I Am A Dud

People can be fanatical about things such as coffee, Clive Owen, black hooded sweatshirts, silver hoop earrings.

Yes, that’s just me. But that’s okay, this is MY day to post, and I’ve got packing to do, and a darn house to clean, and San Francisco to get to, and introvertism to overcome, and–yeah. You know.

One thing I am not fanatical about is getting to see or read stuff early. Honestly, it makes me feel like a dud. For example, I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight; I’ll get to it eventually (maybe Monday!), but it hasn’t been burning a hole in my chest or anything.

Likewise, Stephenie Meyer‘s Breaking Dawn is pre-ordered from Amazon, but not because I plan on reading it as soon as it ships–no, I just like the pre-order price discount. I’m cheap, not fanatical.

And the X-Files movie opens today. And Josh Whedon‘s Dr. Horrible has been online and causing havoc and frenzy. And Nas‘s record came out. And the iPhone. And Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s Acheron. And loads of other pop culture things that other people are so excited about, and I am, too, but I’m not as early adoptive.

I envy people that passionate devotion to things. I was pondering just what would make me get all fluttery, so passionate I had to not only GET the thing (like a book), but sit down and ingest it right away. Nothing. J.R. Ward, I get as soon as it releases, but I usually wait to read it, just because I’m in the middle of another book. Movies? I’ve got a nine year-old, and a workaholic husband–you do the math.

Makeup? Nope. Shoes? Uh-uh. I do like hearing music as soon as it’s out–and sometimes before (the benefit of having a music reviewing husband)–but I don’t chase it down. I do proselytize, as in the case of Adele, Duffy, Alice Smith and Rufus Wainwright (back in the day, before his first record came out). But I don’t HAVE to hear it day-of-release.

I think I might get crazy when Clive Owen (my favorite, duh) is finally starring as Philip Marlowe (one of my favorite fictional detectives) written by one of my favorite authors (Raymond Chandler), directed by Frank Miller (Sin City!). Then I might make sure the babysitter’s lined up. Might.

What are you fanatical about? Do you get or see or hear things as soon as they are released?

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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
14 years ago

I’m not that fanatical either. You would never seeing me standing on line for the new Iphone. Heck, I just bought a cellphone 2 years ago, and its a pay as you go phone.

I hate seeing movies opening weekend, because it is so crowded. I prefer to see my movies a week or two later, or take a mental health day and go see them in a nearly empty movie theater so that I can actually hear the dialogue without people screaming. I rarely buy books when they first come out unless they are by JK Rowling (I pre-ordered every Harry Potter after the first 3), simply because I too have a huge TBR pile, including several dozen research books that I need to read for my writing.

Now shoes I am passionate about because they are wearable art to me. Although as much as I want them, I cringe at the idea of spending $600 or $700 for Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutin. I’m still hoping they’ll do a collection for Target like Hollywould.

Now thanks to the DVR, I don’t even have to be home anymore to watch my favorite TV shows. New music, I tend to download the songs I like, rather than buying the whole CD.

14 years ago

I would love to be more fanatical about stuff, would adore a new 3gphone and all the cool gadgets but financially its just not possible.

Regarding books though I am a little more fanlike. I was a Harry Potter freak, and did get the books on day of release (not at midnight, I’m not that mad) and would spend the entire day sitting and reading them. However that soured, and after the fourth book, I was only getting them so I could see just how much worse they were getting, rather than being absorbed in the story.

After having discovered The Dresden files last year I swallowed all nine books in a matter of weeks and bought number 10 as soon as it was out and am impatiently waiting for the next one. Same with the Discworld (although I’m cheap there, I read the hardback from the library and wait for a paperback release) and like many many people around the world I read George R R Martin’s blog avidly for news that he’s FINALLY finished the next book in the Fire and Ice saga.

I also get addicted to some TV such as Heroes…

But girly things? Nope.

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

I also wish there was something I was SOOOO excited about I would run out and stand in line to see (or buy) it the first day, but there really isn’t. There are movies I look forward to, but I hate opening-night crowds, so I will get around to seeing the new Batman eventually. And my TBR pile is so high the only books I ever read right away when getting them were the Harry Potter titles.

