Whiskers On Kittens?!?

This weekend, my husband and son are heading out of town to help my mother-in-law decorate her house for the holidays.

Leaving me very much alone.

Now, if you have read my posts before, you will know that this is not a moment to feel sorry for me. But to be envious of all the freedom I will have!

I will do some of my favorite things this weekend:

Frequent Napping.
Watching Movies, preferably, as one friend says, long-ass Japanese ones with subtitles.
Although I Might Also Go See New Moon.
Playing Word Games Online (Facebook’s Scramble rocks my socks).
Seeing a Friend or Two.
Taking Baths.
Drinking Tea (a friend just sent me a whole awesome package of tea from Teavana! I was floored!)

And perhaps a few of my less favorite things:

Exercising (I have lost seven pounds, would like to drop at least seven more).
Regular Writing.
Mopping (have you SEEN my floors?!?)

What would you most like to do with your free time? How about what you’d least like to do?


PS: Middle School applications go in on Monday; hopefully regular Frampton Frenzy, including writing, will begin after that.

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The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after

I would sleep and go to the spa. Oh, and holiday.
You have a great weekend.

Jane Austen
12 years ago

I would LOVE to shampoo my carpets, but I fell down a flight of icy steps Wednesday and fear I will not be doing a lot of housework over the weekend. I do have four movies I bought and haven’t seen that I am excited about: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Ugly Truth, The Accidental Husband, and Julie and Julia. So I might just stay at home and recoup. Although I’ve been doing some research into Jane Austen fan fiction. I have found 250 books that are JA fan fiction. Of those I own 140. Janet’s book about vampire killing Jane did not make this list because I cannot buy it currently used or unused (it’s a list of only currently available books). Janet, any idea when I can add your JA novel to my list? I think I might have to collect them all.

Megan Frampton
12 years ago

TRQLATH-E-A: A spa sounds like a great idea!

And Jane Austen, take care of yourself! Sounds like you need a Just For Me weekend more than I do.

Elena Greene
12 years ago

Free time? What’s that? If I had a little, I’d have a cup of tea and read. A bit more, and I’d get back to writing.

But for now, I’m off to make latkes: potato, mixed vegetable and my favorite, corn with cumin. Happy Hanukah!

12 years ago

I would sleep late, get a LONG massage and facial, and make a chocolate cake. Plus waste time.

Amanda McCabe
12 years ago

Mmmmmm, sleep! That sounds delicious. Plus a pedicure. And finish the book I’m reading.

12 years ago

Sleep sounds wonderful! and paint and write. that’s what I would do with a weekend free of hubby and kids. My husband thinks I’m boring 😀 What does he know? 😛

12 years ago

Hey mopping is exercise isn’t it! I just got through doing my floors.

Jane Austen
12 years ago

As a side note I forgot to mention that I have tickets to see Jane Eyre at the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre or PICT on Sunday. I’ve had these tickets since April!

Janet Mullany
12 years ago

Enjoy your time, Megan! Sounds idyllic. I’m pretty self indulgent since my husband is nocturnal and the cat is low maintenance, but I like to have a day in the house when all I have to do is write and drink tea and I don’t have to do any pesky cooking or running errands. I also like to not wear a bra and, at this time of year, strange sloppy clothes.

Jane A, rest up! Ouch. I have neither a title nor a release date for the book altho I believe it will be late summer-early fall of 2010 and we’re working on titles.

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

Sleep sounds good as does reading some of the stacks of books on my TRB stack. Then write and drink lots of hot tea. Then take a walk across my five acres with some of my rescued dogs. Then a nap. Then write and drink more tea. If I could live every day of my life like that I wouldn’t care about having more money or anything else. Just enough to pay my bills and a little to put aside for “just in case.”