Another Manic Monday

Diane Report:

Number of pages written since past rant of one week ago: 32
Daily average: 4.5
Daily goal: 10 pages
Number of pages to go: 158
New Daily Goal: 12 pages

Deadline: June 2


Good news! I have my new contract in hand. More books. More deadlines…………….


This is the book Amanda said she pines for. She mentioned it in Megan’s Friday post.
Doesn’t this look like Amanda?

(photo of Amanda from our Williamsburg trip)

I’ll be back on Saturday – substituting for Amanda. I’ll give you another update then–on my deadline, not on Amanda.

(Why did I ever get myself into this tight deadline–do you all get yourself into things like this deadline dilemma I’ve gotten myself into?)

About diane

Diane Gaston is the RITA award-winning author of Historical Romance for Harlequin Historical and Mills and Boon, with books that feature the darker side of the Regency. Formerly a mental health social worker, she is happiest now when deep in the psyches of soldiers, rakes and women who don’t always act like ladies.
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