Frampton Comes Alive With Resolutions

I am a fool for New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s because I have a smidge of OCD (and really, can you have just a smidge?), and I love dates, and numbers, and itemization, and lists.

How could I not love them? A LIST! With THINGS on it!

So this year, as usual, I’ve got the weight loss/exercise more/more productive time thing going on. I am 43-going-on-FAT right now, so I seriously have to address the weight thing. But besides that, I want to:

1. Read More Books I Actually Own:
We are moving in a month or so, and the books are overrunning the house. Plus I keep reserving ones at the library, and reading them ahead of the TBR pile. Boo, Megan, acquire more space by reading more!

2. See More Inspirational Movies:
And by that I don’t mean Chariots of Fire, or Mr. Holland’s Opus; no, I mean movies with scathingly charming heroes and passionate, opinionated heroines. Films that will inspire me to write.

3. Have More Fun, by Which I Mean Have More Sex.

4. And More Sleep (counter-intuitive to the above item, but this is my list, damn it!)

5. Keep A Somewhat Clean House (after the move, natch).

6. Um . . .

7. Forget Fewer Things

8. Get an Agent and Write Two Books

9. Sell Books, too. Not used ones, but ones I’ve written and everything.

10. Maybe do a Risky Post That Isn’t All About Me:
Falls into the “if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride” category.

Happy Friday!


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14 years ago

Boy oh boy, do I love the sound of number 4, sleep. . . yeah, sleep. . . 10000000% agree on that one. But the others are lots of fun too! 🙂


Diane Gaston
14 years ago

I think that is a perfectly sensible and doable list, Megan. I want you to accomplish all of it, especially the selling books part. The world needs more Megan Frampton books!

Cara King
14 years ago

Megan, you do know that every time you say you’re “43 and going on FAT,” you make those of us who are heavier than you (which I think is most of us) feel really, really fat? 🙂


Megan Frampton
14 years ago


I am more than usually obsessed since I gained seven pounds since Dad died. But, yeah, I know I can have a distorted body image. Have you seen my mother? Yeah. Like that.

Cara King
14 years ago

Then again, I know it’s difficult from “either” side. For a couple years (a while ago), I was very faithful about exercising, and really watched what I ate, and so I was thinner than I’d ever been. And I found out that that kind of meant I wasn’t allowed to even mention weight around other women…they’d jump on me, and basically told me that because I was thin, I wasn’t allowed to ever imply that I worried about what I ate or about exercising…and I wanted to protest that I wasn’t a naturally thin person, and so the only reason I *was* thin was because I did! But I knew a losing battle, so I just started watching what I said, too… 🙂

So I’m sorry if I seemed to say to you what they said to me!

(You know, I could really use some of that dedication to exercise and eating right nowadays!!! I am way lazy, and eat far too much yummy but evil food.) 🙂


14 years ago

Great list, Megan! I hear you about reading more books that I already have. The books are starting to take over the house at this point! You know you are in trouble when you take measurements for your nephew to build bookshelves in the bathrooms! Now if one of you ladies could come up with an injectable willpower / desire to exercise solution I would be on it like Barry Bonds on a steroid! I say this as I open the box of European cookies my BFF gave me for Christmas. (She bought the tin because it is an interesting shape AND most important, it is purple (my signature color.) She says the cookies were a bonus. Lets just say I am entering the bonus round! All of my resolutions have to do with my pursuit of publication. I want to write more, write better, build a better research library, get a website up, you get the picture. Pubbed by 50, here I come!

Susan Wilbanks
14 years ago

I so need to join you on reading more books that I actually own. I have something like 100 books in my TBR pile, only I don’t get to them because, like you, I keep getting holds from the library. And I have to read those first, because most of them are new releases that can’t be renewed. I try to time my holds so that they don’t all come at once (we can freeze them for a few weeks without losing our place in the queue). My goal is to have maybe 5 books out from the library on any given week. Only sometimes I’ll have ten books waiting for me all at once anyway. Around my household it’s known as When the Library Attacks.

Oh, and having 100 books or so that I haven’t read yet doesn’t keep me out of the local B&N or keep me from scouring the thrift store and UBS for out-of-print traditional Regencies, oh no. I cannot resist the magnetic pull of a bookstore.

14 years ago

Reading more books that I actually own: check.

Sleeping more: check.

Keeping the house cleaner: check.

Healthier diet and exercise: check.

Do you mind if I just borrow your list?


Elena Greene
14 years ago

They all sound like good resolutions to me, Megan! LOL on 3 and 4. I know how that is! You achieve 3, then you want more 4 but you don’t have time…

But don’t worry too much about 5–just get those books written!

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