Snowed In!

Whoa! The weather has knocked regular Monday Risky Diane Gaston out of the internet, so we are hosting a weather free-for-all.

First, some Cruikshank humor:

And pix of the 1814 Frost Fair:

And a picture of a lovely couple skating:

How is the weather where you are? What are you doing today? What winter activities are your favorite (I’m guessing all of us will choose ‘A book and a pot of tea’)? How glad are you for heated houses and running hot water? What would you do today if you were a Regency gal?

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13 years ago

Yeah, a book and a pot of tea sounds good. But I am having this winter break during this week, so I went skiing and ice skating today. It was a little cold and snowing all the time, but it looks very beautiful right now when I look outside. Tomorrow I think I will prefer just a book and tea. 😀
As a regency girl I would probably just stay inside or take a little walk in a snowy park.

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

Sorry I couldn’t blog today. Snow stops everything in Virginia. Except my iPhone!

Margaret Evans Porter
13 years ago

Where I am we’re used to this…and March is typically our snowiest month. So far, 13 inches and it’s not yet over.

I’m comfortably laptopping on the sofa with a couple of warm dogs and a mug of hot tea (milk, no sugar), typing away on the ms.

Megan Frampton
13 years ago

I’m taking my son sledding later today. He loves it, me? Not so much.

Janet Mullany
13 years ago

I’m in the DC area too and it doesn’t take much to stop everything here. I’m the only one at work today (or, 25% of the workforce, which sounds marginally better).

Tea, a book, and a nice warm office (my own)–that’s what I’d like today. I’m working my way thru a whole pot of coffee instead and shoving letters into envelopes.

Cara King
13 years ago

Margaret Evans Porter wrote: March is typically our snowiest month.

What? It’s March already? Ack! 🙂

13 years ago

My, hasn’t March come in like a lion. Here’s to hoping to goes out like a lamb!

If I were a Regency gal I’d work to cover me bare arse with a fully lined pelisse and a toasty gown of Merino wool. They had Merino wool back then, didn’t they! It’s hard to believe more of the fair lasses didn’t die of lung inflammation for pity’s sake.

I was hoping to go into NYC and spend some time at the Lady Jane Salon but with all this snow a two hour trip would take at least three from my neck of the woods. Sigh. There’s always April.

Off to Mary Balogh’s ‘First Comes Marriage’ and a toasty cup of hot chocolate.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

No snow here, thankfully, but it is much colder than I would like! I’m supposed to be working, but am looking at pics of Hawaii instead. 🙂

If it was the Regency, I would be huddled by the fireplace wearing 10 shawls.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

Where do you go sledding, Megan??

Megan Frampton
13 years ago

Amanda, we go to Prospect Park, just a few blocks away from the house. There’s a big ol’ hill there that most of my son’s school should be at by now.

On our way soon, I hope (gotta get the guy off the Wii).

13 years ago

Prospect Park has the best hill! Good luck getting him off the Wii. I’m sending mine out with Blizzard, our dog, in a few.

Missing Brooklyn

Maggie Robinson
13 years ago

School was cancelled today in Maine (second Monday in a row due to snow—yay!). So instead of working outside the home I’ve been working wildly inside on my WIP.

If I were a Regency lady, I’d be wrapped up in front of a roaring fire, hopefully snuggling with a Regency lord. 🙂

13 years ago

I almost hate to say anything. The high today is slated to be 90, so the A/C will be turned on for the first time this year. The desert flowers are gorgeous. Hoping there will be a cold snap as opposed to simply growing hotter. However, this isn’t unusual for here. March is, if nothing else, predictably unpredictable. Don’t worry, you can laugh when you’re enjoying spring in May and it’s in the 100s and climbing for the rest of the summer. 🙂

Susan Wilbanks
13 years ago

No snow in Seattle, thank GOD. We had enough in December to last me for years. Instead, it’s sunny and mid-50’s. I wore short sleeves today because my office has a bank of west-facing windows and tends to swelter even on cool sunny days.

This morning I went on my third school tour in the past three weeks. My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall, and by the end of this month we have to turn in her enrollment forms listing our first four choices of school. Weird for me, since I grew up in a small town with only one school (well, three–elementary, middle, and high).

Maybe my Regency self would be interviewing governesses?

13 years ago

A couple days ago, it hit 60. Today we got somewhere near 10 inches of snow, don’t know precisely what, but enough. By the weekend, 50s and plenty of rain to wash it all away. Huh??? LOL

As a Regency lady, a) the weather wouldn’t be as insane and b) I’d hopefully have the money to take a trip to Egypt, post Napoleon, of course to get out of the snow! 🙂


13 years ago

It’s pouring buckets here and I’m being good and revising.

My Regency alter-ego is deep in plans to throw a big Spring Ball, tiring of that because it’s SO far away, she’ll engage in quasi-disreputable amateur theatrics, corralling whatever house guests she has on hand.

13 years ago

I’m just out of a hot shower and about to microwave a kashi dinner before dashing off to Irish class.

If I were a Regency miss I HOPE I’d be snuggled up with my semi-domesticated rake, but the chances are better I’d be a scullery maid with terribly raw hands, because my skin chaps easily.

I do have a period-appropriate (?) down comforter, though. We had the heaviest snowfall of the season here in Minnesota towards the end of last week, and I was blessing that comforter.

Louisa Cornell
13 years ago

We had snow in Alabama yesterday and I was off work so I got to enjoy it. It was so pretty flurrying down all morning, but by late afternoon all but the snow on top of my barn and my outside doghouses was gone. The outside dogs loved it, but the inside dogs were HIGHLY insulted that I made them go outside in it to do their business in spite of the fact they all had their little coats and shoes on.

And I DID spend the day with numerous cups of tea, some Jane Austen adaptations on DVD and then a book – my own as I continue working on revisions.

If I were a Regency girl I would hope to be in the library of my stately home with a fireplace roaring at either end of the room and a devilishly handsome rake sitting in front of one of them impatiently waiting for me to put my quill down on the latest chapter of my much anticipated scandalous Gothic romance novel. Once I do put the quill down ….. well, use your imaginations!

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

I’m back to the land of the living!!! ….or the cyberlife.

Internet is working for the moment. Snow is shoveled. All’s right with the world…

We had 8 inches of snow.

and what Lois said…temps in the 60s on Saturday; in the 20s today with 8 inches of snow; 50s expected by Friday.

Amy E. Nichols
13 years ago

It snowed 8 inches of heavy wet snow and we lost power for 12 hours. I risked the cold to put a pot of tea on the boil on my grill!

Needless to say it was very good tea. 😉 and I’m very appreciative of my heat and lighting, but it was good to be reminded.


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