Drink Up!

from Medical News Today:

Women who drink three cups of tea a day “are less likely to have heart attacks and strokes,” the Daily Express reports. The newspaper adds, however, that “strangely, no added benefit of tea drinking was found among women who only had one or two cups a day or for men”.

The article goes on to say that this study doesn’t conclusively prove that tea aids womens’ hearts, but heck, I am a selective news-taker, so I am going to drink my tea and feel smug that I’m doing something for my heart.

I drink a lot of tea. My heart must be AWESOME!

Can you tell I am moving tomorrow, and all I can think about is relaxing? With a cup of tea? And maybe a handsome guy (btw, my husband is quite handsome. As is my son).

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19 Responses to Drink Up!

  1. Kwana says:

    Nice to know about the tea. I think I’ll feel quite pleased about my next cup too. Thanks.

  2. Diane Gaston says:

    Good luck on the move, Megan! I hope all goes smoothly. Drink lots of tea.

  3. Nothing beats Thornton, though a good cuppa… Hm.

    Wishing you lots of hot tea, plenty of sunshine, and a hassle-free moving day.

  4. I knew there was a reason for my drinking all that tea over the years. Now if I could just find a handsome man to drink it with!

  5. Deb Marlowe says:

    Does White Tea with Raspberry count? I swear, there’ crack in that stuff.

    Good luck, Megan!

  6. I luv tea! There’s a tea room near my house that has a 3 page menu of teas. I have been trying to sample as many as possible, but I’m stuck on 2 now–the Sencha green, and a very strong one called Russian Blend. Yum! And it’s healthy, too! But are their eclairs and petit fours healthy, too???

  7. doglady says:

    Couldn’t get through the day without at least one cup of Earl Gray! Glad to know it is good for me too.

    Smooth sailing on the move, Megan!

    I had to laugh on your comment about the crack content of White Tea with Raspberry! Too funny, Deb!

  8. Cara King says:

    The part that bothers me? There was an article in New Scientist that says:

    “German researchers have found that the relaxing effect of a few cups of ordinary black tea on the arteries is completely wiped out by milk.”

    And I take my tea with milk. Argh!

    I want my tea! With milk! And I want my health benefits!

    Sorry, do I sound tense? Maybe I’ve had too much tea…with milk


  9. Lois says:

    LOL Yeah, but watch, a study next year will say drinking three cups of tea a day is going to, I don’t know, make you loose all your hair. Gotta love studies. 😉

    Alas, my heart must suck badly because when I drink tea, it’s Diet Snapple with Lemon. Imagine that’s not what they have in mind. 🙂


  10. Elena Greene says:

    Good luck moving, Megan. May it all go smoothly for you!

    As for tea, I like it but it seems that coffee perks me up more. I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t drink enough of the tea?

    LOL on the white tea with raspberry, Deb. lately I’m into green concoctions. I like an orangey one they have at B&N. I know, probably tea heresy but I like it!

  11. I take my tea with milk, too, Cara, and so does my father the tree who just turned 97. My case rests.

  12. Diane Gaston says:

    I ran to our supermarket and searched the tea section for White Tea with Raspberry. Closest I could find was White Tea with Plum.
    I’ll let you know…

  13. janegeorge says:

    I had to switch from coffee to green tea about six months ago due to a stomach ailment.

    I cannot believe how much better I feel. I’m less irritable and my joint inflammation is practically nil.

    I still add in the occasional cup of PG Tips. With milk!

    Here in Northern California, tea appears to be the new wine. Tea houses are sprouting up all over.

  14. Deb, you must tell us where to find that white tea with raspberry!!!

  15. Jane says:

    I also like my tea with milk and sugar. Are we having a tea party with Richard? All I need is the time and place.

  16. doglady says:

    I didn’t think there was any other way to drink English tea except with milk and sugar! Without it, it just isn’t tea! What’s the word on the white tea with plum, O Divine One?

  17. Diane Gaston says:

    What’s the word on the white tea with plum, O Divine One?

    Salada White Tea with Asian Plum

    Well, O Doggie One, it isn’t exactly crack but it is very delicious.

    I drink tea plain, though. Grew up drinking it that way. Maybe if I’d really had those Irish ancestors it would have been different!

  18. Deb Marlowe says:

    White Tea with Raspberry is not a tea bag or loose tea, it’s a drink similar to Snapple, but made by Lipton. In my grocery, it always has it’s own display in the middle of the aisle, along with Lipton’s Green Tea with Citrus–also yummy!

  19. Kristie (J) says:

    I’m a dedicated tea drinker – but I tell you – I would become almost a phsyco tea drinker if he came along with it *g*
    Good luck with the move!

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