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How I did on my 2008 reading resolutions

Now it’s my turn to be embarrassed. I just checked to see how I did on my Reading Resolutions for 2008 and see that I reached less than half my goals. Well, that leaves me some goals for this year, at least. 🙂

I didn’t end up reading as much romance as I wished. The problem is that when I’m writing or reading romance, I want to identify with the heroine and fall in love with the hero, but I can’t be in more than one imaginary couple at once! So I read during breaks in between drafts and on vacation, but my mess-in-progress has given me so much trouble I have not taken many breaks!

I did get to Laura Kinsale’s DREAM HUNTER and talked about it in my post on Lady Hester Stanhope. Now I have only one Laura Kinsale (SEIZE THE FIRE) left unread. Her website has a temporary image as a placeholder. It’s an exquisite image, but I’d love to see news of a new release!

As far as general fiction goes, I continued with my book discussion group. However, since many members were having trouble keeping up, our selections this year were selected based on brevity. Though I don’t think a book needs to be long to be gripping, somehow none of the selections excited me. And very few members read them anyway, which wasn’t the case when I first joined the group. Maybe it was me??? Anyway, I’ve decided life’s too short and I’m going to just read on my own now.

Another resolution I fell down on was to read more period fiction. I did, however, read a few more biographies, including GEORGIANA, which I talked about in an earlier post. Her life was certainly as exciting as any novel.

Another resolution was to read more fantasy. I’ve now read the first two books in Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series and look forward to more. They are brilliant and I adore the characters.

I also made great inroads on the Cornwell’s Sharpe series. I recently finished SHARPE’S FURY, following Sharpe through the Battle of Barrosa in 1811, so I’m about half way through the series.

In the areas of creativity and inspiration, I didn’t get to Joseph Campbell’s HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES (a new goal for this year) but I did enjoy WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. There’s lots of gold there, though it’s a bit wordy. A friend raves about the audiobook, which is a bit condensed, so that might be a good option for any of you who are curious.

And I still have not read anything about crop circles. Maybe this year…

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Have you made any reading resolutions for 2009?

Anyone else singlehandedly take down a book discussion group? 🙂


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Megan Frampton
13 years ago

I read the first two and a half Temeraire books, too, Elena, but felt that the series sputtered a little bit after that awesome start. I’ve read Seize the Fire, it is really good. I haven’t read Dream Hunter yet, have that on the TBR shelf. It seems Kinsale has as much problems producing as both of us do, Elena! Although I don’t know if she has demanding children at home, too.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

I read the first Novik book and loved it–I’m sorry to hear the series sputters a bit later! I read “Georgiana” quite a while back, it’s a great work of narrative nonfiction (and luckily for us seemed to start a new wave of interest in 18th century women!). And of course I’ll read anything by Laura Kinsale. 🙂

Keira Soleore
13 years ago

I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned in your blog, Elena. My reading goal for the year is to read one research and one organization-productivity book per two romances.

13 years ago

My mom gave me a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves when it came out. I read it along with Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade.
Powerful stuff.

13 years ago

I haven’t read any Kinsdale lately but I’m pretty sure I’m all caught up with her list. Not that I don’t read it again and again.

I’ve been wanting to read Women Who Run With Wolves and will have to see if I get to it this year.

I’ve been making my way through A Writer’s Journey and will, once again, pick up Joseph Campbell’s Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Next up is Steven King’s On Writing.

And then, of course, all the Riskies books I can get my hands on and tons of other of my autobuys.

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

I think you did very well, reading-wise, Elena. No need to be embarrassed at all.

I have Women Who Run with Wolves, Hero With a Thousand Faces, A Writer’s Journey and more. Haven’t read them, though.

My goal is to read stuff that feeds my muse. I need story ideas!

13 years ago

Well, I made it through the first three Novik books easily, but I actually stalled in book 4. I will take another running start at it one of these days.

Elena wrote:

Anyone else singlehandedly take down a book discussion group? 🙂

I don’t know about that! But we did start a book reading group a few years ago, only to have member after member move to other cities and/or states! We are now trying to drum up new members, but we are warning them all that they have a statistically higher chance of moving out of state if they join our group…


Elena Greene
13 years ago

Oh bad Blogger! Just ate my comment.

I wanted to say I’m sorry I haven’t been here to chat more but I’ve been fighting a headache.

Too bad about the Temeraire series but I’ll keep reading. It could just be a temporary lull. I don’t love all the Sharpe books equally, after all.

Todd, LOL on your book group!

Cara King
13 years ago

I’ve still only read the first Temeraire book! Loved it, of course….there are just so many books out there to read! (And so little…but you all know that part.)

Elena, sorry about the headaches! Hope you feel better ASAP…

I suspect with your discussion group, people were excited when it first began “oh, I’ll be in a book group, it’ll be sophisticated and artistic, that will be lovely.” But after some time goes by, they think of it as homework they have to do, and more and more leave it unfinished…



Janet Mullany
13 years ago

I LOVE the Temeraire series but I still haven’t read this year’s… Neither have I read “Georgiana” although I mean to, after reading your post about it.

I’d love to belong to a book club and I’ve tried, although not very hard, to start one in my town.

Elena Greene
13 years ago

Janet, I think it’s easiest if you find people who are already avid readers and are just looking for a discussion group. As opposed to people who talk about “making a commitment” to read, as if it were a chore. Cara hit that on the nose.

Yeah, I’ve made New Year’s Reading resolutions, but not because I find reading a chore. I just like having lists to help me when heading to the bookstore or library.

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