Can You Stand Another Cat?

Wow! What a day we had with our guest, Liz Carlyle! Over 100 comments! Bless Avon and Liz for offering this opportuntiy and thanks to each and every one of you who commented. That’s a lot of kitty litter.

So…can you stand another cat story? This one I can’t resist.

My son came over on Saturday, bringing his girlfriend, who I only met once years ago. So first I greet her, then see my son holding this little guy:

“Oh, a kitten!!!!”
I don’t remember if I even greeted my son.

The kitten spent the afternoon with us, while son helped husband powerwash one side of the house. The kitten did not stop playing, not even once. He ate our cats’ food, used their litter boxes (thank goodness) and explored everywhere.

He absolutely terrified our “tough guys”

The cat who lives on the kitchen table was cordial at first, but then she hissed.

Only our “Mr. Good Guy” was friendly

It was a glorious afternoon.

Alas, the kitten had to go; he belonged to my son’s girlfriend. She rescued him and two of his siblings when they were about three weeks old. They’d been born of a feral cat that she couldn’t catch. She got them in time, because this little guy was calm and friendly, no match for my neurotic felines.

Oh, I love kittens!

When was the last time you held a kitten?

About diane

Diane Gaston is the RITA award-winning author of Historical Romance for Harlequin Historical and Mills and Boon, with books that feature the darker side of the Regency. Formerly a mental health social worker, she is happiest now when deep in the psyches of soldiers, rakes and women who don’t always act like ladies.
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12 years ago

What cute pictures! A couple of months ago my niece got a kitten, and I held it for as long as she let me. So warm and fuzzy!

Isobel Carr
12 years ago

I often wonder if I’m the only dog person in the romance world, LOL!

Very cute kitten though. *grin*

Jane George
Jane George
12 years ago

Haha Isobel. Romance writers and cats can be traced all the way back to Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone.

Our tuxedo brother and sister fit in the palm of my hand when we rescued them. That was 2 years ago, and they’re still small, 9-pounders.

Janet Mullany
12 years ago

I think what’s interesting about your cats’ reaction is that they didn’t necessarily think the kitten was a young, or any, version of themselves. But if you introduce a puppy of any size to any sized full grown dog, it will relate to it as such.

Mealtimes at the kitchen table chez Gaston must be very interesting…pass the cat and butter, please.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Carolyn, that’s how I felt. I wanted to hold him all day, but, darn, he wanted to play.

Isobel, I think you might be the only dog person in the romance world, but we love you anyway.

Jane George, our cats are big. I’ve always wanted a small cat.

Janet, my husband sometimes eats at the kitchen table, but I absolutely refuse to. We live a bizarre life.

Suzanne Ferrell
12 years ago

Alas Diane, despite how cute and cuddly cats appear, the last time I held one, I was 8 years old. Result: immediately started sneezing, wheezing, runny, swollen eyes, hives…yeah… I love cats from afar!

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Suzanne, you poor thing! I hope you can at least cuddle puppies.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Awww, it’s so cute! I haven’t held a kitten in much too long, and my cats were both grown when I got them. 🙂

Isobel, I’m an equal opportunity pet owner–two cats and two dogs!

Isobel Carr
12 years ago

I can live with being the only dog person (I’m also a horse person, but can no longer afford to have on in my stupid urban environment). Don’t get me wrong, I like cats. But I can’t get past the feeling that if I woke up tomorrow and was 6″ tall, the cat would eat me . . . and then be sad when there was no one to operate the can opener.

12 years ago

I foster kittens for a local shelter, so I get to cuddle with kittens every couple of months. After 2 years of this, the 7 cats that own me have finally started getting use to ‘new arrivals’. There is nothing like playing with a kitten until it falls asleep in exhaustion…especially when they curl up with you.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Cats are much too intelligent to eat the hand that feeds them. More likely the cat would convince you that you are a GOD to them. Then when the food is in the dish, they will sniff, look up at you as if to say, “What is this stuff?” and proceed to bury it as if it belonged in the litter box. Thereafter they will ignore you for expecting them to lower their standards for cat food consumption.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Deb, fostering kittens sounds like heaven!