The Devil Wants A Hot Beverage

Okay, so I think it’s rather chilly down below: I am actually looking forward to writing a synopsis.

I’ve had a writing crisis lately, which has made me question just why I persevere. This, in Megan-speak, is almost every day, but this writing crisis has been unusually strong, so it should actually be titled the Writing Crisis, with capitalization and everything.

But I tried to slog through it, and scheduled a writing date with my friend Liz Maverick, who proceeded to talk out the crisis with me. We decided it was foolish to leave work unwritten, and I have over 100 pages of a contemporary that I should finish. But to finish it, I needed to write the synopsis. So I did.

Meanwhile, in the throes of procrastination, I glanced at the first few pages of a paranormal I started. And now that I’ve finished the first synopsis (I did! I finished it!), I am going to write the synopsis for the paranormal, so I don’t just meander. And I am looking forward to it.

Hence my devil needs warming up comment above.

So my question to you today is–what awful task have you actually found yourself enjoying, or even looking forward to? What’s the longest you’ve procrastinated?


PS: (Yawn, Megan): Richard Armitage is the inspiration for the ‘hero’ in the paranormal.

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Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Yay for you, Megan! Never never never give up!

After turning in my revisions for Book 2, I had to turn to Book 3. First surprise, I’d written 10 chapters, not only 5 like I’d remembered.
Surprise#2, what I wrote wasn’t half-bad!

Elena Greene
12 years ago

Congrats on the synopses, Megan!

I procrastinated on taking down the Christmas tree, does that count? I finally did it yesterday. Needles everywhere but the house smells nice!

Barbara Monajem
12 years ago

I’m about to start revising a book which I’ve already written twice. Only this time it’s going to ROCK. I am SO EAGER to get to it. It’s probably… oh, six years since the last time I wrote it. Long wait. It’s now the third in a series.

But first I have to finish revising the book that precedes it. And tonight I have to write a shower scene. Urgh. Not my strong suit, but I’m raring to go, mostly because I’m dying to get started on rewrite # 3.

But I have to write a synopsis of it first. So we’re in the same boat. A boat that rocks!

Heather Snow
12 years ago

I am currently procrastinating because I’m dealing with a turning point scene, and I’m scared witless 🙂

So, this week I’ve revised, polished, revised, polished and yes, written a synopsis…just to avoid the hard work of digging into this scene.

However, you’ve inspired me. THIS weekend…first draft of scene. Must be done. Good, bad or ugly.

Well done for pushing through.

12 years ago

Our house is a mess of boxes and piles. We moved into an 1898 farm house which needed to be gutted and redone. We have done a room at a time. Not bad, except we never really unpacked. We have been moving boxed an stuff around as we go. We also moved in two complete other households when an Aunt went into a nursing home and my Mother-in-law passed away. So now we had more boxes and furniture to move around. We have been doing this since 1992 and the mess has lost its charm. I need to serious and dig in, but it has become overwhelming. There is always so much else to do. I have 2 days before I need to go back to work and hope I can make a little dent. Unfortunately, most of the time when I work in one area, another needs to be worked on first before I can move things around. I need everyone to leave and lock myself in the house with no distractions for at least a week. Only then do I think I’ll make any progress.

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