A Regency Love Story. In Pictures.

Oh dear. No no no! I cannot go for my morning walk in a gown from six seasons ago! Though that cloak is cunning, indeed. And I do so adore the ermine collar. So warm this time of year. I wonder if I will see that handsome gentleman, again?

Much better. This is elegant attire indeed. Yellow gloves: check. Hat to match my cloak: check. Contrasting pink reticule? check! Cool insouciance: check! Who can possibly resist me?

I did see him. He was so handsome! Such lovely brown eyes. But there was another woman on his arm. Papa and I have gone to the country where I hope to repair my broken heart. Green seems a pleasant color to wear as I stroll to the ruins. Lord Masterful is said to live there. Quite alone and prone to moods. But I never listen to gossip. The wind catches my paisley shawl. I hope it doesn’t ruin my coiffure.

He is here! He is a dear friend of Lord Masterful. My cloak EXACTLY matches his eyes. Is that not clever of me? Lord Masterful’s residence is impressive. I believe I detected the shadow of grief in his countenance when he showed us the portrait of the late Lady Masterful.

I’ve been to tea at his house and met his dear mama. Oh dear. And his cousin, Violet. She glared at my slippers and later he told me that she was offended by them. I felt terrible as you might well imagine. I shall write her a letter apologizing, of course. . . . But why? My slippers were exquisite. Do you know, I suspect she was jealous of my tiny feet. Hers are quite large I’m sure. He defended his cousin, which is admirable. And yet. Well. I’m sure I cannot go on.

I am vexed with him. I shan’t speak another word to him. I was out riding when he called to apologize and I am sure it is a case of too little too late. And do you know, I met with his good friend Lord Masterful who has only just come out of mourning for his wife. I quoted him a poem from Mr. Lamb, whom I quite adore, as does my lord, and I do think I cheered him. He said my habit flattered my complexion and do you know, when I came home and found a note from him I felt hardly a twinge of regret at having missed him.

We’ve returned to London, Papa and I, and who do you think I saw at the Opera? None other than him. He was with Lord Masterful to whom I spoke quite pleasantly. I do not think I imagined that his grief has eased. But you may be sure I kept my feet out of sight even though my slippers matched the trim on my gown. I’ve returned Lord Masterful’s handkerchief, which he lent me when Violet sneered at me.

He was at Lord Chamberpot’s tonight. Violet was not. We talked for hours! Oh, I do think I love him.

Today, I attended a party at Mrs. Wembley’s. I danced and danced! He was there. With Violet, alas, and do you know, she asked me if my slippers pinched and was that why I was so clumsy? And he did not defend me! I did not cry in their company. But now Lord Masterful thinks I am a watering pot for who should come upon me when my tears could no longer be held back? What a dear, sweet man he is. He did console me.

Yesterday afternoon I walked to Ackerman’s and looked at prints. My dearest, bosom friend Felicity is back from Turkey! Can you imagine? I did admire her Ottoman costume. And what else can you imagine? Yes. He was there. I introduced him to Felicity, of course. I do believe Lord Masterful, who accompanied him, was quite taken with Felicity. Dare I think they might make a match of it?

He called today. My heart nearly beat out of my chest. Whenever Violet was engaged in conversation elsewhere, he was so attentive. I did everything I could to encourage Felicity and Lord Masterful and I do think I’ve quite managed it! How odd though, that Lord Masterful was so entranced with my bosom. Perhaps my gown was too daring. I shan’t wear it again.

How strange. Today Lord Masterful called on us, but without him. I was hurt I confess to find myself so neglected. Masterful had pressing business with Papa. They spoke in private for quite some time. Something about cattle I’m sure. In the event, Masterful agreed to escort me to the Oldenberg ball, and thank goodness, for otherwise I should have been quite ignored. He was there but we hardly danced but once. Violet was on his arm. I cried myself to sleep tonight.

This morning I walked out with him today. He complemented my eyes and my gown, but not my slippers. And do you know, I found him tiresome?

This afternoon, Felicity, Lord Masterful and I, nous sommes faire une promenade. Felicity had the most charming parasol in the world and chattered away about her travels and her gloves. Now that I reflect upon it, I do suspect Lord Masterful prefers a quieter sort of woman.

My heavens. What have I done? Well may you ask. I’ve broken with him. Irreparably. And I sat at the Ediderdown Ball without feeling the least bit crushed. (well, maybe a little). And Lord Masterful came to fetch me and you cannot guess what happened. You can’t! He kissed me. And declared himself madly in love. With me! And I knew then that I loved him too!

The happiest day of my life. Papa said I was radiant as I walked into the church with this lovely gown. And Masterful. . . He was so very handsome. My slippers, if I do say so myself, were the very pinnacle.

I wore his lovely ensemble the week after our wedding. He pronounced my footwear beyond charmante.

Lady Masterful.

Happy Holidays from The Riskies!

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Stephanie J
12 years ago

I was hoping it would turn out to be Lord Masterful in the end. 🙂

And I’d also like a pair of holiday slippers!

Keira Soleore
12 years ago

So cute!

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

So creative!!!!! I loved it. I think I read that Regency before…or one very like it 🙂

12 years ago

It is a truth universally acknowledged that shoes do make the woman.

Thank you Carolyn for the fun story with the lovely prints. I want all the dresses (and accompanying slippers, of course).

12 years ago

Never marry a man who won’t defend you against his female relatives!

Wonderful, Carolyn; thanks!

Amanda McCabe
12 years ago

LOL! A very fine example of the importance of good shoes. (that IS the moral of the story, right?) 🙂

Glad to see she went with Masterful in the end

12 years ago

Yes, thanks! Good shoes are vital. Almost as important as being able to spot the hero, which, thank goodness, she was ultimately able to do.

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

Elena Greene
12 years ago

LOL, Carolyn. Diane, I think I read that one, too. Did each chapter start with a page describing the heroine’s outfit?

Beth Elliott
12 years ago

That was delightful, story and illustrations. I loved the bit about the bosom, very subtly pointing us towards the ending.

Beth Elliott

12 years ago

Beth: As most people already know, I am subtly personified.

Stop laughing, you guys!

Anyway, could the bosom dress be any more obvious about big boobs? If it wasn’t Regency England, I’d say she was surgically enhanced. In fact, most of those ladies were drawn to appear well endowed.

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

How delightful, Carolyn! And I love those prints. As a unabashed shoeaholic or is that slipperphile I definitely felt a keen sense of empathy with your heroine. And I was so hoping it would be Lord Masterful in the end. HE was such a wimp!

Jane George
12 years ago

Your heroine looks a good deal like a Regency Megan Fox in the top pic.

Love the tale. My favorite line?
“My slippers, if I do say so myself, were the very pinnacle.”

Made me dizzy it was so good.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, folks.

12 years ago

Cute. There are some charming outfits here.

12 years ago

I had a lot of fun going through my Regency gown prints to pick out the ones to use.

The right slippers are the key to a happy life.

12 years ago

Sigh. True love conquers again. Thank you!

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