Risky Read Along — The Book! Your Opinions Requested

The people have spoken. Our read along choice is Heyer’s Venetia.

How about a start-reading date of March 10?

I think that should give everyone time to get to their favorite library, bookstore or online retailer to obtain a copy.

It occurs to me that some of us may be the Thrive Under Pressure types and may feel the need to delay reading until the very last minute and then engaging in a Venetia fest of page turning. Others of us may be the Steady As She Goes type who will adore a schedule.

I don’t wish to force anyone into an unsuitable reading style and yet we must accommodate the group. The goal, of course, is to reach a point when we have all read the book and can then yak away about what we think whilst having our minds blown from the insights and opinions of other esteemed Read Alongers.

Therefore, I propose a reading schedule with ongoing discussion of the book over the course of, say, 2 to 3 weeks. Anyone who wants to read the book in a big gulp toward the end can certainly do that, but no complaining about spoilers. We Risky types can deal with a little chaos, I’m sure.

I also propose that we be amenable to change — if it turns out we’re all a bunch of over achievers and everyone reads the book by the first weekend, then we adjust accordingly.

Do please weigh in with your suggestions, thoughts, time frames etc., in the comments.

Also, I feel compelled to mention that I elected to obtain the HQN edition of Venetia and while it has a lovely cover and must say I’m disappointed with the quality of the paper. It’s newsprint. For the money, I expected something a bit more durable. I suppose I won’t feel about about writing notes on the pages. I haven’t started reading yet . . .

Comment away.

About carolyn

Carolyn Jewel was born on a moonless night. That darkness was seared into her soul and she became an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical and paranormal romance. She has a very dusty car and a Master’s degree in English that proves useful at the oddest times. An avid fan of fine chocolate, finer heroines, Bollywood films, and heroism in all forms, she has two cats and a dog. Also a son. One of the cats is his.
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9 Responses to Risky Read Along — The Book! Your Opinions Requested

  1. Jane Austen says:

    Wow! A three hundred level course! This might be more intense than I thought 🙂

    Will you post what page we need to read up to for discussion?

  2. Beth Elliott says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Beth Elliott says:

    I am SO looking forward to reading ‘Venetia’ again, both as a story and for the new insights that will come from other people’s comments.

    Another good thing – the story takes place in an Indian summer, so we can escape this dreary,neve-ending winter while we read.

  4. Kim in Hawaii says:

    Thank you for this read along. I am embarrased to write that I have not read any Heyer books (dodging tomatoes) so this will motivate me to do so!

  5. Diane Gaston says:

    I trust that under Carolyn’s tutalage it will be way more fun than a 300 level course!!

    You can probably get a reasonably priced used copy at abebooks.com

  6. Jane George says:

    I’m excited, I haven’t read Venetia. And I need to go to the library asap anyway because they called to say P&P is just a *teensy* bit overdue!

  7. Yay. This will be so much fun ! My copy of Venetia is a BIT old (1958) which means this poor yellowed paperback is as old as I am. I might break down and get a new one for the occasion. I have slowly been acquiring hardbound copies of Heyer’s books, but Venetia is not one of the ones I have in hardback yet. I am really looking forward to this!

  8. Carolyn says:


    W00t for Venetia.

    Yes, I will post a schedule of chapters to read for discussion.

    I have it on good authority that there will be other Heyer virgins. Not to mention, I have read exactly one Heyer, so no one should worry about how much or how little Heyer he or she has read– just the book we’ll be reading.

  9. Hooray for VENETIA! I’ll drag out my HQN copy and start re-reading it.

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