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Today it’s time to clean some stuff up, out of my mind, if not my house.

Monday is Blog Action Day; so far there are over 11,000 blogs participating, and on October 15, every blogger will be talking about the environment. Maybe your blog (speak for yourself, Megan! I am!) doesn’t have the hugest amount of visitors, but if every little voice joins together, we’ll create a magnificent din.

Last weekend was the New Jersey RWA Conference; it featured really excellent panels, not horrific food, and the chance to hang out with fellow writers. Janet Mullany and I (along with two of my writing friends) had dinner Friday night, and I saw Diane Gaston inbetween her socializing, not enough, for sure, but at least I got a hug. So HALF of the Risky Regencies were represented in Jersey, which was cool. (side note: If you are in the New York area, and are free next Thursday evening, Jane Lockwood and Collette Gale will be reading from their respective naughty books at the Happy Endings Lounge. I’ll be there, too).

In addition to taking action for the environment (see the first item), I also encourage you, if you are a writer, to take action for your fellow authors–I can’t tell you how great it is to critique someone else’s work, to help them and be helped in return. Sure, I can ask my husband, who does have his degree in writing, to look at my stuff, but he doesn’t read romance. But fellow authors? Yup, they’ll know it’s okay that I spend a whole page describing how she walks towards him (although I am not Judith Ivory). I just did a critique for someone, and it is exciting to see someone else’s talent. I can’t do this a lot, but when I do, and the person is responsive to the critique, I feel as if I’ve given something back to all the writers who help me.

My son–dramatic eight year-old that he is–told me he would die if he didn’t do something nice for someone at least once a week. He also said he’s “rare,” because he does a lot of nice things, unlike other kids his age. Good thing he’s not full of himself. But it’s a good thought–what good things have you done lately? What are in your plans for the future?


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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
15 years ago

I donated several bags of clothes and books to both Goodwill and a new charity Share the Love.

Amanda McCabe
15 years ago

“I donated several bags of clothes and books to both Goodwill and a new charity Share the Love.”

Me, too! (Though I sent the clothes to Goodwill, the books to my library’s book sale) 🙂 Oh, and tomorrow I’m volunteering at Pugfest, a fundraiser for Pug rescue.

You all look fab in those pics, too! Wish I had been there

Megan Frampton
15 years ago

Thanks for saying we look good, Amanda. I think we were all happy, which was nice.

Pugfest sounds so cute!

Cara King
15 years ago

I love the pics! You all look like you’re having such a good time. 🙂


Deb Marlowe
15 years ago

Great topics, Megan! The pictures look fabulous. I keep telling myself I need to go to that conference some day!

Hmm. I donate to Goodwill regularly and also to our local Vietnam Vets. I just finished a fundraiser to help raise money to fight ALS. Book related: I send all my extra books to the New Orleans public library. They lost almost everything in Katrina.

15 years ago

Wow, everyone is doing so much good. It makes me feel guilty! Amanda, Pug Rescue is near and dear to my heart! My mother’s pugs Elvis and Priscilla both came from pug rescue and they have been such great company for my widowed mother. They and her pomeranian, Sarge, really keep her going. And Deb, New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world! I have a rescue dog that came out of St. Bernard Parrish after Katrina. And ladies you are gorgeous in the photos. I am off to find something good to do!! You’ve inspired me!

Diane Gaston
15 years ago

You all are going to get sick of me telling about this, but The Wet Noodle Posse (including me)are blogging all month about the Golden Heart, giving tips on how to improve the chances of making the finals. go to http://wetnoodleposse.blogspot.com/

The photos are great, Megan!

15 years ago

You ladies look fabulous!

Giving something back is so important. I encourage my kids to do this as often as possible. I have them go through their stuff from time to time to see what they really need vs. what they think they want to keep. They surprise me every time.

Some friends recently wrapped up a fund raiser we’ve put together every year in honor of my brother who passed away two years ago. So far we’ve raised a great deal and have donated the money to various organizations around us who do work with diabetes education.

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