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So many people wake up in the morning wondering, “What is Diane up to?” I thought I would do a Diane Update.

Writing Life: This has been a good month for Riskies, writing-wise. I’m very happy to announce that Harlequin/Mills & Boon have given me another book contract, 4 books and 1 novella (the one with Amanda and Deb Marlowe). (Yippee!) I’m leaving the world of people that began with The Mysterious Miss M and writing what I call my Three Soldiers Trilogy, still in the Regency. Three soldiers experience the same traumatic event in Spain that affects the rest of their lives.

Health and Beauty: I am still trying to lose the weight I’ve put on since 2003 (I won’t say how much but I don’t weigh as much as that scale shows!) My latest attempt is with the South Beach Diet. I’m not following the meal plans, because I am so-not-a-cook, but I am following the food guidelines. Basically South Beach means giving up bread, pasta, potatoes and candy (Sniff!) but it has been surpisingly easy—for the first week. As Keira knows, I also go to Curves. My goal is to go at least three times a week. Burning question–Can I lose the weight by the RWA Conference this summer?

I also caved in to the Leeza Gibbons infomercial for Sheer Cover Make-up. I like it! But I also like Bare Minerals, which I first purchased from an infomercial a few years ago. Here’s a nice discussion of both.

Entertainment: Amanda’s convinced me I should see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Not hard to do, because I recently saw Enchanted and have become an Amy Adams fan. I LOVED Enchanted! How nice to see a happy movie for a change. Enchanted, by the way, is on sale at Target this week at $14.99! (I have also watched the Kate Beckinsale Emma on Masterpiece and can’t wait for Cara to discuss it!)

Wednesday I am going to see Merriweather Post’s Hillwood House here in Washington, DC. Marjorie Merriweather Post was a great collector of 18th and 19th century European and Russian art. The house features a room with an Adams ceiling, if I am remembering correctly.

That’s it! Breathe a collective sigh of relief that you are now up-to-date on Diane, something I also attempt on my website. By the way this is the last week for my website contest, with a Kathryn Caskie book as one of the prizes.

So….what is your news in Writing, Health and Beauty, and Entertainment? I wake up every morning wondering….

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Diane Gaston is the RITA award-winning author of Historical Romance for Harlequin Historical and Mills and Boon, with books that feature the darker side of the Regency. Formerly a mental health social worker, she is happiest now when deep in the psyches of soldiers, rakes and women who don’t always act like ladies.
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