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  • 477,595: Book results on Google
  • 6,640,000: Google Results
  • 124,850: Words in Pride And Prejudice
  • 2,370,000: Google images
  • 101,000: Jane Austen Fanfic results
  • 228,000: Google results for Jane Austen Love fest

Do you know your Jane? And Other Fun Links


  • The very first sentence of Jane Austen: Facts and Problems by key Austen editor RW Chapman is “Jane Austen never married…
  • It is important, she says, ‘because it illustrates the way in which the life of the legendary Jane Austen has been created’. She notes that the 1913 Life …
  • This modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous story of social snobbery and coming of age is described as ‘admirably lively and daring provocative … will give
  • The volume concludes with assessments of the history of Austen criticism and the development of Austen as a literary cult-figure; it provides a chronology, and . . .
  • Includes index.
  • Exploring the romantic impulse in Austenian biography, Jane Austen as a commodity, and offering a re-interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, this book approaches …
  • The honesty and directness of her personality (perfect heroines made her “sick and wicked”), her strength in giving up a chance at marriage to follow the path ..
  • The characters of these stories have a jaunty and never-failing devotion to themselves. They perpetually lie, cheat, steal – and occasionally commit murder.
  • La même orthodoxie de goût nous apparaît dès que nous cherchons à étudier les opinions de Jane Austen sur le style du roman. Il est aisé de retrouver sous …
  • Li xing yu gan xing‎ | Jane Austen, 楊淑智 – Love stories – 2007 – 407 pages

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