Bosom buddies

Today I shall bring down the tone by introducing a favorite topic to you, my bosom buddies.


How did they manage? Conducting the normal business of the day with The Girls virtually under your chin–just think, you wouldn’t see your feet for hours until you had your stays off (not that much different from being pregnant or overweight, I guess).

You’d always have something to prop a book on while you read. A convenient shelf for holding small items. A collection point, voluntary or otherwise, for collecting snacks and dinner leftovers (see below).

You could always remove your busk (a pretty Canadian example here, very nicely carved, from 1796) to use as a weapon, an emergency item of cutlery, or if you just wanted to bend over. Interestingly, busks were often hand-made by suitors as a token of their regard.

Now let’s share some real-life bosom stories. One day at work I lost my glasses. I went around the office asking if I’d left them on anyone’s desk. Guess where I found them. I’d looped them into my shirt front, and voila.

Another story, which didn’t happen to me, but to someone else who attended a fancy event wearing her little black dress. When she got home, she discovered a shrimp nestled in her cleavage. Did you eat it? I asked, when she told me the story. She thought for a moment. Yes, I believe I did.

Share your bosom stories or your expertise on Regency undergarments.

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Diane Gaston
15 years ago

Where did you get the image of that miniature? It has to be the most beautiful one I have ever seen!

Bosom stories…I remember in college my hallmates all abuzz about something. One of them said, “This doesn’t involve you, Diane.” I was hurt, I tell you. HURT!

It turned out they had come across some “Bust Enlargement” exercises and they did not think I needed them!

Pam Rosenthal
15 years ago

There are people, I’m told, who when they eat messily, dribble down to their laps. Not me. I ought to get an award from the dry-cleaning industry.

15 years ago

If I dropped a shrimp down my front I’d increase two bust sizes.

I have a memory of being visited by the bosom fairy while pregnant. That was fun while it lasted.

That miniature is a lovely image. I’ll bet she caught her beau as well as a bunch of shrimp! Oh heck, were shrimp even served during the Regency?

Janet Mullany
15 years ago

The miniature came from an antiques site and now I can’t remember where it was from. I was downloading images very fast at lunchtime.

Diane Gaston
15 years ago

The miniature came from an antiques site and now I can’t remember where it was from. I was downloading images very fast at lunchtime.

Oh, gee. I want to buy it!! (not that I can afford it)

Keira Soleore
15 years ago

Shelves? I used to hate it in school when “they” interfered in my ability to get up close and personal with my notebook. I mean, do you stick them above the desk or below? Either was uncomfortable.

And this is TMI…

Elena Greene
15 years ago

LOL on the shrimp story. All I can boast is popcorn. Yes, I do eat what I find unless my husband gets to it first. Oh no, more TMI…

Amanda McCabe
15 years ago

I also love that miniature! Sometimes I look at antique miniatures on ebay and dream of starting a collection…

As for bosom stories–one time in high school I had a strapless dress for a dance, and wanted to get some color on my shoulders and cleavage with no tan lines (being young and stupid, I forgot I have pale Irish skin that refuses to tan and just burns). So, I decided to go all French and sunbathe topless. Not a good idea. The girls haven’t seen the sun since. 🙂 (Speaking of TMI)

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