Now, if those shoes would go on sale, I would gladly stand on line for them, LOL

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

Moi? Fanatical? Not a chance….I never get obsessed by movies or actors or anything – forget what I’ve said before about Phantom of the Opera, 300, Dear Frankie, etc etc. Forget my 300 lunch box or attending a Gerard Butler convention. Forget I saw Pride & Prejudice, the movie, and 300 each 4 times.
Forget that I became a Wellington groupie on my trips to England….
Or that I obsessively look for reviews of my books or the book’s standing on Amazon…
Or that you only have to THINK a new research book and I’m online ordering it…I just don’t have that obsessive sort of mind

Kalen Hughes
14 years ago

I will admit to seeing Hellboy II on opening weekend, but that was more the 12 year-old boy inside me squeeing (he’s the one who makes me buy Firefly comic books and always own at least one pair of Doc Martin’s). But, no, mostly I’m not an early adopter or a squealing fan girl. I am thinking about asking for a Kindle 2.0 for Christmas though (that would make only a year late, which is crack-of-dawn adopting for me, LOL!).

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

Well, now, I didn’t say I am not fanatical about things! Let’s see–Project Runway, Gossip Girl, Dancing With the Stars, Orlando, etc… πŸ™‚

Deb Marlowe
14 years ago

Hmmm, I think I *could* be the obsessive type, if I had time to do it!

I do like to watch Project Runway, Top Chef and Survivor as it first airs, if at all possible, but 1) they are on late at least the Bravo ones are) and 2) the DVR makes it less imperative.

I get excited about book releases, but rarely have time to read them for quite a while after I pick them up. Still, I like looking at them and anticipating them, especially if it’s a great research book.

You know, I really like having a safe place to admit ‘book lust’ because I know you guys know just what I’m talking about! πŸ™‚

Deb Marlowe
14 years ago

LOL, Diane. I just read all the comments, and I have to say, everytime I see or hear of G. Butler I think of you and Terri Brisbin! I can’t obsess about him because in my mind, he’s taken!

Hee hee.

Janet Mullany
14 years ago

The only area I can think of where I’m fanatical is in bed.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have to sleep on one particular side, I must be able to see the clock, the radio has to be tuned to the local NPR affiliate that broadcasts Morning Edition, and the pillowcases must match.

Don’t care about girly things, am hopeless with the cellphone I own, have huge ugly feet that don’t look good in any shoes and only feel good in a few, don’t feel that strongly about any particular writers or movies…

Yeah, I’m pretty boring, too, Megan.

Megan Frampton
14 years ago

I saw Hellyboy II on opening day, too, but that was because of the actual nine-year old who was celebrating his birthday that day, Kalen. But I was darn happy to go with him.

Kalen Hughes
14 years ago

Megan, all I can say is HELLO, ELRIC! They are making me an Elric movie, right? I mean, they already have the freaken star and wardrobe done. As for Hellboy II it was visually fantastic, but (much like X-Men III) I found myself siding with the β€œbad” guys . . . to quote the small boy who sat next to me for Reign of Fire: β€œI wanted the dragon to win!” (he wailed this at the top of his lungs and won my heart forever).

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have to sleep on one particular side, I must be able to see the clock

Me too!!! No clock = no sleep. If I wake up and can’t tell what time it is, I can’t go back to sleep. It’s maddening!!!

14 years ago

Clive Owen = Good

I just recently saw Shoot Em Up (I’m used to waiting for things!) and the “love scene” nearly caused incontinence. I was literally on the floor choking with laughter.

He’ll make an excellent Marlowe.

Elena Greene
14 years ago

I have my obsessions but I’ve learned to be patient about them. I have so many interests (besides kids and other responsbilities) that everything has to wait until I have time and/or can afford it.
I don’t like fighting crowds either.

When I miss a movie, I always figure I’ll catch up on Netflix at some point. I do try to buy books soon after they come out, but only because I know good early sales help the author. They often sit in the TBR pile for a long time afterwards.

As for shoes, I love ’em but I am not trend-crazy. I’m perfectly happy with finds from the clearance racks at DSW.

So maybe I’m a dud, too. πŸ™‚

14 years ago

I’m most definitely not an early adopter except for certain books. Then it’s more a case of not wanting to see or hear spoilers than of caring whether or not I’m first in my neighborhood to see/own/wear whatever.

Cara King
14 years ago

I’m fairly obsessive, but I’m no longer that obsessive about seeing or reading things right when they come out…except to avoid spoilers!

I hate spoilers.

Which is why I do see lots of movies the first week or so, and why I read the last Harry Potter book right away.

And yes, on opening weekend, movies are crowded.. But the pluses (besides avoiding spoilers, and having something to talk about at parties–well, okay, I never go to parties, but you know what I mean) are:

1) the film is rarely scratched/chipped/damaged yet…

2) action & suspense films are more exciting with a crowded theater! And an excited crowd. And I find it more distracting to have one guy talking in a mostly empty theater, than twenty talking in a full one.

