A Request! Important!!! Ack!!

Didya look?

Heh.  I am filling in for Janet today. Late, but hey. It’s still daylight here on the Left Coast.

In the comments, please, list your favorite historical romances.  Up to, say, three. The ones where, if you were to be thrown into a dungeon (assume a source of light) you would not mind reading over and over in between taking breaks to tunnel your way out.

I would like to know if I’ve missed any great ones.

Thank you. I will tally the results later next week.

About carolyn

Carolyn Jewel was born on a moonless night. That darkness was seared into her soul and she became an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical and paranormal romance. She has a very dusty car and a Master’s degree in English that proves useful at the oddest times. An avid fan of fine chocolate, finer heroines, Bollywood films, and heroism in all forms, she has two cats and a dog. Also a son. One of the cats is his.
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