Friday! First week of school for the Nine Year-Old! A friend visiting unexpectedly!

A brand new pedicure!

No, wait–back to explaining why I am barely posting today . . . I did some insanity with flip-flops, an overlarge bedspread and my knee, so I am hobbling around and things are taking longer than usual. Including posting (how this has anything to do with my computer and my hands is MY SECRET).

Anyway. I am off to the free hours at the Museum of Modern Art, and I leave you with plenty of excuses and no substance.

Do you have a favorite modern artist? Do you like modern art at all? Do you hate flip-flops with the same passion I do now?


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14 years ago

Don’t know if he qualifies as ‘modern’,but I adore Paul Klee’s work. It was one of the things that drew my DH and I closer together when we were dating.

Louisa Cornell
14 years ago

I am trying so hard not to laugh at your flip flop accident. Truly I am!! I hate them because people come into Wal-Mart wearing the most ragged looking, nastiest flip flops and when they slip out of them, trip over them or slosh them through a spill that is SURROUNDED by wet floor cones they still have the nerve to try and blame Wal-Mart!!

I am not crazy about modern art that is odd for the sake of being odd. I am a bit of a fuddy duddy, I guess. I love Wyeth, does that count? And the Blue Dog series of paintings.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

I remember walking through the Museum of Modern Art shortly after I took an art history course (this was a bunch of years ago. A brazillion at least). I was in serious awe. The whole course was in the museum!!
I love Cezanne and Monet.

A few years ago I visited the Chicago Art museum and viewed what some old, big electric christmas tree lights on a nail. That was it. That sort of art annoys me.

Re: Flip flops. I wonder what ER personnel think of them!

14 years ago

I’m on the fence about Modern Art. It depends on the medium for me. For example, I just saw an extrodinary exhibit of hand blown glass at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. Jackson Pollack – pretty cool and that friends, is the extent of my knowledge and feel for modern art.

Regarding flip flops – I feel uncomfortable in them. I clinch my toes in the fear that they’ll fly off as I move along. Quirky – I know.