That Fresh Feeling!

Today–today!–I will open up a new Word document and start writing Road to Desire, the next book in my vastly imagined Road series.


And I owe it all to Amanda McCabe. Let me explain. Amanda is in New York City for business and meetings and such, and is staying in our office/guestroom (which for Amanda’s purposes is a guestroom/office), and she and I and Andrea Pickens went out for a splendiferous meal on Wednesday. As writers do, we talked about writing and our next projects (Amanda is about to turn in one book, will begin another; Andrea just agreed to another trilogy with Grand Central), and I? Well, I had to admit I hadn’t written for months.

So the pressure started. Good pressure. “You’re going to start writing, right?” Amanda asked later in her surprisingly low, not so surprisingly mellifluous voice.

“Mm,” I murmured noncommittally.


“Yeah, of course, right,” I said in a firmer tone.

So here I am. Of course I have a gazillion things to do before that precious moment, but it will happen, sometime today.

Thanks, friends!

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