All About Schedule OMG.HEA.2010

The horror that is April 15 is now well behind us (I hope) so it’s time to take stock of the coming year. I’ve been fortunate enough to find some information that I think will be of great use to writers, instructions for Schedule OMG.HEA.2010. Remember, just like the contemporary hero with his well-stocked wallet, there’s nothing like being ready.

Turn to the Subgenre Definition pages beginning on page 17 and pick your subgenre. You may pick only one. If you write in a variety of subgenres, choose 21, Indecisive wallower, 22, Overachiever or 23, I’m just a girl who can’t say no. Enter in Box A.

Take your zip code, divide it by the number of pages completed in your WIP and enter the number in Box B.

On the following lines enter the following numbers from the first fifty pages of the book:

  1. Times your h/h have sex. If you are writing an inspirational, you should enter 10.
  2. Times your h/h have sex with another person(s) or being(s) (including, but not limited to, shapeshifters) and multiply by five. If you are writing an inspirational, you should enter 50.
  3. Heroic hair-raking within the first fifty pages.
  4. Mentions of hero’s eye/hair color.
  5. Mentions of heroine’s eye/hair color. Note: if colors for 2 or 3 change, please refer to Publication CE.AA.2010.

Enter your total for Box B.

Note: If your score is less than 2, please make sure you are writing within the correct genre. Refer to Publication WTF.2010 for more guidance and complete the appropriate Genre Form.

Now turn to your most recently published work. Enter its ISBN, page count, and predominant font family used on the cover in Box C.

Please check the appropriate box if your cover contains the following:

  1. Historically inaccurate shirt.
  2. Mullet.
  3. Green or blue eyeshadow (hero or heroine).
  4. Chandelier with lightbulbs instead of candles.
  5. Physically impossible stance.

Write the total number of checked boxes on the next line. On the following lines:

  1. Instances of egregious photoshop art, add 10 for each.
  2. *Extra nipples, limbs or digits (hero or heroine), multiply each by 10 and enter.
  3. Glaring typo on your back cover blurb, enter 20.
  4. Mantitty, enter 50.

* Unless you are writing paranormal romance and this is purely representative.

Enter your total for Box C.

If your cover art contains none of the above, please refer to Publication WTF.2010 as you may be writing a different genre.

The totals for Boxes B and C, plus the ages of your children and/or pets and your agent’s and editors’ heights in centimeters.
Multiply by 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375
Multiply by 10 to make a nice big fat number and round off to the nearest thousand. This is your estimated tax for 2010.

Please feel free to share your tax expertise with the rest of us. It’s never too early.

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12 years ago

Love it! (yes you’re making me sing those two words again)

Although I think it should be RTFM.2010 not WTF.2010 but maybe that’s my computer side coming out in me….

Jane George
12 years ago

SO glad I’d just set down my empty coffee mug before reading.

23 in Box A for me. I just can’t say no to The Riskies and their fabulous posts!

12 years ago


Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Janet, this is why I hire an accountant……

(you are soooo clever! Betcha Smart Bitches or somebody picks this up.)

Victoria Janssen
12 years ago


Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

Jane, I didn’t set mine down and I was okay until 50 points for man titty and iced tea went everywhere! Too clever by half, Janet !

Delle Jacobs
12 years ago

think you are speaking the same language my accountant does. Something akin to Farsi?

12 years ago

Question: is this the WTF.2010EZ or Schedule R (for Romance novelists) for the long form?

I believe Janet could have a second career writing IRS manuals. If nothing else, the tax-paying public would have something to look forward to around 15 April.

12 years ago

Where’s the box for ‘long hair of cover dude and cover lady blowing in opposite directions?’

12 years ago

What fun. We have tried to save on taxes and no matter what we do, we always end up paying, a lot. I know it is small potatoes for some, but for us it is a lot of money. Both of us had the max with-held, but that didn’t help. We’ve tries to itemize and still find the standard deduction is about the same.
One bright spot (?) is I lost my job in Feb. so maybe we’ll drop back down to the old tax bracket and not have to pay extra.

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