Historic Celebrations

Our own historic events this week seem too important to ignore, especially if you live where I do, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. No matter what your political views, you cannot escape the excitement generated by this inauguration. Like many residents of the area, we’ll be staying home for the event itself, but Saturday my husband and I went downtown to look at the preparations for the Inauguration. Thought I’d share.

Here I am in the front of the Capitol. This is where the Oath of Office used to be taken, until Reagan was inaugurated. It is the West view of the Capitol that faces the Mall where the Oath is taken now.

The front of the Capitol faces the Library of Congress, one of the most beautiful buildings in DC.

Here I am in front of the West view. This is as close as we could get. Notice all the chairs and the bleachers.

Here’s a close up view of the podium (the semi-circular place)where Obama will take the oath of office.

This is the view Obama will see.

Most spectators will be watching on screens like this. This screen was on and showing bison or something running from a fire.

The Press were already setting up. See MSNBC and the Smithsonian Castle in the background.

But here were the real preparations. Porta-potties everywhere.

Which makes you wonder what people did in the Regency when they gathered for parades and festivities. I shudder to think.

The best part, though, was seeing everyone downtown smiling. That never happens in DC.

So do you wish you could be in Washington DC to attend? We’re expecting 2 million people.
What do you think it would have been like in London for the Waterloo or Trafalgar celebrations?

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Margaret Evans Porter
13 years ago

Nifty pix!

I received an invitation to the Inauguration and offers of tickets to various parties and balls.

Dearly as I love Washington (my “other” home town), I wasn’t at all inclined to be there this week. After a weekend storm that left a foot of fresh snow, I’m relieved I wasn’t travelling!

I’m perfectaly happy–and in fact prefer–watching the festivities on telly. Not an available option for the Trafalgar and Waterloo celebrants…

Megan Frampton
13 years ago

Thanks for sharing the pix, Diane. I wish I could be there, but grateful not to have to deal with the crowds.

I’ll be watching at home, happy that your fellow Washingtonians are smiling.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

I think I’d like to be there–it must be incredibly exciting! Then again, I hate crowds. And cold. And porta-potties. So it’s better to stay home next to my warm TV where I can see everything. 🙂 (I am going to a “ball” the local Democratic Party is having, and have a dress all picked out! It’s shallow of me, I know, but I can’t wait to see what Michelle Obama wears)

Susan Wilbanks
13 years ago

I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow, partly so I can watch the inauguration (I requested it on the morning after the election) and partly because I’ve been running non-stop since mid-December and really need a break. My husband will be at work and my daughter at pre-school, so I’ll get that rarest of rare things, a whole day to myself.

That said, I have several friends who’ve gone to the other Washington (as we call it up here in Washington State) so they can be there in person, and I’m jealous of them.

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

I have to admit, I’m torn. A part of me would love to be there, to share the excitement, but it will be cold and you won’t be able to see or hear anything. I did it once and was never so cold in my life. Those were the days before security and my husband and his friend got themselves in the press area and were really close up but my friend and I froze on a street corner and saw nothing.

13 years ago

I’m so looking forward to the inauguration! What a wonderful day for our country.

Keira Soleore
13 years ago

Thank you, Diane, thank you. At least you got to see it, so I’m one degree removed from them only, as opposed to random shots on TV. I would’ve LOVED to have been there, cold or no cold. I just didn’t think after a five-week gallivant in Asia, I’d be up for getting into that aluminum tube aka plane again. Now, I’m sorely regretting that decision as I see the excitment mounting.

Tomorrow morning, I get to see him take the oath at the doctor’s office (I’ll be there early), because right after, I have a physical. Bleh!

13 years ago

Wow, you’re really there in the midst of it all! 🙂 Well, part of me is jealous, but most of me, is actually glad I’m not there. LOL 🙂 Too crowded and still a bit nippy. Well, so is it a few states up here in NJ, but anyway. . . but will be watching on tv, all nice and warm and stuff! 🙂


13 years ago

I was in London when Fergie and Andrew were wed. My friends took their young niece to watch along the route. I stayed home and saw everything on TV. They’d only seen the carriage. They were able to BE THERE, but I was able to see everything. Sounds like you and hubby had fun!

13 years ago

Too many people for my tastes which is one of the reasons I don’t go to the big crowd events in NYC. I used to leave work to avoid the crowds home on those days.

I’ll be working tomorrow but will be sure to have the radio on. Sounds a bit archeic doesn’t it.

I am very happy to hear that they will be showing the inaugueration at school tomorrow. My youngest informed me that Obama will be telling us that he will be running, lol. She meant running the country – don’t worry I made sure she understood that.

Louisa Cornell
13 years ago

Great photos, O Divine One, but you do look a bit chilly! I think you were there at the ideal time. During the last preparations, but not during the actual event. In many ways I would love to be there, but I hate the combination of cold, crowds, and porta potties!

I will be off work tomorrow. YAY! So I can watch it all in the warmth and comfort of my own home in my jammies and eat whatever I want.

However, I think I would have braved it all had I been a Regency Miss after Waterloo or Trafalgar. IN fact I really want to be there for the big Waterloo anniversary in 2015.

Cara King
13 years ago

Well, when the Rose Parade comes to town, I usually hide indoors, and then later on stare amazed at the huge amounts of garbage left by the parade-goers.

So I guess it’s just as well that I don’t live near DC right now! 🙂


13 years ago

I will unfortunately be working all day long during the inaugural. It is a truly historic moment, though, and I hope to stop and think about it from time to time.

I’ve done the lining-up-to-see-the-pageantry thing a few times in my life, and I’m glad that I have; but in truth, I don’t much care for crowds. 🙂 I do have a few friends and family members who will be there, though, or at least nearby.


Diane Gaston
13 years ago

Todd, I hope that your university will allow everyone to watch the event! This is HISTORY.

13 years ago

Diana wrote:

Todd, I hope that your university will allow everyone to watch the event! This is HISTORY.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a feed set up somewhere for the benefit of the undergrads. In fact, I hope so! But the fact that it was Inauguration Day didn’t make them cancel classes, or move deadlines. Of course, yesterday was a holiday…for some people, anyway…and it is a nice juxtaposition that Martin Luther King Day was one day before this particular Inauguration!


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