Risky Regencies

Hi again from Elena

It’s seems like forever since I’ve had time even to stop by, let alone post, but I have missed the Riskies and friends very much.

My husband is continuing to make a slow recovery from his stroke. We are doing a lot of walking now, outdoors or in the mall, to build up his endurance, and he is starting a water exercise program at the Y. Though not back to work yet, he’s working hard on his language skills, seeing a speech therapist once a month and doing tons of homework the rest of the time. He’s become much more independent (mostly he needs my help with his exercises) and he is driving!

Our children are doing well and keeping busy with astronomy, music, theater, etc… As for me, I’ve been overwhelmed for a long time, caring for everyone and dealing with insurance issues. But now that things are getting better, I’ve been taking time to exercise and meditate. I’ve found some time to read for pleasure and now I plan to start writing and blogging again.

So I am like a hermit emerging from my cave, wondering what’s been going on in the Risky World while I’ve been gone. Please fill me in!

– What is the best book you’ve read recently?
– Best new movie you’ve seen?
– For my fellow writers, what are you working on now?
– Any recent accomplishments, writing or otherwise?
– What is going on in fashion? What do you like, or not? What’s the deal with these jeggings? (They scare me.)


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Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Elena, it’s so good to see you here today!!! And even better to hear everything is going well. 🙂

I am writing (book due October 1!) and reading lots of stuff about the 1920s. Not much exciting, fun stuff going on here…

Cara King
12 years ago

Hi, Elena! Lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you’re getting some time for yourself — hopefully, that will continue to improve, too!

I think the best book I’ve read recently was The Hunger Games. (The first book.) I thought Suzanne Collins did an amazing job in it of getting across the world-building and backstory bit by bit without ever dumping it on the reader. It was just really well-structured, IMHO, and quite a page-turner.

As for movies, I’ve mostly found this a disappointing summer, though I loved the imagination in Inception, the humor in Despicable Me, and the acting in The Kids Are All Right.

As for recent accomplishments, I’ll be the speaker at the LA chapter of RWA tomorrow morning, talking about what happens between a book’s sale and publication… Should be fun, I hope!

Oh, and I have no *idea* what a jegging is. 🙂


Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

Jegging? That sounds like a really disastrous fashion accessory. Scaring me too!

So good to see you and to know that your husband is making a good recovery. Take good care of yourself too and just try to go with the flow.

Best book I’ve read recently is Katie Up and Down the Hall by Glenn Plaskin and Cleo : The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown. Both are stories of family pets that made their families’ lives better just being themselves. GREAT books!

Movies ? Actually I recently bought the remastered Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and I have had a ball watching it. I LOVE Disney movies for mindless relaxation.

Accomplishments? Let me see. Putting the finishing touches on my third manuscript and my newly started fourth manuscript, His Charming Seductress, won the historical category of the Fool for Love contest!

Elena Greene
12 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.

Good luck with the deadline, Ammanda!

Cara, my daughter read The Hunger Games in the school book club and said the whole series is excellent–I have yet to catch up. I’m sure you’ll do a great job with the speech.

Jeggings=jeans crossed with leggings. I first saw them while shopping with my daughter in the juniors section but have also spotted them in women’s clothing (shudder).

Louisa, I love the Disney movies too. Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast are my faves but they are all comfort viewing. Congrats on the Fool for Love contest!

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Oh and don’t get me started on the horrors of jeggings!! I hate them almost as much as shorts rompers on grown women, though perhaps not as much as Megan hates strapless jumpsuits 🙂

Jane George
12 years ago

Hi Elena!!!
And good luck tomorrow Cara. 🙂

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Elena!!! Cara!!! This feels like old home week. I love “seeing” you both.

Elena, I’m glad things are going well and I hope you have more time to blog!

What I’ve read lately are early versions of Amanda’s and Deb’s books connected to The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor. And they’re GREAT!!!

Janet Mullany
12 years ago

Elena, great to have you back.

I finally saw “Mrs. Henderson Presents” on cable the other night, although it’s been out about five years. It’s about the Windmill Theatre in London which showed revues with nude girls all through the Blitz, and has Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins in it. Amazing movie. Also loved “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” book and movie both.

And I’m very busy writing but right now I must go to bed.

Cara, nice to see you here again too! What are you writing these days?

12 years ago

I am so glad you husband is doing so well.
Being a caregiver is a time consuming and stressful job. You don’t appreciate just how much until you have to do it.
Best book lately: IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE by Gabrielle Burton. You will need a box of tissue. You might want to read this one. It is about the Donner Party.

Get out more and take care of yourself.

Cara King
12 years ago

Hi, Diane, Elena, Janet!

Thanks, Jane!

Janet, I’m working on two different YA mss — one a modern-day novel, and one actually set during the Regency! (Yes, I know it’s been done before, but IMHO there’s no limit to the number of teen novels that should be set during the Regency!) 😉


Janet Mullany
12 years ago

Adding to best books/movies–Stieg Larsson! If you love Girl with a Dragon Tattoo you’ll love the movie, but if you don’t, don’t bother. The book starts incredibly slowly with a mindbogglingy complicated infodump but after that it’s geek heaven, particularly if you like Macs and coffee at all hours of the day and night (ah, those Swedes…).

Elena Greene
12 years ago

Janet and Librarypat, Thanks for the book and movie recommendations. Mrs Henderson Presents sounds intriguing and I love Judi Dench.

Good luck with the YAs Cara, and my daughter would love to read more teen Regencies.

12 years ago


Am recovering from a surprise visit from my brother and SIL. It was lovely to see them but they discombobulated my weekend or I’d have been here sooner.

I’m so pleased to hear things are improving for you.

Best Book: Am reading Zoe Archer’s Warrior and LOVING it!!!

Recent movie: Inception. Never been a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but he was really good in this movie.

I will await your report of books read, movies seen etc.

Elena Greene
12 years ago

Hi, Carolyn! I have little to report in the way of books read or movies seen. The first few months post stroke I was busy making sure my husband got the right care, keeping things stable for the kids, keeping the bills paid, etc… When he came home, he needed 24/7 care and could not get out of bed or to the bathroom without help. Then for a long time we were housebound and I needed to get a home health aide in just so I could grocery shop. It really does feel like emerging from a cave!

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