Was life ever like this in the Regency?

First off, we’re all pretending that in the Regency I am Lady Carolyn Jewel. A bit of a bluestocking who sometimes (allright, often) speaks before sufficient thought. Also that the Duke of Hunkdom is secretly in love with me yet valiantly battling his emotions on account of his broken heart from three years ago. He looks like this:

The Duke of Hunkdom

Also in love with me is the Crown Prince of SomeCountryOrOtheria. He too, is battling his emotions on account of he hates his father but loves me.  The Prince looks like this (only more formal in public. In this picture he is thinking of Lady Carolyn, which I hope is obvious to everyone):

The Prince Loves Lady Carolyn

Right. So 21st century Carolyn got up at 4:15am, went to the gym, notebooked revisions, went to work and did NOT get a lunch break, picked up son from school, took him to math, dropped son at home, left immediately for a city 13 miles north through horrific traffic, arrived at a bookstore listened to some writers read, read something herself, yakked about some stuff, drove home and is now blogging. I have revisions to do but I am brain dead.

And now for something completely different.

Maybe you guys already know about this site, but I didn’t: Regency England.  Good stuff there.

Question for you to answer

Who are you in Regency England? 

Or, alternatively, who wins Lady Carolyn’s heart and does anyone buy her chocolate?

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Miranda Neville
12 years ago

The very best thing about the Regency was that Lady Carolyn and her rival hunks had perfect lithe/buff bods without ever having to go to the gym.

And by the way, if it’s not rude to throw in a plug here, I am visiting the Riskies this coming Sunday and I will be talking about Reducing Diets.

Megan Frampton
12 years ago

Oh, Carolyn, your day sounds, as usual, exhausting!

I think you end up with the broken-hearted dude after dallying–extensively–with the guy who loves you, but can’t man up to his father enough to make a commitment.

You sample his wares, realize he’s not all that, and meanwhile, broken-hearted guy wises up to your charms and buys you chocolate. Win all around.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Carolyn, I am certain the Duke of Hunkdom and the Crown Prince will fight a duel over you. But you, of course, will run away with the mysterious and fabulously wealthy, Mr. PerfectHero.

And you will have a life of leisure.

12 years ago

And what about Mr. SelfMade Man (insert picture of Richard Armitage here)? Enough of the aristocrats whose blood has been thinned by centuries of inbreeding. While the Duke and Prince are sneering at each other across the dance floor at Almacks or fighting each other under the auspices of Gentleman Jackson, Mr. SMM grabs you, flings you atop his horse, and carries you away to a bright (and wealthy) future.

Book ♥ Soulmates
12 years ago

You’ve got some pretty viable candidates there, but where does that leave Mr. Reformed-Evil-Doer-For-The-Greater-Good? He’s the deliciously handsome and rugged bad boy that only did bad things for the good of mankind.

What a BRILLIANT post!! LMAO…I am cracking up here.

Sounds like you’ve had a hectic day, but I’m glad to know all these hottie regency boys are taking care of you ;o)


Beth Elliott
12 years ago

Lady Carolyn gets the Duke and becomes the toast of the town – or do I mean ton? Chocolate is brought to her bedside table every morning in a Sevres cup, with a slice of wafer-thin bread and butter. Riding, waltzing, shooping in Bond Street as well as walking the miles of corridors in Hunkdom House ensure that she is always lithe and energetic, looking divine in her silken gowns [and tiaras on occasion].

Thank you, Carolyn, that’s the best laugh I’ve had in over a week.

12 years ago

The Prince of Landia wins her heart (of course) and Everyone buys her chocolate (her obsession with Chocolate is not a secret). In the 21st century, her perfect son fixes her dinner.

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

Great post Lady Carolyn! And thank you very much for the visual aids !!

In the Regency I am Lady Louisa who makes a habit of gathering up the handsome and rich rejected suitors of her friends (like Lady Carolyn) to nurse their broken hearts back to full vigor. Never mind how she does it! Trust me, she is a true miracle worker!

And you end up with whichever of the two gentlemen tickles your fancy at the moment. It will be no hardship for Lady Louisa to take the other one off your hands!

12 years ago

I want the life Beth Elliot envisions for me.

Lady Louisa may certainly have my cast offs and, being open minded, I would dally with various brooding types.

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