Of course, one has to get there EARLY to get a decent seat…and parking can be a problem…

(who has seen Dark Knight, and hopes to see X-Files soon…)

14 years ago

Woohoo! Something at which I excel, though I prefer to call it passionate as opposed to obsessed. πŸ˜€

The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) movies rebirthed passion in my life. I’ll spare reporting how many times I saw the movies in the theater. I’ve attended several gatherings in L.A. as well as ELF, a conference in Orlando. I’m attending a gathering in Kentucky this September and can hardly wait. I’ll be meeting more friends for the first time. I could gush forever.

As for books, My older sister and I stayed up until midnight to buy the last HP book. We read the first chapter together right then. I have a half dozen authors I pre-order and carefully arrange to be free to read as soon as they show up. I’ve discovered that buying a book is a much better reward than food.

Music, I own hundreds of CDs. I end up collecting all the work of favorite artists. BTW, Diane, Phantom arrived the other day and I’m listening to it now. Gerard does a fabulous tortured soul.

However, that all being said, I’m not fanatical. Honest! I’ve seen fanatical, and I’m not even close.

Girly stuff? Nope, seems a bit of a waste on me, unless it’s a LOTR costume. LOL!

Louisa Cornell
14 years ago

Hmm. I think we are sisters from another mother, O Divine One. Gerard Butler fanatic – check. Saw 300 multiple times (not telling the number) – check. Saw Phantom multiple times (see above caveat – check. Watch Pride and Prejudice (the Matthew Mac version) several times a month – check. Will buy a new research book at the mere mention of its title – check.

I obsessively look for YOUR books at Amazon, O Divine One – does that count?

And I WOULD be a Wellington groupie if I could get my self back to England again!

I do love English bone china teacups and will hone in on one in a flea market or antique shop in a heartbeat.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

everytime I see or hear of G. Butler I think of you and Terri Brisbin! I can’t obsess about him because in my mind, he’s taken!

Deb, you are right. He’s taken!!!

O Doggie One! Perhaps we were twins separated at birth…and born years apart…
I love teacups! I have some that my mother and aunt collected when they were young. But I was buying creamers and pitchers at yard sales and flea markets.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

ladyhawk, aren’t obsessions great?? Think how they’ve enriched your life and mine!!
In a way, both our obsessions led us to be friends!

It occurs to me that my romance writing is my biggest obsession. It fills most of my day!

14 years ago

I’d have to say that books are the only thing I am fanatical about. That and movies like Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride, It’s A Wonderful Life and Jane Eyre (Toby Stephens = Delish!

Oh, and I had to see each Lord of the Rings movies and get their CDs. I’ve never been that way about any other film. We even have ‘Lord of the Bean’ – a VegeTales that is amazingly spot on – Sporks and all!

Louisa Cornell
14 years ago

At almost 50 I am certainly the SENIOR twin, O Divine One!

Susan Wilbanks
14 years ago

I was much more fanatical before I had a kid. I used to watch Buffy, Angel, and Firefly and run to chat about each new episode online. I watched each LOTR movie the night it came out at Cinerama (biggest screen for miles around). Etc.

Now? I just don’t have time. Fanatical is remembering to preorder a paperback or put a hardcover on hold at the library before it hits the shelves. Unless you count Stewart, Colbert, and Bourdain, I hardly watch TV anymore.

It’s possible I’m a bit fanatical about the Duke of Wellington, but since he happens to be the protagonist of my WIP (in his younger Sir Arthur Wellesley guise), I figure that’s the right obsession to have if I only have time for one.

14 years ago

I’ve done the “standing in line at the first chance” thing a few times, and the “going to the first showing at midnight” once or twice, but for most things I’m more relaxed.

There are a few things that you have no choice but to be a bit fanatical if you do them at all, because they sell out. For the LA Times Festival of Books every year, the tickets (which are free) all go immediately (within the first few minutes to the first hour, depending on how popular the session is). So unless you tune in first thing and grab your tickets, they’re gone. Fortunately, they release the tickets at noon (rather than, say, midnight), so it’s not all that hard to manage.

It was similar getting tickets for the recent King Lear with Ian McKellen, or for the final Genesis concert in LA. But apart from that, most things will wait until you get around to them.

And frankly, I can’t imagine paying $600 for a pair of shoes. πŸ™‚