Failure To, Well, Do Anything

Oh, yikes, it’s Friday again.

Today I am heading to New Jersey for their fabulous conference. I will be the sole Risky in attendance (and yes, I am bringing buttons, fellow Rs!), and I look forward to hanging with old friends and making some new ones. Oh, and attending a few workshops, of course.

But this week, in personal terms, has been a dud. First off, although I wrote–and wrote well–this week, I only managed one day of writing. And one day of exercising. And I regained the two pounds I had lost the week before (to which I say, WTF?). So last night I made some Bad Choices and should have done some things and did others instead. I have to run around like a crazy person packing for Jersey and stressing because there’s just never enough time, except for when I waste it.

So now I hate myself.

Which means you all have to suffer, too.

No, not really.

Yes, you do.

No, not really.

Ye–anyway, I am always up for a resolution, especially if it is public, so I am resolving to make Good Choices and try to write, even though sometimes it seems as though I am writing only for me (can you tell I haven’t heard anything yet from my agent about my submission? Yeah, like that.).

And exercise, because it’s good for my heart and stuff.

And I do feel good about going to Jersey, and I hope not to be a ninny, and get some benefit out of going. I am looking forward to Halloween (my son is going as Kiss’s Gene Simmons, his idea, not ours!), and pumpkin ale, and cute sweaters, and getting to 25,000 words, and visiting with relatives, and lots and lots of tea.

Okay. Hold onto those good thoughts, Megan.

What is your surefire way for getting out of the doldrums?

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Louisa Cornell
14 years ago

Safe trip, Megan, and have a wonderful and fruitful conference!

For me, a night piled in the bed with the dogs and cats and a stack of hilarious DVDs usually does it. Shaun of the Dead is my number one ridiculous pleasure as is Death at a Funeral.

Playing with my rescued dogs helps too. They all came from such awful situations and now they are so happy and care-free. They teach me how to enjoy the simple things like a patch of grass, a raggedy frisbee and good company.

14 years ago

Have a great time. Snacking on cookies and chocolate usually makes me feel better immediately. Then I lay back and watch something on Comedy Central or TV Land or read I go and reread a favorite book.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

Oh, I envy you, Megan. The New Jersey Conference just wasn’t in the cards for me this year. I’ll miss it.

What do I do to get out of the doldrums???
Chocolate Ice Cream

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

A mojito and either a really dumb or really great or both!) movie. That does the trick for me. 🙂

14 years ago

Have a great conference, Megan!

To pick up my spirits lately I’ve been going to Last.FM, typing in the name of a song or artist I like on their “radio” station, and they play similar artists while I dance around my office with the door shut. I’m discovering lots of fun new music to fuel my creativity, and I find Last is more accurate than Pandora.

14 years ago

Have a good time, Megan! Though I find the fact that your son has even heard of Kiss’s Gene Simmons to be a bit disturbing. 🙂

Cheering one’s self up is a tough one. But hokey as it sounds, I think counting one’s blessings can make a difference. I sometimes get into a mode–one that I think many people experience–where I focus solely on what is wrong and bad in my life. So it helps to remember that there are many good things in life as well.


Elena Greene
14 years ago

Hope you’re having a great time at NJRW, Megan!

Chocolate or a movie are good quick pick-me-ups for a minor doldrum. I don’t know if that’s what you meant by Bad Choices. I think they’re good choices sometimes. But if I’m leaning on things like that too much it’s a red flag that I’m compensating for something else. For instance, if my kids are sick and I miss my writing time, I crave junk food more and it takes a major effort of will to get back to the healthy stuff.

It’ll get better. Keep the faith!

Megan Frampton
14 years ago

Thanks, all. I am doing better, not making as many bad choices.

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