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Tomorrow Linda Fildew (my lovely editor) and her Harlequin Historical team will be blogging with us. so be thinking of what you want to ask them.

I thought I would just do a little blog today about visiting the Richmond offices. The Mills & Boon offices are in Richmond, about ten miles from the center of London.

I visited the offices twice, once in 2003 when I’d just sold to them and everything was new to me. Amanda and my friend Julie went with me to the Richmond offices. The
second time was in 2005 right after The Wagering Widow had come out in the UK. Julie was with me that time, too.

We rode the underground to the Richmond station and walked the short distance to the offices. The town of Richmond is picturesque in itself, but, of course, I was too excited both times to take any photos.

The Mills and Boon editors treat visiting authors like valued guests, which to a brand new author was very gratifying in itself. I was given a tour of the offices and have to say I was struck by how neat and tidy everything was. One had the impression that this was a very efficient office. I also sensed a pleasant atmosphere, a happy place to work.

After my visit, the editors took us out to lunch. The first time was to a restaurant back on the main street in Richmond. The second was a restaurant on the Thames where we sat outside overlooking the river with the bridge in view. We had two bottles of wine and lovely conversation. Both lunches are treasured memories.

On that first visit, Amanda, Julie and I walked to the park nearby the Richmond offices and savored our view of the river. Here’s Amanda in the park and the monument that was there, as well.

My last photo was taken on the second trip. Julie and I were on underground on our way back to London when I took this photo of a non-paying passenger.When you aspiring writers sell to Harlequin Historical, make the trip to Richmond. You’ll love it!

Remember that the UK is 6 hours ahead of us here on the east coast, so try to visit us early tomorrow. Or leave your questions here. I’ll make certain the editors see them.

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14 years ago

I hope this is the right place to post my question for Linda Fildew. I will check in on your blog in the morning.

I submitted a short story to eHarlequin Undone. Guidelines say to include the short story with the submission as a Word attachment. If no response is given to show recipt of the email, does this mean my submission was lost in cyberspace?

How long should an author wait before following up?


14 years ago

How is it that many if not most if not all town squares in Europe boast that best of small child entertainment, the flock of pigeons, and in North America all we get are annoying seagulls? All my now 7 y.o. remembers about his trip to Germany at age 3 are the pigeons.

p.s. my security word is ‘retch’. not sure what kind of omen that is!

Diane Gaston
14 years ago

I’ll ask the question for you in the morning. I’ll be up early enough to make sure I’m still during office hours. Or if you are up early, too, you can re-ask the question. I’ll be monitoring it, though. Don’t worry!

Regarding pigeons…you obviously haven’t been on the Mall in Washington, DC. We have LOTS of pigeons, just like Europe.

Keira Soleore
14 years ago

This is so exciting!! Welcome to Linda. Since I’m a further six hours ahead (and sick child is currently sleeping), I thought I’d get a leg-up and comment here.

How many of the Undones do you plan on acquiring from writers who haven’t sold yet? Would that be an easier foot-in-the-door than a regular Historical? Thanks.

M, we live on the coast, so bold and brassy sea gulls are what we get.

Riskies, the LOLRegencies were a scream. Thanks for the laughs.

Janet Mullany
14 years ago

Blogger ate my message earlier! I was BORN in Richmond. I took my daughter there once on a pilgrimage to show her the house and then realized after I’d made my grand announcement in front of the wrong house. It was a terrace of identical Victorian houses.
(Yes, I was born at home.)

The family left when I was still a baby but went back for visits. I remember the deer park and the river, and the ice skating rink.

Cara King
14 years ago

Ooh, I love Richmond! Always wanted to get back there.

Strangely enough, I always vaguely thought Mills & Boon were a bit further out of London…did they move at some point? Or do they have multiple locations? Or am I just very confused? 🙂


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