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By the Numbers

  • 477,595: Book results on Google
  • 6,640,000: Google Results
  • 124,850: Words in Pride And Prejudice
  • 2,370,000: Google images
  • 101,000: Jane Austen Fanfic results
  • 228,000: Google results for Jane Austen Love fest

Do you know your Jane? And Other Fun Links


  • The very first sentence of Jane Austen: Facts and Problems by key Austen editor RW Chapman is “Jane Austen never married…
  • It is important, she says, ‘because it illustrates the way in which the life of the legendary Jane Austen has been created’. She notes that the 1913 Life …
  • This modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous story of social snobbery and coming of age is described as ‘admirably lively and daring provocative … will give
  • The volume concludes with assessments of the history of Austen criticism and the development of Austen as a literary cult-figure; it provides a chronology, and . . .
  • Includes index.
  • Exploring the romantic impulse in Austenian biography, Jane Austen as a commodity, and offering a re-interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, this book approaches …
  • The honesty and directness of her personality (perfect heroines made her “sick and wicked”), her strength in giving up a chance at marriage to follow the path ..
  • The characters of these stories have a jaunty and never-failing devotion to themselves. They perpetually lie, cheat, steal – and occasionally commit murder.
  • La même orthodoxie de goût nous apparaît dès que nous cherchons à étudier les opinions de Jane Austen sur le style du roman. Il est aisé de retrouver sous …
  • Li xing yu gan xing‎ | Jane Austen, 楊淑智 – Love stories – 2007 – 407 pages

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P.S. Happy Birthday, Jane!

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Jane Austen
12 years ago

Carolyn, some of your links are not working. I really wanted to see the fanfic site, but nothing comes up for me.

12 years ago

Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the links. Blogger, for some reason, added the same bit of gobbledegook at the end of several links.

12 years ago

Thanks for the links, Carolyn. And Happy Birthday, Jane!

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Carolyn, isn’t it amazing that 200 years later Jane Austen is still so popular there is all this information on the web!

Jane Austen
12 years ago

Thanks Carolyn. I really wanted to see that site and have already found some Persuasion fanfic that I like. I am so obsessed with Persuasion. I wish there was more fanfic that was printed in book format available to purchase or download to my Kindle. Alas it seems to be P & P that’s gets all the glory.

12 years ago

I am amazed at the amount of information out there about Jane.

12 years ago

The birthday explains why the book on my book-a-day calendar is “The Annotated Pride and Prejudice” by David M. Shapard. It is her birthday, but her books are her gifts to the rest of us.

12 years ago

Happy Birthday, Jane! and Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

It is a testament to the enduring power and passion of her writing that while some writers’ fame dims, hers remains and grows with each new generation lucky enough to discover her.

Happy Birthday, Jane. I owe you for the hours of pleasure your words have given me, for the friends I’ve made through my love of your work and for the career I aspire to.

Jane George
12 years ago

My daughter and I are about to start reading P&P together! I shall treasure every moment.

12 years ago

Will have to show this post to my boss. She is a huge Austen fan. We had a Jane Austen Birthday Tea at our library today. It was a small group, but not bad for something never done before. The staff did dramatic readings from Pride and Prejudice and participants were given a test on their knowledge of Jane and her books. We all had a good time..

Enid Wilson
12 years ago

Cool links and interesting info. I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen.

Really Angelic

12 years ago

Let me recommend a website called cafepress. If you type Jane Austen into the search engine, you come up with some truly fabulous slogans. My personal favourite is ‘No Top Hat? Not interested’.

12 years ago

Thanks for the link. I have a couple more Austen do-overs featured tomorrow.

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