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Back from The Garden State

This weekend I attended the New Jersey Romance Writers conference. Also attending were Janet and Megan. Janet, my bff Julie, and I drove up 95 and the Jersey Turnpike in my Prius, which was a pleasure, not only because I have an EZPass and can zip through the tollgates, but also because Janet is a very entertaining companion and Julie is a prime navigator, my own personal JPS (instead of a GPS–get it?).

It is a bit difficult to relate New Jersey to the Regency. I do love New Jersey, though. I love the atmosphere and the people there. Unlike many southerners who say what is polite, Jersey folks are very direct and I like that! I lived there for two years in my younger days, so it always feels a little like going home.

There were Regency authors there. Lots of them! Julia Quinn was the special presenter, giving a talk on “Dialogue: It’s More Than What You Say.” Julia’s was the best and clearest presentation about dialogue that I’ve ever heard. Eloisa James also gave a good workshop about beta heroes. But, as always, it is the informal meetings with fellow authors that I enjoy the most. I managed to spend time with Regency authors Sally MacKenzie (one of our former guests and pictured with me at the booksigning), my pal Sophia Nash, Kristina Cook, and Caroline Linden. And, of course, Janet and Megan, although I did not get to see Megan for nearly as long as I would have liked. Janet and Megan should have more photos for you.

The bookseller’s luncheon was on Sunday, and there I met an impressive young, new Regency author, Maya Rodale, whose first book, a Regency set historical, The Heir and the Spare, just came out this past August. At the luncheon, of course, Janet and I schmoozed with lovely booksellers whose enthusiasm for historical romance is heartening. So never believe it if you hear people say, “Historical is Dead.” It isn’t, and the booksellers are the ones who know!

I’m home now and back to real life. On my agenda this week are revisions of the still unnamed “Pomroy’s Story.”

What’s on your agenda this week?
Were you at the NJ conference (I saw Santa there!) and, if so, did I see you?
Were you with writer friends, at least?

Don’t forget to visit the Wet Noodle Posse blog this month if you are planning on entering the Golden Heart contest. The 2003GH finalists are sharing their tips all month–and giving away critiques!

And Happy Columbus Day

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15 years ago

The conference was fabulous. I love the fact that I get to meet more and more great women of like mindedness. The NJRWA do a fantastic job for these conferences. The workshops and presenters are all top notch.

The company of the luncheon was wonderful. I sat with Diane, Janet Mullany and Kristina Cooke. Great conversation. The speaker was Kelsey McGregor/Sherilyn Kenyon and it was moving and motivational.

I got to meet Megan Frampton again and danced my feet off at the After Party. Great fun!

Got more books than I intended to at the booksigning but that’s always the case and it’s for a good cause. Yup, that’s what I’m tellin’ the DH…it’s all for my craft.

Cara King
15 years ago

I wish I’d been there! I love NJRW’s conferences, and it sounds like a particularly good one for Regency folk!

But I did get to go see THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB at a local movie theater…so that was also good Regency fun. 🙂


Tracy Grant
15 years ago

I love writers’ conferences–networking (otherwise known as hanging out in the bar talking books 🙂 is one of the best parts.

Cara, I saw “The Jane Austen Book Club” this weekend too. I enjoyed it–it was fun finding the Austen paraellels, though I thought a few could have been stronger.

15 years ago

Alas, couldn’t make it this time. . . couldn’t afford it. LOL Oh well. Didn’t win the lottery in time. But maybe next time. 🙂


Elena Greene
15 years ago

Glad everyone had a good time. NJRW does great conferences. This year I’ve been focused on my Plotting Hell (and making progress)but soon I’ll want to emerge from my writer’s cave and get to a conference. Maybe the New England Chapter one in the spring–they throw a great conference too.

Megan Frampton
15 years ago

It was great to see Diane, however briefly.

And Elena, I am going to NE too! Anyone else thinking about it?

Diane Gaston
15 years ago

Lois, too bad you couldn’t come. You simply must win the big lottery so that you can go wherever you like!

Cara, wouldn’t it be great if all the Riskies could be together at one time?

Like I said, Tracy, the best part about the conference was being with writing friends, new and old!

Dancing was fun, too.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
15 years ago

Yes, I was at the NJ conference with Risky Regency Megan. I also had dinner with Risky Regency Janet along with Megan. Maya Rodale is a member of my chapter and is a board liaison. You can read an interview with her up on my blog. I had a fabulous time leading a conga line at the Saturday night party, and Eloisa James workshop was fantastic.

Diane Gaston
15 years ago

Yay, Elizabeth. I remember you, but we didn’t really get a chance to talk either. I’m so sorry about that!

Keira Soleore
15 years ago

Looking forward to seeing more pictures here from the conference.

15 years ago

I really enjoyed living in New Jersey–though since I grew up in New York, it all seemed pretty normal to me. 🙂 Ah, I remember it well!

I also remember driving Cara off to the NJRW conference and picking her up two days later, crammed full of New Jersey Romance Writing Wisdom (or so I assume).


15 years ago

Thanks for the summary, Diane! I’m enjoying reading everyone’s different POV and seeing the pictures from the conference. It makes me wish I could have gone. *sigh*


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