JANE AUSTEN MOVIE CLUB: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Welcome to the Jane Austen Movie Club, where like-minded people get together (virtually, if not always virtuously) to chat about, cheer for, or chastise a different Jane Austen movie or television adaptation on the first Tuesday of every month. Newcomers always welcome!

This month: the 2005 feature film of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Also known as:

(1) the one with Keira Knightley;

(2) the one with Matthew however-he-spells-his-last-name- oh-I-love-that-brooding-picture-of-him;

(3) the one with, you know, the, um, pig;

(4) the most-ranted-about Austen pic since Rozema’s MANSFIELD PARK…

(Yes, I know we talked about this P&P when it came out, but that was SO long ago!) 🙂

To make discussion easier, here are some names to help jog memories:


Keira Knightley — Elizabeth Bennet

Rosamund Pike — Jane Bennet

Talulah Riley — Mary Bennet

Jena Malone — Lydia Bennet

Carey Mulligan — Kitty Bennet

Donald Sutherland — Mr. Bennet

Brenda Blethyn — Mrs. Bennet

Claudie Blakley — Charlotte Lucas

Sylvester Morand — Sir William Lucas

Simon Woods — Mr. Bingley

Kelly Reilly — Caroline Bingley

Matthew Macfadyen — Mr. Darcy

Rupert Friend — Mr. Wickham

Tom Hollander — Mr. Collins

Judi Dench — Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Rosamund Stephen — Miss de Bourgh

Penelope Wilton — Mrs. Gardiner

Peter Wight — Mr. Gardiner

The DIRECTOR is JOE WRIGHT, who also directed the upcoming film “Atonement” (also starring Knightley), plus a TV miniseries about Charles II (starring Rufus Sewell — wish I’d seen that!)

DEBORAH MOGGACH is the SCREENWRITER, and as far as I can tell it was her first screenplay for a feature (she has multiple television credits, including the 2002 version of “Love in a Cold Climate,” in which Rosamund Pike [Jane Bennet] co-starred.)

In the past, I’ve often put some questions here to help start the discussion, but somehow I suspect that there is absolutely no need for them this time. 🙂

So, what do you think?

Casting, costumes, screenplay, anachronisms, scenery, houses, bonnets, gloves, hair, accessibility, humor, etc?

Let the discussion begin!

Next month, we’ll be discussing the BBC NORTHANGER ABBEY from 1986!

Cara King, author of My Lady Gamester and frequent hat wearer

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