Fashion Frenzy!

Warning: Completely frivolous, totally useless, and pictures-heavy post ahead! As you know, last week was the annual Oscars telecast. As usual, the program was long and snoozy, the winners (mostly) predictable (except for Marion Cotillard, Best Documentary, and Best Costumes), and more montages than one person should sit through. But there were gowns. Good ones, bad ones, in-between ones. Lots of black, red, and strapless. And, as usual, I have opinions on them all!

Some of my Likes:

Anne Hathaway (I didn’t like that big black bow she did last year at all, but she made up for it this year! This Marchesa gown was stunning, probably my favorite look of the evening)

Marion Cotillard (I was on the fence about this one for a while, but decided I do like it! It’s grown on me. Maybe I expected too much from her in the beginning, since she’s French…)

Other likes include Penelope Cruz’s black strapless gown (of all the black strapless gowns there, hers was the best!); Amy Adams’s dark green Proenza Schouler; and Helen Mirren (second best red gown of the night–the sleeves really sparkled under the stage lights)

Some of my Dislikes:

Jennifer Hudson (I’ve seen pics of her at other events where she looks great, yet she can’t seem to dress for the Oscars! It’s better than last year’s, I guess)

Julie Christie (the sheer sleeves and frumpy length–ugh!)
Also disliked Diablo Cody’s “Tarzan and Jane dress up” thing; Ellen Page (not so much dislike as think “meh”–she is so young and pretty, yet the dress was shapeless and dull. Miley Cyrus actually looked much like I hoped EP would); and Daniel Day-Lewis’s wife (he wasn’t all that great, either).

Now let’s talk about Tilda Swinton (because you knew I would!) I like it. Now let’s be clear–I do not like the dress. It’s undeniable that it resembles nothing so much as a big Hefty bag, and I’ve never been fond of the one-big-sleeve thing. But I love Tilda Swinton. She is gorgeous, she’s a great actress (I can’t think of anyone else who could have pulled off Orlando!), and she’s just the essence of Eccentric British Aristocrat for the 21st century. She just lives on a different planet than the rest of us, The Planet of Extreme Coolness, and I would have been disappointed if she showed up styled to the gills by Rachel Zoe.

I was also very happy that Elizabeth: The Golden Age won for Best Costume Design (though I did not predict it! I thought The Green Dress would prevail). Much deserved.

And, for your consideration, a few looks for the Oscars of 200+ years ago:

What would you wear to the Oscars? And what were some of your own likes/dislikes this year??

Happy Saturday!

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14 years ago

I think I like the grecian style dress with one shoulder bare. It was quite popular this year athe Oscars. I liked how Katherine Heigl and Cate Blanchett looked. Helen Mirren looked amazing. I agree with you about Jennifer Hudson, the poor girl is stuck with a clueless stylist. I know Tilda looked weird but I expect her to be unconventional. I think I admire her for her unique style. I expected Nicole Kidman to have dressed better.

Megan Frampton
14 years ago

I swear Jennifer Hudson’s dress–the top part at least–looked like Jiffy Pop, all popped up.

Not a good look. I loved Anne Hathaway’s gown, as you did, even though I’m not a fan of hers. I thought Helen Mirren was incredible, my favorite, and I wish Tilda would wear some mascara. That’s all./

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

I did not love Anne Hathaway’s dress, but I didn’t hate it either. Loved Helen Mirren’s dress! She is so classy. Julie Christie ought to take lessons from her.

Poor Jennifer Hudson! ALL you could see were her breasts. That was NOT a dress for a woman with big “girls” (to use the terminology of Stacie London and Clinton Kelly)

I liked Marion Cotillard’s dress. It looked lovely onstage. Saoirse Ronan’s dress was sweet and perfect for her. None of the shows have talked about James MacAvoy’s wife’s dress, but I loved that one, soft and romantic and BLUE. I also loved Nicole Kidman’s dress and diamond necklace.

I am so sick and tired of strapless dresses, so I hated all of them and wanted to yank half of them up a little higher. All the fashion commentators loved Heidi Klum’s dress, but I hated it. All you could see was DRESS.

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

“I swear Jennifer Hudson’s dress–the top part at least–looked like Jiffy Pop, all popped up.”

LOL! THAT’S what it looked like. It was driving me crazy trying to figure it out…

I found out I have to go to a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser ball for work. I really want a gown like Amy Adams’s, the color would be perfect. But there’s not much time, so I will probably have to go with something I already have. 🙂

14 years ago

I have no opinion about Oscar gowns. But my cat liked Marion Cotillard’s dress, because it looked like a fish.

