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One Candlelit Christmas

The Riskies are very “merry” today, to welcome Harlequin Historical authors Julia Justiss, Terri Brisbin, and Annie Burrows as they talk about their new anthology One Candlelit Christmas! It would make a perfect holiday gift, for yourself or any other readers on your list…

Julia Justiss: Christmas is my favorite holiday! And for me, the heart of it is family. Having all my children home to share meals, fun, and laughter is the season’s highlight. So when I thought about writing a Christmas story, Christmas Wedding Wish, I looked to the Wellingfords, a family who have appeared in my work on and off since my first book.

Since her older sister’s marriage and her fiance’s death, Meredyth has watched over the Wellingford estate and family, resigned to being competent manager, devoted sister, and doting aunt. Then her brother returns for Christmas with his best friend–and that friend’s brother.

Handsome Allen Mansfell begins to make Meredyth doubt that her heart and her senses have been buried forever. But could this younger man truly be interested in a spinster like Meredyth?

Terri Brisbin: Although I’ve always loved the holiday time of year and all the parties, presents, decorations, and festivities, I think the real reason that Christmas is my favorite holiday is the feeling of hope that surrounds us then. Hope that we’ll see family members and friends we haven’t seen lately. Hope that we’ll find just the perfect gift for that special person in our lives. Hope that the coming year will be filled with health, happiness, and everything important to us.

So, it is with that hope in mind that I invite you to read my novella, Blame It On The Mistletoe. It has all the elements I think are so important during this time–family, friends, presents, hope, and most important, love.

Julia Fairchild has loved Iain MacLerie since she was just a young girl. When, years later, Iain attends their Christmas festivities, she is shocked to see a bitter, cold man where a vibrant, happy youth once was. Meanwhile, the love she felt as a child for a young man five years her senior has grown into something much more adult.

After facing death and sustaining injuries beyond repair, seeing the exquisite young woman who chased his steps as a girl just reminds Iain of all he lost, and everything he cannot have. Despite this bitter realization, his heart cannot help but hope when events and Christmas mistletoe conspire to bring them back together. But can the innocent love Julia offers conquer the fear he faces?

Annie Burrows: When I was asked if I would like to write a story for this anthology, I decided I wanted to celebrate the very essence of Christmas, which for me is not about presents and feasting and putting up decorations.

But about a baby, born to a poor family as a symbol of hope for the whole world. So my story is about forgiveness, and second chances, and the miraculous transforming power of love. I hope it touches your heart!

Before Carleton Tillotson left Nell, the rebellious rake broke her heart. Now he is back, just in time for Christmas, and Nell can’t hide her secret any longer–Carleton is the father of her son!

For readers: what is the “essence” of Christmas for you? How do you prefer to celebrate the holidays?

Happy start to the holiday season, everyone! One lucky commenter will win a copy…

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14 years ago

The essence of Christmas for me is the remembrance that our greatest gift was a baby 2000 years ago. It was the creation of a new family, and of a home from a stable.

So, for us, we honor the Child, give gifts in his name and bring the family together to celebrate.

Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

Welcome Julia, Terri, and Annie! These stories sound like the perfect antidote to “mall holiday madness.” (Whenever I get overwhelmed by the craziness that goes along with the holidays, I love hiding out with Christmas novellas and a mug of cider–it helps me remember the great part of Christmas)

14 years ago

I like Christmas novellas because it allows me to have that perfect family gathering even if it is fictional:)

Gwynlyn MacKenzie
14 years ago

I adore Christmas anthologies and gobble them up with all the other holiday goodies!

Christmas is about hope and redemption. It is about the magic that comes of selfless giving and loving. It is about the gift given us which we, with our small offerings, return each year.

Anything can happen at Christmas.

14 years ago

It’s a cliche, but family even if that only means one other person like I have at the moment. My mother died on 23rd December 2 years ago and Christmas always meant so very much to her that Dad and I make much of Christmas every year since and go the whole hog with the tree and decorations and a dinner and hats and all the rest. It brings her closer.

14 years ago

I love a good Christman. I love spend the holidays with family. It seems like that is the only time of the year where families really got together. To me there is magic in Christmas in a very special way.

14 years ago

the essence of Christmas is family gathering together for a great meal, gift opening, laughter of children and adults and, most of all, remembering the ‘reason for the season’ and the baby that was born so many years ago.

