RWA Recap And a Surprise Contest

In case you didn’t hear, the RWA National conference was last week. I know, I know! You’re so welcome. I’m happy to have told you.

In good news, my historical Indiscreet won the Bookseller’s Best award for Best Short Regency Historical. That’s right. I am now an

  award winning author

and that means that from now on whenever someone calls me an award winning author I no longer have to sheepishly tell them that I’m not because now I am! Not that I’m proud or tickled pink or anything like that. I know it’s probably old hat for the other Riskies, but it’s a first for me and I’m working it!

As expected, fellow Risky Amanda McCabe rocked the joint with cute dresses. So did Risky Megan, actually. One of these days I’m going to stage a break-in to our hotel room and steal all her stuff, except her shoes because they wouldn’t fit me.  I didn’t see as much of Risky Diane or Risky Janet, alas, but we got together for breakfast and I did run into them a couple of times for good times.

I have other news but it’s unofficial at this point so all I can do is tease you mercilessly. Heh.

Other than that, how about an ad hoc comment contest?

Answer the below question in the comments and I’ll choose some winner(s) to get a copy of Indiscreet and/or Scandal.

I will select the winner(s) next Wednesday (August 11) so watch this space. Void where prohibited.

Question: At a huge gala affair, you win an award called “The Jewel Prize”  What did you win it for, who presented it to you and what did you win?

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Kim in Hawaii
12 years ago

Carolyn, I believe your fans thought of you as an award winning author … and now you are!

RWA was a fabulous way for me to end our extended vacation in Florida. Kids are back in school and I am back to reading (did not read one page at RWA – too many award winning authors to chase).

If I were to win the Jewel prize, it would be for my blog about being a military spouse/romance junkine living in the “jewel” of the Pacific – Hawaii ( It would be presented by you, the Queen Jewel, and the prize would be an autographed book from you … with a promise to visit us in Hawaii!

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Carolyn, as much as we’d like to pretend that winning a prize doesn’t matter, it really does. We all want that validation, that sense of being number one! and now you have it. The Bookseller’s Best is a great award because it is judged by booksellers!

I’d love to win the Jewel prize for the cutest dress at the gala affair, but I know I’d lose to Amanda. Or Megan. I agree they rocked the fashion world this conference (although you looked gorgeous in that gown of yours!)

12 years ago

Congratulations Carolyn! You are definitely an award-winning author in my eyes!

If I were to win “The Jewel Award” it would have to be a case of mistaken identity! The prize would be a trophy and it would be presented by someone who doesn’t know me!

Virginia C
12 years ago

Congratulations, Carolyn! “Indiscreet” is one of my favorite romance reads : )

At a gala held by “Truehearts and Timeless Treasures”, I was awarded “The Jewel Prize” for my debut romantic fiction release, “Heart of Jade”. I won a trip around the world; lifetime subscriptions to the chocolate, cheese and wine “of the month” clubs; a command performance of “The Phantom of the Opera” starring Gerard Butler; and an unlimited gift card. Oh, sorry! My bad! That’s what I was dreaming I won while I was waiting for the winner’s name to be announced. What I actually won was a lovely and multipurpose jewel-encrusted letter opener. All the better for opening the rejection letters and then stabbing one’s self…just kidding!

Chris M
12 years ago

Hi Carolyn,
Congratulations on winning your award! If I was to win the Jewel award it would be for romance reader of the year. It would be awarded by several of my favorite authors presenting me with signed copies of their books!

Keira Soleore
12 years ago

Carolyn, I have to say again, you looked absolutely GORGEOUS in your RITA gown. The color and shimmer of the gown paired with your skin and your hair looked marvelous.

As far as winning a Jewel Prize, that would be for being the most scintillating conversationalist. Hah.

Carol L.
12 years ago

I just have to tell Keira that she was “all that” in her adorable dress and bonnet. The pics were great.Congrats to you Carolyn, I’m sure your fans knew you were a winner before they gave you the award. 🙂
If I ever won the Jewel prize it would be for having dated the most handsome, gorgeous Highlanders in the world. The prize would be a kilted Highlander for every month of the year. lol Highlnder of The Month Club…Now who is dreaming lol lol
We can dream you know. 🙂
Carol L.

Carol L.
12 years ago

ooops, sorry, forgot to say that Jamie Fraser presented me with my prize—him !
Carol L.

12 years ago

Congratulations on your award!
I would like to win something sparkling in recognition of my sparkling personality, presented by… hmm, let me see. Who does sparkling particularly well? – Zsa Zsa Gabor maybe?

Susan in AZ
12 years ago

A “Jewel” prize? Okay, I won it for best snarky comment during a rerun of a James Bond film. The prize is a belly-button-jewel that I will stick to the front of my gown as a corsage.


Susan in AZ

12 years ago

Heh! You guys are funny! Thanks and keep them coming!

12 years ago

Congrats on the award, Carolyn. I would like to win The Jewel Prize for being witty and charming. I want Henry Cavill to present the award to me because I would get a congratulatory kiss from him.

Megan Frampton
12 years ago

*I* want to win the Jewel Prize for going an entire day with massive self-confidence and a sunshiney smile for everyone I meet.

I will die Jewel-less.

12 years ago

If I would win the jewel prize it would be for the most understanding mom.The prize would be book .

Keira Soleore
12 years ago

Carol L. wrote, ‘I just have to tell Keira that she was “all that” in her adorable dress and bonnet.’

Oh, my. Thank you, Carol, that’s very kind of you!

12 years ago

Carolyn, Congratulations. What a nice thing to be able to add to the cover of your books.
“The Jewel Prize” – I earned it for developing means to deliver library services to remote and under served populations. From libraries in small communities that provide internet access, books and programs. By being linked, they could share books with other libraries. Those too remote to reach a library could go online to check out audio books. Books could be mailed out if necessary. The libraries could even have online bookstores.
There would be online story times and programs.
The award would be presented by Al Roker and Oprah.
The award would be s small opened book which had been bronzed resting atop a small stack of
other books.

Karen H in NC
12 years ago

Congratulations Carolyn on your fantastic win! Isn’t it wonderful to be so highly acknowledged for your craft?

‘The Jewel Award’ is actually a golden book trophy given to me by Librarypat for having the largest collection of TBR books on my 4 bookcases. LOL

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