Risky Regencies


Here are our Birthday Week Winners!

All Winners please email us your contact information at riskies@yahoo.com

Diane’s Winner……Santa!

Santa wins the special Mills & Boon Centenary edition of The Vanishing Viscountess, the one that includes the bonus story of The Mysterious Miss M AND a Risky Regency button.

Cara’s Winner……Maya Rodale!

Maya wins ONE of the following three prizes:
(1) three Signet Regencies: THE ABDUCTED BRIDE by Dorothy Mack; TWIN PERIL by Susannah Carleton; and MY LADY GAMESTER (signed, natch) by Cara King.
(2) a Region One (i.e. US & Canada) DVD of the 1985 miniseries of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE starring Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul.
(3) Guidebook to the Museum of Costume & Assembly Rooms in Bath (with lots of full color pictures.)

Elena’s Winner……Caffey!

Caffey wins – a copy of LADY DEARING’S MASQUERADE; – plus her choice of one of Elena’s earliest releases, either LORD LANGDON’S KISS or HIS BLUSHING BRIDE (an anthology with Regina Scott and Alice Holden).

Janet’s Winner…….Susan Wilbanks!

Susan wins a signed copy of each of Janet’s books, Dedication, The Rules of Gentility, and Forbidden Shores (the last written as Jane Lockwood) or a critique.

Megan’s Winner……Lois!
Lois wins a copy of Megan’s book, A Singular Lady, as well as a copy of the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

Amanda’s Winner……Kammie!

Kammie wins copies of both Amanda’s Renaissance books, A Notorious Woman and A Sinful Alliance (or, if you have already won these, a copy of one of Amanda’s out-of-print Signet Regencies!), plus a silver Brighton bookmark!

Ladies, email us at riskies@yahoo.com with your addresses and, if you need to make a choice, what choice you’ve made.

And thank you all for being a part of Risky Regencies!

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14 years ago

Thanks guys! Two of my favorite books bundled into one! Nothin’ better. Nothin’ better!

Haven Rich
14 years ago

Congratulations Winners!

I really had my eye on the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. That sounds like such a fun book to have!

Louisa Cornell
14 years ago

Congrats to the winners! Happy, Happy Anniversary Riskies and many, many more!

I agree, Haven! The 1811 Dictionary sounds fascinating as does the Bath guidebook.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

Haven and Louisa,

Here’s an online version of the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.


Tessa McDermid
14 years ago

Congrats, winners! I’ve been away most of this summer and didn’t always have time to check emails, let alone blogs. I came home to catch up on the Riskies and found the contest, which was over. Ah, well. Reading the posts was a prize in itself.

Thanks for all the great blogs and look forward to many more exciting and fun ideas. And I love your man posts!

14 years ago

Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the other lucky winners!

14 years ago

Oh my gosh, thank you so very much!!!! Off to send that email before I totally forget, which is the story of my life. . . LOL 🙂


14 years ago

I’m so thrilled! I haven’t had the joy to read these of Elena’s so I’m thrilled!!
Congrats too Santa, Maya, Susan, Lois, and Kammie!

Maya Rodale
14 years ago

Wow! Thanks! It’s an honor just to win…let alone receive such awesome prizes!

Haven Rich
14 years ago

I’ve had a busy few days and nearly didn’t check back here. So glad I did!

Thank you for the link Diane!

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