on what I’m talking about, see here:
Jane Austen Movie Club )

Now I’m off to pack…

Cara King, who owns way too many books

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