That Fresh Feeling!

Today–today!–I will open up a new Word document and start writing Road to Desire, the next book in my vastly imagined Road series.


And I owe it all to Amanda McCabe. Let me explain. Amanda is in New York City for business and meetings and such, and is staying in our office/guestroom (which for Amanda’s purposes is a guestroom/office), and she and I and Andrea Pickens went out for a splendiferous meal on Wednesday. As writers do, we talked about writing and our next projects (Amanda is about to turn in one book, will begin another; Andrea just agreed to another trilogy with Grand Central), and I? Well, I had to admit I hadn’t written for months.

So the pressure started. Good pressure. “You’re going to start writing, right?” Amanda asked later in her surprisingly low, not so surprisingly mellifluous voice.

“Mm,” I murmured noncommittally.


“Yeah, of course, right,” I said in a firmer tone.

So here I am. Of course I have a gazillion things to do before that precious moment, but it will happen, sometime today.

Thanks, friends!

(And friends, please vote in our Risky Regency tagline contest. Details here.

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Diane Gaston
14 years ago

Oh, I envy you your get-together with Amanda and Andrea in NYC! There is nothing more rejuvenating and motivating than a good meal with writing friends.

So WRITE, Megan!!!!!

By the way, everyone, on Romance Vagabonds, the Harlequin Historical editors are blogging today. See what they have to say.


14 years ago

One of the nice things about living in a place like New York is that you get to see friends and family more often because they are likely to pass through at some point, either on business or for pleasure.

Just wanted to wish you luck with the writing and to say thank you — any day that contains a photo of Sean Bean is a good day.

andrea pickens
andrea pickens
14 years ago

Chocolate and wine are definitely condusive to creativity. As is the company of great friends. We had such fun together, and I assure everyone that Megan’s book sounds incredibly interesting. Am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see it in print very soon. In the meanwhile, you MUST keep writing. (As you see, the Muse can be bribed with cocoa and grapes.)

14 years ago

I soooo happy to hear that you are writing again. From the teaser of the other book you gave us I know this is going to ROCK as well.

I’m equally happy you guys had such a great time! Happy and just a little jealous – I love NYC and Bklyn,too!

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