Mother’s Day!

This coming weekend is bittersweet, I think, for moms: On the one hand, we get to relax, eat lavishly decadent muffins, be appreciated for what we do.

On the other hand? It’s one day.

That is a bummer. Not to mention, I think if most moms were honest, ones with young children, at least, what we’d say we want most is time to ourselves, away from our families, with a nap or two to take without guilt (yes, I am speaking for myself, but I think that other moms feel this way too, no? Tell me if I am wrong).

Instead, what we get is eggs benedict and a chance to spend time with our kids and our spouse, as though we don’t spend enough time with the former as it is. The latter is off working or whatever usually, but it’s not like we can do what we’d really like to do with our spouse when the kids are around. Just sayin’.

So today I’d like to invite all of us moms–and working women in general–to share what they REALLY want as a treat. No guilt, no judgment, you know your family members aren’t gonna be popping by here or anything.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

I want:

A chocolate chip scone.
A latte with whole milk.
A beer at 2 in the afternoon.
After going to the gym.
A chance to read by myself on the couch.
Wine later.
At least two naps.
My husband to tell me how nice I look.
An obscure noir movie to watch in the evening.

And I think that covers it. How about you?

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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sandy l
13 years ago

A week at the beach with no kids. And possibly no husband. In other words, a chance to regroup and center myself.

Mother’s Day is essential not. It is the spring planting season and filled with too many activities

On the other hand, I can offer you a really good (and fattening but easy to make)chocolate chip scone recipe.

Megan Frampton
13 years ago


Send it to me, I can post on my own blog, if you don’t mind me sharing. I love cc scones with a heartfelt passion.

Ooh, this sums it up perfectly: “a chance to regroup and center myself.”

13 years ago

I want to wake up to an empty house that is spotlessly clean. I want the fridge to be full of gourmet foods that don’t require cooking.

In my dream, I am left alone all day long until I go to bed, free to read and write without any interruptions whatsoever.

So not gonna happen, though. 😉

Deb Marlowe
13 years ago

Thanks for the ear worm, Megan! LOL!

You know, one year when both my kidlets were tiny–you know the stage, when you go to the bathroom and they stand outside and stick their fingers under the door, while they wait for you to finish–I told my husband I wanted a weekend at a hotel all by myself. I wanted to sleep uninterrupted and write uninterrupted and just experience the SILENCE.

He was highly insulted. Yeah, thought that was a terrible idea for Mother’s Day! I told him to try being a mother for a year and THEN he could tell me it was a bad idea!

Diane Gaston
13 years ago

I want a full day of clothes shopping without any $ limits. Of course, I want to have lost the 20 lbs already…

I want ice cream. Or Gelato. Preferably chocolate.

I want to not have to cook or do the dishes but have a really nice meal (actually I might get my wish. Am going to my mother-in-law’s house and SHE’S cooking a lamb roast…yum. Those 20 lbs will have to wait. And I’ll probably do the dishes)

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

Gee thanks, Megan–now I have that Spice Girls song running through my head…

I’m only a mom to the pets, but if I had human kidlets I think a weekend alone at hotel/spa would be perfect. (Even with no kids, it sounds perfect!). And chocolate chip scones.

13 years ago

When my kids were young time on my own was what I always wished for and when they were old enough to ask me what I wanted for a present my answer would always be 4 well behaved children and a clean and quiet house but now that they have all grown up and moved out and I have 4 beautiful grandchildren I want to spend time with them all but still need my space I work full time and have 2 days off a week and I want at least one of those to myself.
Here in Australia the weather is nice and cool and on Sunday we are all going for a picnic then I will be able to come home and rest and read YAY.

They have planned the picnic and I am sure that it will be great. One of my daughters is making toblerone cookies can’t wait to try them

Happy Mothers Day everyone
Have Fun

13 years ago

I’d love to eat or drink something without someone asking if they can taste, see, smell it. NO! NO! NO!

I take Virginia Woolf’s stance and desire nothing more than an room of my own. Just for me. With books just for me. A TV just for me and a desk – you get it – just for me. I can write and read to all hours.

Yup. That about covers it. Oh and no Golf Channel. It’s so bad Boo and Padrig are looking good to me now.

Jane George
13 years ago

“I want a full day of clothes shopping without any $ limits. Of course, I want to have lost the 20 lbs already…”

Right on! Nanette Lepore here I come!

Louisa Cornell
13 years ago

Sounds like everyone needs a week at the spa. Count me in. Like Amanda I am only Mom to the fur babies, but even they can be a lot of work at times.

My perfect Mother’s Day gift would be a nice hotel suite with room service, a huge bed with lots of pillows. AC to keep it chilled. A stack of romance novels and great movies and entire weekend to indulge myself. How’s that?

Carol L.
13 years ago

Mine are all grown now, all 7 of them. But the One good thing I have to say about my ex is he would get up early and leave the house with the kids so that I was ALONE. I didin’t care if I sat all day staring into space because I knew I’d have to wait another year to be seperated from the little darlings again. lol lol
Now it’s quiet and relaxed. 🙂
Carol L.

13 years ago

Isn’t it funny that we all want the same thing? To have time ALONE! No kids, no husband, no house chores, no cleaning, no cooking. I think that’s why I love RWA so much. I can be with my best female friends and I can have my time alone. It’s heaven. Worth every penny.

13 years ago

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you as well!

What I really want? To be able to read faster to that the TBR mountain range would get smaller…

… so that I could buy all the books in my TBB wish list 😀

Janet Mullany
13 years ago

A clean house and then solitude for a few days, and my daughter is grown up and out of the house! That’s one of the reasons I like going to conferences or traveling generally. Great question, Megan.

Amanda McCabe
13 years ago

“I think that’s why I love RWA so much. I can be with my best female friends and I can have my time alone. It’s heaven. Worth every penny.”

I totally agree, Michelle! Conferences are so different from my every-day life (for one, I don’t wear the old t-shirts and flannel Hello Kitty pants that are my usual writing attire…) that they’ve become essential as a break from that everyday life, and as a way to recharge the writing batteries by being around other people who understand what it’s all like.

Louisa Cornell
13 years ago

I couldn’t agree more. My first RWA conference last year was a life changing event. I got to see all of the people to whom I have grown so close online. I was surrounded by women who understand completely what I am trying to do and more important, why. The conference showed me what my life COULD be like if I just work my tail off and make it so. Definitely worth every penny!

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