I am getting excited about Christmas b/c we will be having it at my brother’s who lives on the family homestead. Mom and Dad are both gone but they will feel closer in spirit being there.

14 years ago

To me, Christmas is about family. We gather together to celebrate God’s love for us and to enjoy the wonderful family he has given us.

Diana Cosby
14 years ago

I love stories set during the Christmas season. These stories sound fabulous.
Terri, Blame It On The Mistletoe, wow, Ian and Julia’s story sounds amazing.
I wish you all every success!

Diana Cosby
His Captive/Alexander MacGruder
His Woman/December 08/Duncan MacGruder – 4 stars RT!

14 years ago

Novellas are the perfect stories for the busy holiday season, aren’t they? Long enough to sink into, but not so long they steal you away from the celebration.

I love Christmas every year, but when children are involved it triples the magic.

Elena Greene
14 years ago

Congrats on the new release, Julia, Terri and Annie!

The extended family Christmas isn’t always as harmonious as I would like but within the immediate family we keep it real and we keep it simple. No going overboard on presents, just a few fun ones (no socks unless they’re a joke) and lots of cookies and holiday music. 🙂

Michelle Willingham
14 years ago

We usually wake up the kids at O-dark-thirty and do Christmas stockings and presents. Afterwards, we eat homemade cinnamon rolls hot from the oven (I put them in as soon as the kids get up–I usually make the dough the night before in the breadmaker and have them chilling in the refrigerator, ready to put in the oven). I love that tradition.

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

Hugs to Erastes. Memories must make Christmas poignant for you.

I’m out-of-town (instead of merely out of it) so don’t have too much time. But I have my copy of One Candlelit Christmas and am waiting for that perfect Christmas moment to read it!!

14 years ago

I love Christmas novellas. Congratulations ladies on your new release.
To me, Christmas is about enjoying the holiday with family. Having a good meal, exchanging gifts, and enjoying each others company. I love all the decorations, music and cheer too.

14 years ago

Congrats to Julia, Annie and Terri on this new release!

The essence of Christmas for me is hope – it’s the proof that everything is possibile, even what one would have thought impossible. So I too like to think that, at Xmas time, my hopes can be fulfilled… is it just a dream? perhaps. But it’s a very sweet one 🙂

14 years ago

What Ladydoc said 🙂 What I love most about this time of year is celebrating that with family and enjoying that family time together.

And Christmas novellas are a fabulous treat, any time of year! (Yes, I don’t limit the reading of them to the holidays…)

Terri Brisbin
14 years ago

Erastes —

I understand the poignancy of Christmas to you and missing your mom and her part in celebrating the holiday. My dad passed away on Thanksgiving as we were all preparing dinner…32 years ago, but the holiday is simply not the same… I think though that the pain has eased, but not missing him..
Best wishes to you and yours this year…


14 years ago

Christmas for me is all about celebrating the birth of Christ and being with family. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the decorating, listening to the music, baking, and shopping for that special gift for my loved ones.

I especially love reading Christmas stories because there is just something so heartwarming about them. Your Christmas anthology sounds absolutely wonderful!

Renee Knowles
14 years ago

I just love Christmas romances, and this anthology looks like a keeper! Thank you for sharing at the blog today. I will definitely be getting the book!


Amanda McCabe
14 years ago

Now I am really hungry for cookies and homemade cinnamon rolls…

14 years ago

My greatest joy at christmas is watching my kids on christmas day. Their faces say it all.

Thanks for the great interview.

Julia Justiss
Julia Justiss
14 years ago

I’m late, too, like Dianne coming back from out of town (and almost always “out of it!) Family, hope and celebration seem the most common themes y’all mention. A special time for looking ahead, lovingly remembering the past, enjoying the present with those who mean the most to us.

Michelle, you WAKE THE KIDS UP?!!! I am, as our friend Flip used to say, gob-smacked. When mine were little I was lucky to keep them from ripping off wrapping paper before the minimum allowable hour of 6 AM! Love the cinnamon rolls tho.

Julia, here waving a belated Merry Christmas to all!

14 years ago

For me Christmas is all about being with your family.

Cara King
14 years ago

Sorry that I’m so late in commenting! I was in a play that went on this past weekend, so I’m way behind with everything…

Anyway, I can’t wait for One Candlelit Christmas to come out! I love Regency Christmas novellas, and these sound just lovely!


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