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RISKY REGENCIES Second Anniversary Celebration! Prizes Galore, Bertie, and More!

Greetings, O handsome and well-bred denizens of the year 2007!

It is I, the most beloved (and aesthetically pleasing) Regency gentleman of your or anyone’s acquaintance, Bertram St. James, Exquisite. (Frequently referred to as Bertie the Beau, due to no urging of his own, but rather to the good taste and keen observation of users of the aforementioned epithet.)

I am here today to inform you of the many prizes the Risky Regencies authors will be giving away in the coming week, and the accompanying revels.

There shall be two types of contests and prizes this week:


Every day from Monday (the 17th of September, 2007) through Saturday (the 22nd of September, 2007), a Risky Regencies author will ask blog visitors to name their favorite post by that author which appeared during the previous twelve months. To make the task easier, the blogger will list (and link to) several of her posts which she feels are among her best, or most popular.

Each Risky visitor who names a favorite post in the comments on the author’s current post, giving a good reason for liking of said post, shall be eligible for that day’s prize. (Each day’s prize will be different, and stated in that day’s post.)

Only one comment per visitor per post will be eligible to win (and Bertie’s sharp eyes and sharper wit will spot anyone who comments under multiple names), and the comment may be left any time through the end of the week.


Our grand prize, a gift certificate worth twenty-five American Dollars at the book-seller establishment run by Messrs. Amazon, will be awarded by a random drawing from the list of all persons signed up to receive the brilliantly informative and effervescently entertaining Risky Regencies newsletter by the end of this week. (Those who sign up this week, and those who signed up in the past, are all eligible, as long as they are on the newsletter mailing list at the end of this week.)

To sign up for this ever-so-elegant newsletter, which contains news of upcoming Risky Regencies book releases, signings, and contests, merely send an e-mail to riskies@yahoo.com with NEWSLETTER in the subject line. (We, of course, would never send you, nor share your address to allow anyone else to send you, the unpleasant sort of e-mail which modern people mysteriously term “spamm.”)

Rules of Exceeding Miscellaneity Yet of Great Import:

1. Hedgehogs may enter, provided they do not leave footprints in the blog.

2. My great-aunt Lavinia Sophia Eugenia Kumquat is not allowed to enter, unless she promises to stop sending notices to “In Touch” Weekly announcing my nonexistent engagement to Miss Keira Knightley.

3. Dust, lint, and cat-hair are strictly forbidden to enter, and exhorted to stay away from my waistcoat upon pain of raised eyebrow.

If you have any questions, do ask them here. If not — let the celebration begin!

Yr Obt Svt,

Bertie the Beau

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Keira Soleore
15 years ago

YAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOO!!! Today is the 16th, and we can all join Cruikshank in a comic dance to celebrate a risky event.

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

Bertie dear, thanks for joining us. ‘Tis always more fun here when you’re around…

15 years ago

Happy 2nd anniversary!!! Let the party begin.

15 years ago

Utterly delighted to share in this week’s fun! I am slowly returning to the land of the living/reading/writing!

Can’t wait to join in the fun!

Bertram St James
15 years ago

Bertie dear, thanks for joining us.

Always a pleasure to be here with you, Mlle. Soleore, and with all the other convivial folk who visit Risky Regencies!

By the by, my original post had a minute error. (It has since been corrected.) But I just wanted to note here — the Gift Certificate prize is for the “on line” establishment known as Amazon. (I originally stated another establishment, incorrectly, and Mme. Mullany kindly set me straight.)

I do not know what these fierce Amazonian women sell (besides arrows, perhaps?) but I hear they run a very popular shop.



Sue A.
15 years ago

Happy Anniversary! And a party too! Let the fun begin!

I just got directed here by the Wet Noodle Posse Blog and I’ve got you bookmarked so this only my first of many visits to come.

Stefanie D
15 years ago

Happy anniversary!!!
Let the party begin, woohoo!

15 years ago

Congrats on the second anniversary!

15 years ago

Hi Bertie! Ah well, then I have a problem. . . because it always seems like I’m surrounded by cat hair! LOL 🙂

Happy Birthday! 🙂


Cherie J
15 years ago

Congrats on the 2nd Anniversary!

15 years ago

Happy 2nd Anniversary wishes

15 years ago

I can hardly wait for the revelrous revelry to begin. Oh, wait, I guess it already has begun.

Bertie, your curious relationship with hedgehogs will always be a mystery to me.


Bertram St James
15 years ago

Bertie, your curious relationship with hedgehogs will always be a mystery to me.

Good. That is as it should be.

Some things are not to be known, only to be experienced. And if you have never had a hedgehog polish your boots, you will never understand.



15 years ago

Bertie, I’ve banished my cats from the computer room in honor of your request. They are not pleased!

Bertram St James
15 years ago

Bertie, I’ve banished my cats from the computer room in honor of your request. They are not pleased!

Perhaps not, Milady Bonnie — but I am. And I am the only one whose opinion matters.


Bertie the Beau

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