When my wife gets her nomination for Best Screenplay–she denies that this will ever happen, but this is my fantasy, not hers–I will go with the classic dinner jacket, and give the same answer to all questions: “Bond, James Bond.”


14 years ago

Todd, you are a hoot and a half and I think it is wonderful that you are doing the fantasizing / dreaming for your wife! When it actually happens you need to have your “I told you so” speech ready.

I have to agree O Divine One. When you take girls that big out in public you need to dress them so they enter the room WHEN you do, not BEFORE you do.

Loved Helen Mirren’s dress. She is such a class act. I DID see James MacAvoy’s wife and she looked lovely, truly lovely.

Anne Hathaway’s dress had lovely sweep, shape and color going for it, but she REALLY needs to go for simple. The extra fru fru on her shoulder does not work for me.

Heidi Klum’s dress was wearing her and she wasn’t the only one.

When I was singing I had a nice collection of gowns for concerts and recitals and orchestral appearances. All of them were white, black or black and white. I had (still have) some GORGEOUS black and/or white shoes too with lovely accessories. Having one color scheme made doing my hair and makeup easy.

As that worked for me I would probably go with that again IF I ever went to the Oscars. Now if I can just find those black silk pumps with six inch heels and rhinestone clips.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

As that worked for me I would probably go with that again IF I ever went to the Oscars. Now if I can just find those black silk pumps with six inch heels and rhinestone clips.

O Doggy One, one of the great things about attending the RWA conference is that you can dress up in as much finery as you want for the Awards Ceremony. It’s as good as the Red Carpet!

Keira Soleore
14 years ago

I like Saoirse’s dress a lot. It was age-appropriate and she carried it beautifully. I like Miley Cyrus’s dress, too. Ditto Helen Mirren. I would add Diane Lane in a chocolate brown was very simple and very elegant.

I can dream right? I’d love to wear Miren’s dress.

I thought Cameron Diaz’s dress was really ick, as were her hair style and mannger of presenting herself.

Graphic warning here…

Hudson needs to wear sturdy foundation garments an to quote the GoFug girls, hoik the girls up as high as you can without doing the forward push so as to create a tray that was one of the acceptable mores of Regency fashion. The higher and closer to the body the breasts are, the longer the torso looks. Slims up the person.

Elena Greene
14 years ago

Amanda, I’m so glad you blogged about this! For some reason my husband’s eyes glaze over if I discuss these Important Matters too much.

I am with you in your take on things. Loved Anne Hathaway’s dress–even thought the floral details were beautiful and not too much.

I was also on the fence about Marion Cotillard’s dress. It would have been a disaster in green, of course, but after I looked at it a bit I decided the fishscales were actually not too costume-y. I’ve come to think they are more just a pretty pattern, as in wearing leopard-print doesn’t make you a leopard. I also think Marion really worked it, just being so romantic and French and all. Not everyone could have pulled that off.

I actually loved Tilda’s outfit–for her, it wouldn’t work on anyone else. And that cuff is very cool.

LOL on the Jiffy Pop analogy, Megan! Spot on.

As for the others, I loved Helen Mirren (and her funny quip about knitting her Oscar at home a scarf!) and Amy Adams–what a gorgeous shade of green and elegant accessories, too.

I also thought Cate Blanchett and Jessica Alba looked beautiful in their “interesting conditions”.

Elena Greene
14 years ago

As to what I’d love to wear, I thought of this dress I saw at Go Fug Yourself (curse you Amanda for being a bad influence!) Of course without the atrociously bad accessories and pretending I could get away with such skinny straps.

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

That is a very pretty dress, Elena! But why, why, did that girl go with those long beads??? (I do sometimes like the dresses that appear on GFY…) And Keira, I think that Helen Mirren’s gown would look lovely on you! You should get a copy made. :))

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

Oh, and I actually liked the flower details on AH’s dress! On someone short like me they would look ridiculous, but she is tall enough to make them “dramatic” (and Marchesa usually goes slightly over the top anyway–they had this “deconstructed tuxedo” dress last year I loved! Though could never have afforded, of course. Sigh).

Keira Soleore
14 years ago

And Keira, I think that Helen Mirren’s gown would look lovely on you! You should get a copy made.

Now, if only, I could scare up the money I’d require to acquire it…

Cara King
14 years ago

I loved Anne Hathaway’s, too, though I agree with Doglady that the fussiness around the shoulder was quite unnecessary.

Loved Amy’s Adams whole look. I also loved Katherine Heigl’s gown (though I hated her makeup.) I for one really like Ellen Page’s dress — I thought it was cute and pretty and suitable.

And I’m with Diane in liking Anne-Marie Duff’s dress… Simple and nice.

Mariane Cotillard’s dress just didn’t do it for me, though.