JANE AUSTEN MOVIE CLUB: Bride and Prejudice

Welcome to the October meeting of the Risky Regencies JANE AUSTEN MOVIE CLUB!

Today we’ll be talking about BRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

So please, chime in a say what you liked, what you didn’t like, and how much you enjoyed seeing Naveen Andrews dance.

And if you haven’t seen it, let us know if you want to!

To aid the discussion, here are the major credits:

DIRECTOR: Gurinder Chadha

SCREENPLAY: Paul Mayeda Berges
and Gurinder Chadha


Aishwarya Rai: Lalita Bakshi
[Lizzy Bennet]

Martin Henderson: William Darcy

Nadira Babbar: Mrs. Manorama ChjamanBakshi
[Mrs. Bennet]

Anupam Kher: Mr. Chaman Bakshi
[Mr. Bennet]

Naveen Andrews: Balraj Bingley

Namrata Shirodkar: Jaya Bakshi
[Jane Bennet]

Daniel Gillies: Johnny Wickham

Indira Varma: Kiran Bingley
[Miss Bingley]

Sonali Kulkarni: Chandra Lamba

Nitin Ganatra: Mr. Kohli
[Mr. Collins]

Meghnaa Kothari: Maya Bakshi
[Mary Bennet]

Peeya Rai Choudhuri: Lakhi Bakshi

Alexis Bledel: Georgina ‘Georgie’ Darcy

Marsha Mason: Catherine Darcy
[Lady Catherine]

And if you need some questions to get you started, how about:

If you had to marry either Mr. Collins or Mr. Kohli, which would you choose?

All answers welcome!

Cara King, drinker of tea and typer of words

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14 years ago

What fun! I really enjoyed this–as much for the guessing game (how will each point be interpreted here) as for the movie itself.

Naveen Andrews was definitely a highlight for me. I love him in Lost and loved him here, too. I found Darcy a little uncompelling … but Lalita and Jaya were lovely!

For me, the Cobra dance was actually an improvement on the original–tough to do.

Darcy’s big proposal scene, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment. I _really_ loved Colin Firth version. The incredible arrogance of that man! The outrage! The deliciousness of it all!

Initially I thought Wickham was being set up to be not quite as bad as in the original. That made sense, since I assumed he was going to marry Lakhi … but I thoroughly approve of the developments here. The cinema fight was fun, and I was actually shocked to hear what had happened to the modern Georgiana!

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

I loved this version, which I remember in a more global way than greta (much impressed, greta!)

I loved the breaking out into dancing and song. This was so nicely over the top. It made for a joyful movie and, really, how many of those are there these days?

Re: who would I prefer to marry, Mr. Collins or Mr. Kohli? I believe I’d prefer to be an impoverished spinster!

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

I also really loved this movie! It was tremendous fun with all the bright songs and dances (I’m a Bollywood fan anyway), and figuring out which character was who. 🙂 I also liked it that both Collins and Lydia were not as “bad” as the originals–Kohli was goofy, but in the end he rally loved the Charlotte character and was kinda nice. And Lakshmi/Lydia was just a silly teenager who came to realize she was in over her head at the end.

I just wish there could have been a more Darcy-ish Darcy. 🙂

Must go see this again!

14 years ago

It is fun when the screen explodes into color and the music zooms up, isn’t it? I get the feeling the actors and filmmakers had just as much fun as the audience.

14 years ago

Cara asked me to post this–her computer is broken, so she won’t be commenting for a little while :-). She’ll try to go to the library later today.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
14 years ago

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the Bollywood setting and songs made it quite enjoyable, and I loved guessing who was who. Particularly the part where the family talked about how the Mr. Collins character had three Subway franchises. Thought the Darcy was just so-so. I wish they had found an actor who was more than just pretty.

Elena Greene
14 years ago

I thought this was totally fun. Part of me kept trying to analyze in terms of the source story but part me just kept shouting “Pretty costumes! Pretty actors! Pretty dancing!” I was watching while in the throes of a head cold and it was just the perfect comfort watch.

I thought Mr. Kohli was a total hoot! Also the mother character. And yes, Naveen Andrews is hot, definitely the hottest Bingley ever. Darcy was less arrogant and more awkward than the classic interpretation, but I thought he was kind of cute. I can sympathize with a character who is confused and out of his element.

14 years ago

I’m going to have to put this on the Netflix queue!

The colors alone in the pics have me hooked. And my daughter, who has watched the 2005 P&P at least a hundred times, will have lots of fun pairing characters from the two films.

Cara King
14 years ago

Greta, I think I agree with you on everything! IMHO Darcy could have been a bit manlier, but he wasn’t terrible. 🙂

Diane, I think I’m with you on being an impoverished spinster over marrying either Mr. Kohli or Mr. Collins. Then again, if I had to choose, I’d probably marry the Mr. Collins from the Keira Knightley version…he was kind of nice, and the right wife might improve him immensely. 😉

Oh, and I loved the new house Mr. Kohli had. That is, I loved it in that I hated it, like I was supposed to. I’ve seen far too many houses like that in California!

