Risky Read Along — Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Read Along Poll!

Venetia is by far the popular winner with 9 of 40 votes. There is not, however, a Kindle version. Sourcebooks doesn’t seem to have released this book at all (yet) so there’s no digital version available from them either. Paper copies can be purchased just about anywhere and there are library copies available as well.

The next two vote getters are Cotillion and Regency Buck with 5 votes each. There are Kindle versions of each of these as well as Adobe eReader versions available from Sourcebooks.

Google Books has several copies, but none are available for viewing so we’re out of luck there.

There are paper versions available for all these titles.

The Riskies will discuss amongst ourselves, considering any feedback you may care to leave, so please do so in the comments.

I’ll start the comments off by saying it seems a shame not to read the runaway vote getter, even though I totally understand wanting to read it digitally and would probably prefer to do so myself.

Hmm. What an interesting development, though. I think even a year ago we would not be discussing whether the lack of a (legal) digital copy mattered to a reading decision. The issue would have been whether there were sufficient copies available used or via a library, since this is an out of print title.

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Jane Austen
12 years ago

I will openly admit to wanting to read a book that is available digitally. I find it much more convenient. But I think that it is a shame to not go with the crowd favorite just because it’s not available digitally. The book can be purchased on amazon.com so if that is what is decided then I’m all for it. I will admit to being sad because it is not the book I chose and I did not choose on digital availability only. I will admit to being more interested in the book after reading what it’s about on amazon as opposed to what wikipedia had to say about it. So I will go with whatever.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

I can ditto Jane Austen’s statements. It doesn’t make sense to not go with the group favorite, especially because it is one of my favorites and I’ll enjoy re-reading it.

The Kindle has spoiled me. I actually considered buying the Kindle version of one of the RITA books I’m judging, just cuz I got tired of holding it and turning pages. But for Risky Regencies, I’ll make any sacrifice!

Beth Elliott
12 years ago

When I first read ‘Venetia’it was far and away my favourite story by Georgette Heyer, but I’ll save my reasons for the discussion.

Looking forward to the next stage.

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

My Luddite self is perfectly happy to reread my battered old paperback copy of Venetia ! But I will go with whatever the group decides as I LOVE anything Georgette Heyer wrote. I’m in the process of collecting the oldest hardbound copies I can find of her books, but haven’t found Venetia in hardback yet, or at least not one to suit me. The little old ladies who introduced me to Heyer’s books had this lovely leatherbound set from which I was allowed to borrow one book at the time. Wish I knew where those books were now!

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