Good Friday!

Today I pose the semi-facetious question:

Is it really a Good Friday if you’re headed to your in-laws?

Not that they’re not lovely, and all, but the Spouse and I have both had a tough week, and what we would really like to do is not be actors in the Passive Aggressive Theatre this weekend.

So probably one can guess that I have not been able to write much this week, but I did have an epiphany regarding a current WIP. And I finished reading the third book in the Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne mystery series, penned by Julia Spencer-Fleming, which was incredible. Plus I watched the season finale of Life, starring Damian Lewis, which was just amazing.

Maybe it’s a Good Friday after all?

In doing a smidge of research (look! Megan does research!), I discovered that Easter in the Regency was when a lot of folks did traveling; for example, in Pride & Prejudice, Darcy visits his aunt at this time, and other of Austen’s books mention Easter travel as well.

The first recorded instance of egg-shaped candy is 1820, so we have our period to thank for that as well. Yay! One source mentions Austen herself would likely have had a quiet Easter, dyeing eggs and observing the religious significance.

Are you traveling this weekend? Do you have any unique Easter traditions? If you celebrate Passover, how were your seders? Did that Elijah ever show up?

Thanks! And have a Good Friday!

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13 years ago

We are not traveling this weekend as it is the Masters weekend.

We actually have a tradition conflict this weekend. Easter dinner is always ham, pineapple casserole and all the other usual items.

However, since the year Jack Nicklaus won the Masters- 1986- our family, who are all golf fiends, also has a Masters tradition.

We watch the Masters all weekend, and have a special menu: pseudo-Mexican with tacos, nachos, quesodillas, etc. All things easy to assemble quickly in the kitchen and eat in front of the TV.

The Masters menu won out- we’ll be doing nachos for Easter dinner!

Megan Frampton
13 years ago

LadyDoc, what a lovely tradition! I think nachos sounds great for Easter.

Who are you rooting for?

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

That is a cool tradition, Ladydoc. Sounds like lots of fun.

We’re headed to sister-in-law’s where in-laws will be and we can do it all on Easter Day (although the traffic will be awful). I like to go anywhere I don’t have to cook, although obsessed by food as I am, I’ve been cooking lots lately. I made a really good lentil “meat”loaf.

I do have to bring the salad for Easter – my in-laws know not to tax my cooking skills too much. Salad was a safe bet.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

LOL, Diane! I totally identify–I was asked to bring dessert (brownies, one of the few things I cook) and deviled eggs to Easter dinner. But that means I have to boil eggs. I dunno. 🙂

Good luck with the in-laws, Megan!!

13 years ago

Hey, Megan.

I laughed at the Theatre de la Passive Agg reference–but are you really _sure_ your inlaws don’t know about this site??

No traveling for me this wknd, although I am having a slumber party tonight with a writing friend. I anticipate an old-fashioned high-school-type night; maybe we will even sneak in a midnight feast.

My closest brush with Easter this year has been getting treats from a five-year-old who had the BIGGEST BAG OF EASTER CANDY I have ever seen. It must have weighed 2 1/2 lbs., at least.

Ladydoc, I love the Masters golf/nachos tradition. What fun!

Diane, a good lentil loaf sounds like a prime achievement to me. Maybe you’re underrating your cooking skills?

Janet Mullany
13 years ago

I have this sudden urge to make a Simnel cake but it involves having to buy or make marzipan (almond paste) so I probably won’t. I’m cooking side dishes to take to a family gathering.

I really wonder what happened to make the most profound event in the Christian religion a fluffy bunny and painted egg fest?

Jane George
13 years ago

**I really wonder what happened to make the most profound event in the Christian religion a fluffy bunny and painted egg fest?**

That’s easy! “Must convert pagans,” morphed into “Must be cute (crucifixions don’t qualify) and contain the possibility of sugar-induced coma.”

Seriously, I once was in charge of decorating a church hall for Easter. I did the usual potted tulips, chicks and bunnies garden path thing, and then I added an austere (fake) rock wall with a single lily inserted up high. People either didn’t get it or disliked it and I wasn’t asked back.

Easter symbolism, (and the name itself) comes from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon maiden goddess of Spring. The animal associated with her is the Hare. The egg is an ancient symbol of birth/rebirth.

I’ll let someone else explain the Peep phenomenon.

Louisa Cornell
13 years ago

I wish I was traveling this weekend! My Mom always puts on a great Easter feast – ham, candied yams, mac and cheese from scratch with a toasted breadcrumb crust, pineapple casserole, her special deviled eggs, Yorkshire pudding with Bisto gravy and her pound cake with strawberries and chocolate pie for dessert.

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and I have sworn myself to write all day Sunday so I can get my query letters out next week.

I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow at Wally World as the maniacs will be out in full force trying to buy all of the bakery goods they should have bought today. SIGH! I really need to get out of Wal-Mart Hell. How many Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s does it take???

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

“and contain the possibility of sugar-induced coma.”

LOL! yes, stupefy them with sugar. 🙂

Louisa, your mother’s dinner sounds amazing! Especially the mac and cheese…

13 years ago

We are staying in we had the family over on Good Friday I spent hours in the kitchen cooking fish but loved every minuite of it the fun part is trying to keep 2 of my grandchildren (2 & 3) from eating too much chocolate all at once LOL

We don’t usually travel much at Easter too much traffic on the roads but here in Sydney Australia it is time for the Royal Easter Show where the country comes to the city and I love the show although this year we are not going but it is a big event here.

Happy Easter Everyone
Have Fun

13 years ago

Happy Easter Regency Ladies! I’m traveling the half hour to Harlem to eat at my Grandmothers. Will do the family 2 step. I dyed eggs with my teens. Yeah we still so that. I can’t give up n traditions.

Megan Frampton
13 years ago


No worries on the in-laws reading this–they aren’t much on the computer front. The most one of them does is email.

It ended up being okay, and I didn’t eat too much candy.

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