And I do like a dancing Naveen Andrews. Or an undershirt-wearing, brooding, Lost Naveen Andrews. He’s just hot. (Love that he can dance!)

Overall, I loved the whole thing. Things that stood out: Miss Bingley, Lakhi, the costumes…oh, and most everything else. 🙂

Cara (at the library, because her home computer is extremely dead or dying…)

Keira Soleore
14 years ago

I’m going to voice the unpopular opnion that I did not like this movie at all.

I love Gurinder Chaddha’s other movies. However, in this movie, she tried to be true to Bollywood movies and Jane Austen and instead making a successful combo (like Clueless did of Emma), she failed on both accounts. Bollywood films are famous for their music and dance numbers, both of which were amateurish at best.

While in many aspects the society of Austen’s England and current India is the same thereby making it easier to make this film, Chaddha failed to capitalize on that and increase the sophistication of the verbal interactions.

Aishwarya Rai is so beautiful, makes my teeth hurt. She was Miss Universe a dozen years ago and is has a few successful charitable endeavors. But Aish cannot act.

Naveen Andrews was adorable, as was Nitin Ganatra. I’d take this Mr. Collins (Mr. Kohli). Bend it Like Beckham anyone? My first intro to Keira Knightly. Ooooh. Adored that movie.

Cara, I wasn’t aware “typer” was a word. Heh. You think we don’t notice those asides, eh?

Todd, how come you haven’t built a quantum computer for Cara yet?

Diane and Ammanda, going back to comment on your blogs.

Andrea, I’m commenting on your blog with the Romance Vagabonds today. Couldn’t make it to the Riskies blog on Sunday.

14 years ago

I really,really wanted to love this movie, but ended up watching mostly just to stare at Aishwariya Rai (who is possibly the most gorgeous person on the planet). Though there were many fun elements (the color! the concept! Naveen Andrews!) it somehow didn’t quite come together for me, with one of the biggest detractions being Mr. Darcy. He was totally miscast, wasn’t attracted to him, was unconvinced by his acting, thought there was zero chemistry with the heroine. But in the end, I was just happy to goggle at AR…

14 years ago

Did you know this was on the other night? I don’t remember what channel and I’m sorry to say I did not see it all but what I saw was fabulous. I am most certainly going to DVR this when it comes round again.

Funny, but the segment I came in on was when Mr. Kohli visits the family with his crass and garish ways. So, if I had to choose between Mr. Collins and Mr. Kohli, I’d have to choose…Mr. Collins because then I could have a lovely cottage of my own. Mr. Kohli would not suit me at all.

Cara King
14 years ago

M, I agree — Rai is just amazingly gorgeous!

Keira — thanks for sharing your take on this! Very interesting. (I love different opinions. They always make me think.)

Todd, how come you haven’t built a quantum computer for Cara yet?

Yeah! Then I could carry it around in my pocket, too.

Cara (on Todd’s laptop)

Janet Mullany
14 years ago

I loved this movie–not a stupendously profound interpretation of P&P, but entertaining and colorful with a nice looking cast. It’s always a pleasure to see Indira Varma who was so terrific in Rome.

14 years ago

Well, I am late in commenting–too many hours nursing our sick computer. (And yelling “Get off the keyboard!” at the cats.) I will just say that I really enjoyed this movie a lot, and I thought it stayed true to the spirit of Pride and Prejudice in a very different setting.

I must admit, I’ve never seen a genuine Bollywood movie! Though I’ve often been curious to do so.

You know, I ought to have made my Indian students watch this and give me their opinions. My university is a major center for Indians studying in the US, and about half of my Ph.D. students have been from India.


14 years ago

Keira wrote:

Todd, how come you haven’t built a quantum computer for Cara yet?

Cara wrote:

Yeah! Then I could carry it around in my pocket, too.

There would be no problem carrying the computer around in your pocket. It’s the half-ton of vacuum pumps, liquid helium, and lasers that take up room.


14 years ago

The movie was lively. The beauty of lalita overpowers you and we dont realise that she is indeed a good actor also..

14 years ago

I saw that movie some time ago, and I like it. It’s nice; it’s not one of those movies that want to pretend that they are better than they really are. I think that none get disappointed after saw this movie. Martin Henderson as Mr. Darcy did a good job, also Miss Rai playing Lalita. I believe that it’s a good adaptation of a classic in a modern age. I also like the choreography very much, the dances were really great. Even I like it I don’t think that it was remarkable, it is a movie to entertain, and beside the protagonists I don’t think that the movie had any other actors that make a big difference. Even that I can’t stop enjoy any adaptation of the Austen’s classics.

Cara King
14 years ago

Thanks for joining us, Claire!

I agree with a lot of what you said — though I will say that I think Mr. Kohli (Mr Collins) is also a standout for me. 🙂


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