Risky Regencies

Jane Austen Movie Club Thing Postponed, by order of Bertram St James, Exquisite

Hallo, all you risking populace!

It is I, Bertie the Beau, at your service.

And, being at your service, it is my sad duty to inform you that the Jane Austen Movie Discussion Thingumbob which was scheduled for this Tuesday, has been postponed until the first Tuesday of September.


Simply put, Mme Cara King has been burning the candle at both ends (is that actually possible? I once tried it, and burnt my middle finger, and dripped wax on my favourite coat — I do NOT recommend doing so.)

So the moving picture production announced for this week, the Commander and Master (or what ever it may be called) shall be discussed on Tuesday, the second of September…

And THIS Tuesday, you shall have the pleasure of a post from me. (As Mme King shall be flying in an airship to Denverton to attend the Science Fiction Convention of the Universe (or some such thing.))

You may now applaud.

yr obt svt,

Bertram St. James, Exquisite

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14 years ago

Applaud, Applaud!


Keira Soleore
14 years ago

Clap! (one-hand-clapping *cough*)


14 years ago

Oh, that’s okay. . . maybe this way the movie might show up on cable somewhere for me to see. LOL 🙂

But geez, RWA, SF. . . that would be a tough choice if I could do either of them! 🙂


Cara King
14 years ago

Keira, Worldcon is not more important than RWA! And now you’ve made Lois think that I skipped RWA to go to Worldcon — not true! I got back from RWA last night, and am flying off to Worldcon (in Denver, not “Denverton”, Bertie!) tomorrow.

And Keira, the reasons that flying last Tuesday didn’t make me skip a post, but flying this Tuesday will, are:

1) I live a LOT closer to SF, so it’s a much shorter flight; and

2) I could pre-write my last post, but I couldn’t pre-write this one, because I was at RWA!!!!!

There. Hope that’s clear.

Oh, and, thanks, Bertie!!!

BTW, everyone, I finally met Keira in person!!!!!!!

Cara (who is compensating for tiredness by overusing exclamation points)

14 years ago

Have a fabulous time, Cara & Todd!

I imagine more than a few agents & editors who were at RWA will also be in Denver. Your exhaustion will be shared.

Cara, thanks for turning me into a gamester, and Keira, you looked mahvelous! And Diane, you’re the sweetest person on the planet, and huge congrats to Doglady Pam on the coveted Royal Ascot!

I look forward to connecting with more Riskies in future. You’re good people.

14 years ago

Keira wrote:


Cara wrote:

…now you’ve made Lois think that I skipped RWA to go to Worldcon…

Cara, I fear Keira’s comment may have been directed at me, since Keira certainly knows you went to RWA. It’s true enough! But I’m not a member of RWA, and well, I do have to work occasionally. 🙂


Cara King
14 years ago

Jane George wrote:

I imagine more than a few agents & editors who were at RWA will also be in Denver.

Jane, I just found out that the agent I pitched to at RWA will indeed be at Worldcon… So interesting!

Cara 🙂

14 years ago

Go Cara!!!

14 years ago

Oh no, Bertie didn’t make me think you skipped the RWA one. . . I was thinking in terms of me. If I were able to do one convention, I could never do two. . . so the choice, which one to do, now that would be tough. 🙂


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